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    • Bag Of Tricks (Sample Pack) - 13 Original Royalty-Free Compositions
    • Bag Of Tricks (Sample Pack)

      A Sample Pack Like No Other 'Bag Of Tricks' is finally here, the first ever Sample Pack by super-producer team DopeBoyzMuzic. This pack comes with a total of 13 original compositions + stems for you to sample, flip and get creative with. No matter if you produce Hip Hop, R&B or...

    • Cookin Kicks - 65 High-Quality Kick Drum Samples
    • Cookin Kicks

      Non-Stop Kicks 'Cookin Kicks' by infamous producer duo DopeBoyzMuzic is a collection of 65 punchy, subby and hard hitting kicks, that will punch through your mix and make your sub go to work like no other. All Kicks are handcrafted in a high-end studio - 100% unheard material! All files...

    • Cookin Snares - Snare Drum Collection
    • Cookin Snares

      Super Powered Snares 'Cookin Snares' is a collection of 67 hard hitting snares, that will snap through your mix and give you that instant neck movement. All snares are handcrafted by DopeBoyzMuzic - 100% exclusive and royalty-free material! All snares come in 24-Bit Stereo WAV formatting, compatible with every DAW and drum machine....

    • DopeBoy Drums Vol.1 - Drum One Shots & Instrument Hits Sale Off
    • DopeBoy Drums Vol.1

      The Must-Have Drum Kit! 'DopeBoy Drums Vol.1' is the first ever sound kit by infamous producer team DopeBoyzMuzic! It comes with over 206 carefully crafted drum one shots for premium hard hitting sounds + 37 instrument stems and chops. In addition, you get Kontakt (Kontakt 5) Maschine (1.8) and Battery...

      $29.99 $24.99
    • DopeBoy Drums Vol.2 - Hip Hop Drum One-Shots & Loops Sale Off
    • DopeBoy Drums Vol.2

      More Dope Drums! DopeBoyzMuzic are back at it with their second installment of the 'DopeBoy Drums' series. 'DopeBoy Drums Vol.2' has over 250 sounds including instrument loops, drum loops, FX, One-Shot drum samples, vox, percussion and more. This multi-format kit comes in Battery (Version 4), Kontakt (Version 5), Maschine (1.8) and...

      $34.99 $24.99
    • Loud Mouth Vocal Chants - Custom & Unique Vox Collection
    • Loud Mouth Vocal Chants

      Custom Vocal Chants If you’re tired of using the same ol’ vocal chants in every beat, then 'Loud Mouth Vocal Chants' by DopeBoyzMuzic is for you! This is a collection of 92 vocal chants, grunts and phrases completely recorded from scratch, in a professional studio and using only top-notch equipment (RODE...

    • Loud Mouth Vocal Chants Vol.2 - Vox Chants, Grunts & Phrases
    • Loud Mouth Vocal Chants Vol.2

      Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Check It Out 'Loud Mouth Vocal Chants Vol.2' is here! A collection of 92 dope Vocal Chants, Grunts and Phrases, recorded by professional MCs and perfectly edited to hype up your beats! 100% never heard before material. All files come in 16-Bit Stereo WAV formatting, Royalty-Free and compatible with every...

    • Pezzi Drum Loops - 30 Drum Loops + Variations
    • Pezzi Drum Loops

      From Trap To Boom Bap 'Pezzi Drum Loops' is a collection of 30 Drum Loops with variations (130 total), that will instantly take your beats to the next level. These Drum Loops are ready to go, no mixing needed, DopeBoyzMuzic took care of that for you! No matter if you...

    • Purple Clouds Vocal Library - Vocal Runs, Phrases & Stabs
    • Purple Clouds Vocal Library

      Soulful & Smooth Vocals If you need soulful and smooth vocals for your productions the 'Purple Clouds Vocal Library' is an absolute must have! DopeBoyzMuzic teamed up with singer/songwriter Jasmina to put together this unique library of vocal runs, phrases and stabs that will instantly breathe soul into your beats....

    • Purple Clouds Vocal Library 2 - Smooth Vox
    • Purple Clouds Vocal Library 2

      More Smooth Vox Purple Clouds is back! After the massive success of Volume 1 we simply had to get back in the lab with Jasmina and create more of those soulful vocal runs. With the 'Purple Clouds Vocal Library 2' you get 251 brand-new Vocal Runs + Harmonized Runs, One-Shots,...

    • Scintilla (Sample Pack) - Original Compositions + Stems
    • Scintilla (Sample Pack)

      Samples Upon Samples... The 'Scintilla' Sample Pack by DopeBoyzMuzic comes with 12 original Compositions + Stems with full BPM and Key info, ready for you to sample, flip and get creative with! No matter whether you're looking for something aggressive or smooth, Hip Hop, R&B or Trap, this pack has...

    • Scintilla 2 (Sample Pack) - Original Compositions + Stems
    • Scintilla 2 (Sample Pack)

      Original Compositions - 100% Royalty Free The 'Scintilla 2' Sample Pack is here with 14 original Compositions with Stems and including full BPM and Key info! This pack is ready for you to sample, flip and get creative with. No matter if you're looking for something aggressive or smooth, Hip...

    • Smack Pack - Drum One-Shots, Loops & Melody Samples
    • Smack Pack

      Hard-Hitting Sounds! The goal of DopeBoyzMuzic with this pack was to create the most hard-hitting sounds ever and there is just no way that this pack won’t make your beats hit harder! The 'Smack Pack' comes with a total of 150 custom sounds including 808s, kicks, snares, hi hats, percussions,...

    • Sonic Dope: Hip Hop Collection - Drum One-Shots & Loops
    • Sonic Dope: Hip Hop Collection

      Build Your Hip Hop Arsenal DopeBoyz Music are back with their 2nd installment of the 'Sonic Dope' series! The 'Hip Hop Collection' comes with over 119 high quality one shot drum samples including some of the biggest and nastiest Kicks and Snares you’ve ever heard! Hi-hats, Cymbals, FX, Loops, Percussion, Vocal...

    • Sonic Dope: Hip Hop Collection 2 - Drum Kit & Beat Stems
    • Sonic Dope: Hip Hop Collection 2

      More Hip Hop Drum Fire! 'Sonic Dope: Hip Hop Collection 2' is a gem for all the Hip Hop producers out there! The Drum Kit comes with 139 Drum One-Shots, Vinyl FX and Instrumental Stems to 14 Beats with BPM and Key info, making this a great source for dope...

    • Sonic Dope: RnB Collection - Drum One-Shots, Loops & Beat Stems
    • Sonic Dope: RnB Collection

      Build Your R&B Collection 'Sonic Dope: RnB Collection' is here with over 257 Unique Sounds! The pack comes with Drum One-Shots, Drum Loops and instrumental Stems to 12 Beats. The combination of banging drums and super clean instrumental stems makes this kit a go-to source for modern day R&B and...

    • Sonic Dope: Trap Collection - Drum One Shots
    • Sonic Dope: Trap Collection

      Build Your Trap Arsenal 'Sonic Dope: Trap Collection' is the name of the latest gem, well crafted by the Germany based producer duo DopeBoyzMuzic. As the name implies, the product comes with over 176 high quality one shot samples that will quickly turn this kit into your go to source...

    • Sonic Dope: Trap Collection 2 - Drum Loops & One-Shots
    • Sonic Dope: Trap Collection 2

      A Worthy Followup 'Sonic Dope: Trap Collection 2' is here and it's more than a worthy followup! The pack comes with 141 drum one shots, 38 drum loops and stems to 12 beats, that will give you banging drums and instant inspiration. All sounds are handcrafted by DopeBoyzMuzic, 100% unheard material....

    • Textures - Sound Effects & Sound Bed Background Recordings
    • Textures

      Organic Sound Beds 'Textures' is a collection of field recordings, vinyl sounds, background noises and dirt, perfectly mixed for you to add character and texture to your productions. This sound collection works perfectly for a variety of genres. If you think you've never heard any of something like this in...

    • Tragico (Sample Pack) - Gloomy, Dark & Sinister Compositions
    • Tragico (Sample Pack)

      Bottle The Gloom Dark, gloomy, sinister, sad, spooky, evil. 'Tragico' is all that and more! The pack comes with a total of 13 Original Compositions including Stems. BPM and Key info are available, ready for you to sample, flip, chop and get creative with. All files come in 24-Bit Stereo...