Testimonials from our customers

Man... Im absolutley speechless!

I just went through the kit with my partner here at Fonogram studios, and we were totally blown away!
This is the dopest drum kit i've ever had on my hands!
I really appreciate you hooking me up with this kit man, that's love for real!

- Multi platform producer Euro Starz (Credits: the game, red cafe, hell rell, jay rock, and many more...) 

(bought the pablo sound kit volume 2)

I do say that the site has a lot to offer.

I definitely enjoy beat tags, being able to make request and get what you ask for. Working with the Modern Producers crew has been a pleasure. Everyone should most definitely check out this new and enjoyable website!

- Multi-platform producer SlimboyMillion

(bought a beat tag) 


I Thank Modern Producers for producing my beat tag for me.

They really did a great job. The beat tag is clean, the vocals where mixed good and great Quality. great work guys!

- Your proud customer Dee Murder Of www.majorgrindbeatz.com

Thank you so much Modern Producers!

You really helped my production career reach new heights!

Since I started making beats, I messed around with really bad samples and that resulted of course in bad instrumentals. I checked out many different sites that sold drum kits, but they all had hundreds of bad kits that made it hard for me to find the really good ones.

Then, a friend of mine sent me a link to this DOPE site called “ModernProducers.com”, and it all changed. I now had ONLY those kits that were top Quality! All, on one site.

And on ModernProducers, the delivery was instant. I purchased a kit, and started using it; all within 5 minutes! I don’t like searching around for days and weeks, or waiting for my kits to arrive; so this is perfect for me!

Big shout out to modern producers to help me getting back on track! And dayym! These kits are insane. Again, a big thanks to you guys at ModernProducers!!!

- Hip hop producer BrainStorm beats

Love this site, great kits!

If you ever need motivation this is the place to go! Whatever sound you may need is here,
Thanks Modern Producers!

- Hip hop producer TJL Beats 

(Bought the Pablo beats sound kit volume 2)

I'm happy with my beat tag purchase!

High quality beat tags and fast delivery.

- Hip hop producer Bat Gang On The Track


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