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    • Dark RnB
    • Dark RnB

      Deep Trap RnB 'Dark RnB' by Loops 4 Producers is an exalted concoction of Trap & RnB vibes that are. jam-packed with whole hog hand-crafted spirited samples carrying your productions into the depths of Trap Soul RnB. Inside, you'll find a wide-ranging list of Trap & RnB sounds such as...

    • Amplify 2 - Guitar Omnisphere Bank
    • Amplify 2 - Guitar Omnisphere Bank

      20 Guitar Patches Amped Up! Brandon is back louder than ever with his 2nd installment of his "Amplify" series.Inside "Amplify 2" there are 20 brand new custom Guitar patches for Omnisphere 2.Perfect for Trap, Trap Soul, Drill, Pop, RnB or any other genre selling out now.If you need some Guitars...

    • 808LAB VST Sale Off
    • 808LAB VST

      A Monster 808 Plugin Ready To Make Your Beats BANG! This VST Brings you 60 High Quality 808 Presets ready for any genre that needs a bang!From Hard Hitting to Mellow and even some Weird sounding 808s, this VST will have you covered to crank out your next big hit!Brandon had an idea for an 808 vst plugin for his producer friends and hired The Infinit-Audio...

      $30.00 $14.99
    • Circus Vol.4 Sale Off
    • Circus Vol.4

      One More Show Brandon Chapa is back with the 4th installment of The Circus Vol. 4 (Loop Kit).Inside this show is 10 Wav File Loops with the stems for each one. Each loop is as always Key and Bpm labeled.No need to worry because these are also royalty-free. Feel free...

      $19.99 $9.99
    • Circus Vol.2 Sale Off
    • Circus Vol.2

      The Circus Is Back In Town! Brandon Chapa follows up another year for the circus in volume 2.This Loop Kit contains 10 Wav File Loops with the stems for each loop.If your looking to create excited Trap, Deep, Light, Dark, Melodic Type of beats then this is the go to...

      $19.99 $9.99
    • Eastworld Loop Kit Sale Off
    • Eastworld Loop Kit

      Spacious Loops! Brandon Chapa came back as usual with a nice dark sound for his producer friends inside of his kit "Eastworld Stemkit". Inside are 25Eerie, spacious and dark sounding loops perfect for a smooth interesting vibe. The stems are also included for each loop.If you need a fire vibe...

      $24.99 $20.99
    • Bakers Dozen Bundle Sale Off
    • Bakers Dozen Bundle

      Over 9GB Trap-Fi & Hip Hop Bundle Including Kits, Presets & 2 FREE VSTs! What is a Baker's Dozen, you might ask? Here in Michigan, it is common to walk into a Bakery or Donut Shop and purchase a 'Baker's Dozen' which comes with 13 items instead of the usual...

      $265.00 $29.99

      16 Heavily Loaded Packs Let me break down for you this 'Christmas Sale Bundle'; 6.75 GB of Melody Loops, Drumkits, Vocal Chops, Drum Loops, Sylenth1 Trap banks that have arp patches generating you the coldest trap melody in one push of Button...I mean, isn't it a great way to say Merry...

      $225.00 $14.95
    • Black Friday Bundle 2020 Sale Off
    • Black Friday Bundle 2020

      Huge Super Sale! 'Black Friday Bundle 2020' is an opportunity for you to get the newest releases in one shot for a low cost. Unlike any other bundle, we collected only the newest kits we recently created on your demand. Inside, you will find Drum Kits, Drumloops, Melody Loops, Vocal...

      $179.00 $6.00
    • Bag O Hats - Loops
    • Bag O Hats

      Carefully crafted Hi-Hat loop variations 'Bag O Hats' is packed with 15 carefully crafted Hi-Hat loop variations covering all styles of modern Hip Hop, Trap to R&B and Trap Soul, making your work flow quicker, and more efficient than ever! Included are 15 High Quality Hi-Hat loops as well as...

    • For The Night - Trap Soul Beats Sale Off
    • For The Night

      Trap Soul Vibes ‘For The Night’ by Cartel Loops features 5 High-Quality Trap Soul Construction Kits. The sounds included were inspired by Bryson Tiller, 6lack, Kehlani, Travis Scott and many more artists to bring the vibe of a special professional Trap Soul song. Product Includes: 5 Construction Kits 5 Fully...

      $19.95 $9.95
    • E-Motions Bundle - 25+ Sample Packs Sale Off
    • E-Motions Bundle

      Let Your Emotions Run Free 'E-Motions Bundle' by Rebel Nation Audio includes 25+ Soul/Trap/Hip Hop Construction Kits from various different packs featuring soulful chords, savory piano and guitar melodies, rhythmic percussion loops, punchy kicks, hi-hats, smooth basses, and much more. MIDI Files are included and the WAV Samples are ready to...

      $99.75 $7.00
    • #1 Bundle - 146 Sample Loops Sale Off
    • #1 Bundle

      146 Sample Loops at 1 Low Price '#1 Bundle' is one of the most resourceful bundles brought by Sonics Empire and Rebel Nation Audio. Including 4 Sample Packs with a total of 117 drag-and-drop ready samples + 29 Free Loops at once incredibly low price! It is an unbeatable offer. We try to bring...

      $59.00 $6.00
    • Chixpack 5 - WAV Loops, Drum One-Shots & MIDI Sale Off
    • Chixpack 5

      The Sexy Saga Continues... The saga continues with a new Soul Trap and R&B kit inspired mainly by 'Chixtape' from Tory Lanez, Play Picasso, Trey Songz, Bryson Tiller and others! ‘Chixpack 5’ is an awesome pack fully loaded with more than 100 WAV Loops, 54 WAV One-Shots, and 50 MIDI Loops....

      $24.95 $9.99
    • Full Tank 808 (Drum One-Shots) Sale Off
    • Full Tank 808

      Fill Your 808 Tank This 808 Drum Pack has all different types of 808 Samples including tuned 808s, phat 808s, distorted 808s, basslines, soft hits, hard hits, 808s fused with kicks and much more!This is your one-stop Drum Kit for all your 808 needs, regardless of genre.Pick up this collection of...

      $32.99 $14.99
    • Crystallize: R&B And Trap Soul
    • Crystallize: R&B And Trap Soul

      Blending R&B, Trap & Soul 'Crystallize: R&B And Trap Soul' blurs the line between R&B, Trap and Soul. This laid-back sound bank features all the essentials you need to make the next chart-topping hit. Inspired by the sound of The Weeknd’s imprint XO, Drake’s label OVO and legendary channel dynmk, you can...

    • ACE Stems Kit - 1.6 GB+ Loop Collection Sale Off
    • ACE Stems Kit

      1.6 GB+ Loop Collection 'ACE Stems Kit' is here! This Pack brings you over 30 Stems Loops and 55 Drums Loops. All Samples can be used for multiple genres including Hip Hop, Rap, Trap and Trap Soul. Get instant inspiration while listening to the sounds and create those real bangers in minutes!...

      $29.95 $9.95
    • After Hours (Piano Loops) - Vintage Keys
    • After Hours (Piano Loops)

      Mellow Piano Loops 'After Hours' contains 30 Vintage Melodic Loops & Lofi Chord Loops. Get a taste of vintage grand pianos and electric keys layered with contemporary sampling and sound design techniques. Each sample was carefully crafted to evoke Hip Hop and R&B sonics but with the character to inspire any genre....

    • Dissection - Hit Loop Kits Sale Off
    • Dissection

      100% Hit Loops 'Dissection' is a 100% Hits Loop Kit by Sonics Empire. This time we decided to get extra picky with our production to make sure that everything included will be your next trending hits.In this pack we created different vibes that are instantly familiar to anyone who follows modern award-winning...

      $19.99 $15.00
    • Drum Goonies: Snare Loop Edition - Custom Snare Loops
    • Drum Goonies: Snare Loop Edition

      Powerful Snare Production Tool 'Drum Goonies: Snare Loop Edition' is one of the most powerful production tools to ever hit the market when it comes to creating modern day chart-topping instrumentals. This kit gives you 60 carefully crafted innovative Snare Loop Variations, covering all styles of modern Hip Hop and...

    • Drum Goonies: Hat Loop Edition
    • Drum Goonies: Hat Loop Edition

      Powerful Drum Production Tool 'Drum Goonies: Hat Loop Edition' is one of the most powerful production tools to ever hit the market when it comes to creating modern day chart-topping instrumentals! This kit gives you 60 carefully crafted and innovative Hi-Hat & Cymbal Loop Variations, covering all styles of modern...

    • Cold October III (Sample Pack) - Royalty Free Melodies
    • Cold October III (Sample Pack)

      OVO Type Melodies 'Cold October III' is the 3rd installment in this incredible sample series! Loaded with another 10 melodic gems ready to turn into a modern Trap Soul, R&B or Downtempo / Chill Trap masterpiece. These loops were inspired by the sounds of OVO and top artists and producers such as Khalid, The Weeknd,...

    • Drum Kings VST - 350 Drum Sounds Sale Off
    • Drum Kings VST

      The Royal Drum Treatment! Watch the demo video: Global Audio Tools presents music makers across the globe with a fine VST plug-in called 'Drum Kings'. This royal VST is jam packed with an array of over 350 hard-hitting Drum Sounds that will spark creative inspiration time and time again. With all...

      $59.95 $39.95
    • 6ixx Vol.1 - Hip Hop Construction Kit + One-Shots Sale Off
    • 6ixx Vol.1

      Vibey Melodies & One-Shots '6ixx Vol.1' by Platinum Circle Loops gives you that sought after sound from the North, with a healthy mix of Hip Hop and Trap Soul vibes. Created by Platinum Producer Lazy Rida. In this kit you will hear Lazy Rida offering up some his best very...

      $29.99 $14.99
    • Chixpack 2 - Soul Trap and R&B Production Kit Sale Off
    • Chixpack 2

      More Sexy 808s, Soulful Melodies & Vocals After the success of the original 'Chixpack', the saga continues with a new Soul Trap and R&B Kit inspired mainly by 'Chixtape' from Tory Lanez & Play Picasso, Trey Songz and Bryson Tiller. Another all-in-one pack from LBandyMusic including Construction Kits, Loops, a full Drumkit, MIDI Files...

      $24.95 $19.99
    • 808 Renaissance - Kontakt Library & Drum Samples
    • 808 Renaissance

      The 808 Revival '808 Renaissance' is the revival of the 808 revolution in modern music brought to you by Sonics Empire. This is a unique library of drums created for modern music producers for genres such as Trap, R&B, Pop and many more.With over 430 WAV samples and 216 Kontakt...

    • Classy Vibez - Soulful Trap & RnB Construction Kit Sale Off
    • Classy Vibez

      Decadently Musical Vibes ‘Classy Vibez’ is the new chart-topping wavy Construction Kit from Sonics Empire. Created with premium Jazz, Soul & Groove sounds with a major inspiration by OVO Artists.This collection is minimal by design and decadently musical from beginning to end making this a classic R&B, Trap Soul and...

      $15.00 $12.00
    • All In One: Loop & MIDI Kit
    • All In One: Loop & MIDI Kit

      The Multi Production Weapon 187 Audio presents 'All In One'. This kit was designed to bring you multiple styles of the modern production sound. While most producer kits are generally one style, the 'All In One' kit brings you multiple subgenres of Urban music, including Trap, R&B, New Wave and...

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