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    • SACRED GUITARS - 40 Guitar Compositions Sale Off
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      Inspired by Young Thug & More ‘Sacred Guitars’ is an enigmatic melody library of its own kind. Loaded with 40 sacrosanct Guitar Compositions sent straight from heaven. Including a futuristic Construction Kit with everything you need to cook up some holy madness. This selection is suitable for most genres, especially Trap,...

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    • Summer Pop Hits - Loops & MIDI Sale Off
    • Summer Pop Hits
      New Products

      The Summer Of Pop 'Summer Pop Hits' by 2DEEP is a sample pack jam-packed with 5 jaw dropping Construction Kits inspired by major Pop music producers. This pack includes the wet and dry versions of the instrument Loops and MIDI Files, so you can have full control over your project....

      $29.99 $19.99
    • Addictive EDM Leads - Lead Loops
    • Addictive EDM Leads
      New Products

      Covering Your EDM & Electronic Needs 'Addictive EDM Leads' by Concept Samples delivers a fine collection of Lead loops, developed to cover your EDM and Electronic music needs. Designed for producers that wants to make it to the top, these Leads are the perfect tool to create floor shaking, crowd...

    • Mercury Synths - 100 Synth Loops
    • Mercury Synths
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      Synth Takeover The synthesizer is considered to be one of the music industry's most valuable instruments. However, it can be hard for producers to get their hands on synthesizers, especially the expensive analog synths. So we decided to save you some money and provide you with a pack that gives...

    • Late Night Movements: Dark Trap Melodies Sale Off
    • Late Night Movements: Dark Trap Melodies
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      Classical Meets Urban Strategic Audio returns with 'Late Night Movements: Dark Trap Melodies'. This is a high quality musical sample pack that features nothing but dark and laid back Trap Melodies. 36 WAV Loops are available, along with MIDI Files! The signature sound created here is inspired by artists and...

      $19.95 $9.95
    • RipBoi Guitar - Acoustic & Electric Guitar Loops Sale Off
    • RipBoi Guitar
      New Products

      Let 'Em Rip! ‘RipBoi Guitar’ by Godlike Loops is an electric and acoustic guitar sample pack containing 20 Guitar Loops inspired by Travis Scott, Juice WRLD, Mac Miller, Gunna Post Malone, Schoolboy Q, Lil Peep and more. These guitar and piano loops are ideal for Pop, Hip Hop, Trap, Soul...

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    • Eternity Guitars 2 - 20 Guitar Loops Sale Off
    • Eternity Guitars 2
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      20 Guitar Loops! ‘Eternity Guitars 2’ by Godlike Loops is an electric and acoustic guitar sample pack containing 20 Guitar Loops inspired by Travis Scott, Post Malone, Schoolboy Q, Lil Peep and more.These guitar and piano loops are ideal for Pop, Hip Hop, Trap, Emo Trap, and various EDM genres....

      $19.95 $7.95
    • Middle East Trap Percussion
    • Middle East Trap Percussion
      New Products

      Distorted 808s & Savage Beats The new era of Trap is among us and what a better way to achieve endless inspiration than by adding in some proper organic percussion! Basement Freaks brings his A-game with elite sounds, filling this pack with Darbuka & Davoul galore! With 'Middle East Trap...

    • Electric Tension - Electronic Vocal Pack
    • Electric Tension
      New Products

      Electronic Vocal Kit Black Octopus is proud to present the ultimate Vocal Pack for Bass style music from none other than V O E! V O E are one of the leading names in the Bass Music scene. Comprised of two heavy hitters, Adelaide artists Tevlo & CARZi joined forces...

    • Money To Spend - Drake x Future Type Beats Sale Off
    • Money To Spend
      New Products

      Drake x Future Type Beats Presenting 'Money To Spend'. This is the newest loop product from Strategic Audio featuring 5 Hip Hop/Trap Construction Kits. WAV & MIDI Loops are available, as well as FL Studio Project Files and Zip Files. The kits here are inspired by the recent successful album by...

      $19.95 $11.95
    • Eternity Guitars - Acoustic & Electric Guitar Loops Sale Off
    • Eternity Guitars
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      Acoustic & Electric Guitar Loops ‘Eternity Guitars’ by Godlike Loops is an electric and acoustic Guitar Sample Pack containing 22 Guitar Loops and 2 Bonus Piano Loops inspired by Travis Scott, Post Malone, Schoolboy Q, Lil Peep and more. These guitar and piano loops are ideal for Pop, Hip Hop,...

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    • Night Wave Bundle - 1.35 GB of Content Sale Off
    • Night Wave Bundle
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      2 Epic Kits in 1 'Night Wave Bundle' comes with all key-ingredients for cooking up your next hit. An eclectic collection of sounds. Mystical, yet energetic at the same time. Weighing in at 1.35 GB, this collection creates realms of darkness and tension. Get pulled into deep waters and feel the...

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    • Nocturnal - Vocal Kit by Notelle
    • Nocturnal
      New Products

      Vocals from World Renowned Vocalist Notelle Black Octopus Sound is proud to present 'Nocturnal' featuring vocals from world renowned vocalist Notelle, and production from sound designer extraordinaire; Elliot Berger. It’s not every day you can get your hands on vocals from someone with such a massive following, talent, and overall...

    • Piano Lessons for Producers - Video Course Sale Off
    • Piano Lessons for Producers
      New Products

      Lean How To Play The Piano Like An Expert This course will teach how to learn piano by yourself, and is just like taking piano lessons for beginners. With GratuiTous continuing to create these online music production courses, he's acquired much higher quality video production gear, allowing him to achieve extremely...

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    • Night Wave 2 - Drum Kit + Loops & Vocals Sale Off
    • Night Wave 2
      New Products

      More Loops, One-Shots & Vocals for Future Hits 'Night Wave 2' marks the second and last episode of the series. An eclectic collection of sounds. Mystical, yet energetic at the same time. Get pulled into deep waters and feel the wave!This All-In-One Kit for producers is suitable for Trap and Hip-Hop. All...

      $24.95 $14.95
    • Xonex VST - Futuristic Plugin Sale Off
    • Xonex VST
      New Products

      The Future Is Xonex 'Xonex VST' is a futuristic plugin that we have used time and time again to make a variety of beats. Don’t believe us? Check out the demo videos: 'Xonex' has offered us a variety of "go-to sounds" ranging from plucks to strings, guitars, leads, pads and more....

      $49.95 $19.95
    • Can't Escape The Trap 2 - Loops, One-Shots & FLP Sale Off
    • Can't Escape The Trap 2
      New Products

      Taking Trap Back to Hip Hop 'Can't Escape the Trap 2' is the the follow up to the original pack from Strategic Audio featuring 5 Billboard-ready Trap Construction Kits. WAV and MIDI loops are available, as well as FL Studio project files and one shot drum hits. Taking Trap back...

      $24.95 $12.95
    • Mainstage EDM Vol.3 - Sylenth1 Presets
    • Mainstage EDM Vol.3
      New Products

      The Final EDM Collection We're down to the final one of the 'Mainstage EDM' kits, this one being all about EDM for the Sylenth1 VST Synth! We're happy to present to you 'Mainstage EDM Vol. 3'! Sylenth1 is a solid sound source for EDM music, and so are these presets....

    • Mainstage EDM Vol.2 - Serum Presets
    • Mainstage EDM Vol.2
      New Products

      Top EDM Sounds for Serum Not only does this package contain top notch Synth Presets, but also custom Serum Wavetables & Waveforms, MIDI Loops, and WAV Samples. All presets feature full usage of the synth, which involves innovative sound design using many different techniques used by the pros, creative usage of the...

    • Premium Hi Hats And Rides
    • Premium Hi Hats And Rides
      New Products

      345 Premium Dance Music Hats & Rides New Loops presents 'Premium Hi Hats And Rides' – an exquisite collection of Dance music hi hats, rides, crashes and other percussion One-Shots. A total of 345 new sounds recorded from hardware drum machines and live percussion instruments then processed with hardware compression to give you...

    • Liquid Claps 2 - Clap One-Shots
    • Liquid Claps 2
      New Products

      The Ultimate Chillstep Experience Freak Music proudly presents the 'Liquid Claps 2' - second volume of the gorgeous Drum Sample Pack, filled with perfectly sounding drums paired with water drops, ice cracks, glass breaks, crushes, key drops, coin throws and more. You will find classic one-shots, pre-shifted samples, multi-sound claps...

    • Endless MIDI - 1030 MIDI Files Sale Off
    • Endless MIDI
      New Products

      Endless Amounts of MIDI Files The largest MIDI File Bundle is here: MORE THAN 1000 Melodies and Drums in .mid format in many genres and instruments! With this bundle you will never get stuck finding that creative spark, the number of variations will fit any instrument or beat you are working...

      $39.99 $12.99
    • Vocalise - Vocal Samples & One-Shots
    • Vocalise
      New Products

      Vocal Samples & One-Shots Freak Music proudly presents 'Vocalise' - a huge collection of Vocal Samples & One-Shots, useful Chants and mesmerizing Chops. This product will become your number one source in creating music with vocal samples! It is fantastically innovative - we have included 3 keys in 6 octaves for...

    • Serum Synths - Xfer Serum Presets
    • Serum Synths
      New Products

      Presets For Xfer Serum New Loops presents 'Serum Synths' - 64 inspiring presets for Xfer Serum featuring a wide range of sounds including huge digital Leads, punchy metallic Plucks, big Trap Brass, wonky Squares, angelic Keys, Old School Chords and FM Bells, distorted Synths, and loads of exciting new sounds! The...

    • Night Wave - Loops, One-Shots & Vocals Sale Off
    • Night Wave
      New Products

      Loops, One-Shots & Vocals for your next Hit Weighing in at 541 MB, this collection delivers all key-ingredients for cooking up your next hit. Being inspired by artists like Travis Scott, Wondagurl & Eestbound, this pack combines dark Trap melodies with charming vibes and hard-hitting drums! Crafted to boost your...

      $24.95 $14.95
    • Lofi Soul Keys - Piano, Rhodes & Synth Loops
    • Lofi Soul Keys
      New Products

      Lofi Gritty Soul Sounds This pack is all about that Lofi gritty saturation, blended ever-so-perfectly with some truly soulful keys. 'Lofi Soul Keys' is going to take your Urban, Hip Hop, Pop, Soul and Downtempo productions to the next level! Not only is there loads of Pianos, but also an...

    • TRAP LIFE: Mega Bundle - Over 9 GB of Content Sale Off
    • TRAP LIFE: Mega Bundle
      New Products

      8 Kits. 1 Mega Bundle.  TRAP LIFE presents to you the ultimate production bundle for modern producers of all kinds - let us bring the noize! Get lost while taking a deep dive into more than 100 Folders filled with pure madness. This library contains a whopping collection of 8...

      $262.15 $29.95
    • Mayhem Trap - EDM, Trap & Dubstep Loop Library
    • Havok Trap
      New Products

      Golden Era Hip-Hop Loops The era of Bass Music domination is here! ‘Havok Trap’ is a seamless blend of the frenetic heavy-weight Trap sound and big EDM festival beats. This 1 GB+ library offers a huge amount of various melodies ranging from festival leads, to underground modulated basses, growls and blips, club-shaking...

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