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    • Drum Pool Vol.1 - Trap Drum One-Shots & Loops Sale Off
    • Drum Pool Vol.1
      Drum Kits

      Trap Drum One-Shots & Loops Julez Jadon proudly presents you his brand new kit: 'Drum Pool Vol.1'. The idea behind this Drum Kit was to combine live drums with Trap elements. It brings you tons of organic and hart hitting One-Shots as well as inspiring Drum & Percussion Loops. No...

      $50.00 $29.99
    • BirdFlu Drum Kit - Trap Drums & Loops
    • BirdFlu Drum Kit
      Drum Kits

      Sickest Out Watch the demo video: MerzinaryDrumCartel & SemiAuto present 'BirdFlu Drum Kit'. This is one of the most official Trap kits out!This Drum Kit includes everything you need for your next Trap banger, from 808s to Kicks, Hats, Percs & Snares. Over 68 WAV Files! You'll also find 17 Drum Loops...

    • GXDMODE 3 - Drum Kit
    • GXDMODE 3
      Drum Kits

      Time to go GXDMODE with these Drums! MerzinaryDrumCartel (MDC) presents 'GXDMODE 3' - a brand new drum kit full of 90 Drum One-Shots & Loops to create hard or chill Trap beats. This Drumkit includes high-quality 808s, Snares, Hi-hat, Percs, Vox One-Shot Drum Samples as well as 20 Drum Loops.Turn it up! Product...

    • Iconic Hip Hop Drums Vol.3 (Boom Bap Drum One-Shots)
    • Iconic Hip Hop Drums Vol.3
      Drum Kits

      Become A Hip Hop Icon 'Iconic Hip Hop Drums Vol.3' features authentic Hip Hop drum essentials inspired by heavy hitters like Alchemist, Havoc, Jay Z, Three 6 Mafia and Kool G Rap. Made for real, true Old School Hip Hop aficionados. Included are 154 warm and punchy Drum One Shots...

    • Swamped - Drum Kit & Loop Pack
    • Swamped
      Drum Kits

      Endless Creative Possibilities Maybe you’ve used every loop pack on the market. Maybe you’ve been experimenting here and there. Maybe you’re hoping for just one that can take you from beginner to boss. Whichever one of those is you, 'Swamped' will take you so deep into a new world of...

    • Drum Dealer: Green Edition - Hip Hop & Trap Drums Sale Off
    • Drum Dealer: Green Edition
      Drum Kits

      High-Quality Hip Hop & Trap Drums 'Drum Dealer: Green Edition' brings you 125 of the highest quality Hip Hop & Trap drum sounds, all processed and EQ'd to perfection by Platinum-Selling Producer 2DEEP himself. This kit contains every necessary ingredient needed to cook up some of the dopest drum patterns,...

      $19.99 $9.99
    • Anno Domini Drums: Life And Death Bundle Sale Off
    • Anno Domini Drums: Life And Death Bundle
      Drum Kits

      The Ultimate Life and Death Drum Bundle Save over 50% when buying 'Anno Domini Drums: Life and Death Edition 1, 2 & 3' together!Level up your beats with three epic drum kits from Life And Death Productions, known from their exceptionally hard-hitting and unique drum work in beats. "I never...

      $75.00 $39.90
    • Sonic Dope: Hip Hop Collection 2 - Drum Kit & Beat Stems
    • Sonic Dope: Hip Hop Collection 2
      Drum Kits

      More Hip Hop Drum Fire! 'Sonic Dope: Hip Hop Collection 2' is a gem for all the Hip Hop producers out there! The Drum Kit comes with 139 Drum One-Shots, Vinyl FX and Instrumental Stems to 14 Beats with BPM and Key info, making this a great source for dope...

    • Saucey Street Files - Drum Kit
    • Saucey Street Files
      Drum Kits

      Sauce For The Streets Julez Jadon is excited to present you the all new 'Saucey Street Files'. For this special Drum Kit he went on a huge field recording run through the city of Frankfurt, Germany. Julez Jadon captured sounds from various sources like skateboarding, graffiti, basketball and the subway: the sound of...

    • Clarity - Experimental Drum & Melody Hits + Loops
    • Clarity
      Drum Kits

      Experimental Trap 'Clarity' is the first pack in a genre we created, called Just Dope. It takes the best essential sounds from several genres and puts them in one place for your creative pleasure. Designed by award-winning producers and engineers and packed with more than 400 Sound Options. “Aha!” moments waiting...

    • Drum Dealer: White Edition - Trap Drum Kit
    • Drum Dealer: White Edition
      Drum Kits

      The Hottest Drums In Trap 'Drum Dealer: White Edition' brings you 125 of the highest quality Hip Hop & Trap drum sounds, all processed and EQ'd to perfection by Platinum-Selling Producer 2DEEP himself. This kit contains every necessary ingredient needed to cook up some of the dopest drum patterens, including...

    • Stellar (Sound Effects) - One-Shots, Loops & Vocals Sale Off
    • Stellar (Sound Effects)
      Drum Kits

      Mega Sound Library for Producers 'Stellar (Sound Effects)' is an extensive mega library containing 1500 Sounds, adding up to 5.11 GB of content. Being a best-of selection of over 30 Sample Packs by TRAP LIFE, this all-round talent stands for unmatched quality. This kit resembles the crème de la crème...

      $99.95 $29.95
    • RHINO Drum Kit - 130 Multi-Genre Drum One-Shots
    • RHINO Drum Kit
      Drum Kits

      Welcome Back To The Jungle After the success of 'Kingdom Drums', super-producer DEVIZE has released a new beast to table titled 'RHINO Drum Kit'. 130 harder-hitting Hip Hop drums in pristine quality WAV Format, perfect for multi-genre producers who require nothing but the best quality drums that pack a punch. DEVIZE...

    • Drummunition - The Ultimate Hip Hop Drum Collection Sale Off
    • Drummunition
      Drum Kits

      The Ultimate Hip Hop Drum Collection 'Drummunition' combines all 12 best-selling Drum Kits & Drum Loop Packs by Music Weapons. These products have been so popular that producers have asked for all of them in one discounted package, so here you go - the ultimate Hip Hop drum collection! There...

      $689.88 $129.99
    • SPACE Drumkit - Trippy Drums & Loops
    • SPACE Drumkit
      Drum Kits

      Spacey Drums MDC (MerzinaryDrumCartel) presents 'SPACE Kit' in collaboration with MRK BEATZ. This Drumkit is one of the trippiest kits out there - take your production out of this world and make some heat!Includes 808s, Claps, Snares, Kicks, Hats, Hits & Vox. We've also thrown in some special Nexus 2 space-themed...

    • Vibes 3 - Future R&B Loops, One-Shots & Presets Sale Off
    • Vibes 3
      Drum Kits

      A Future R&B Producers Dream Inspired by the production of artists like SZA, Khalid and Kelala and evolving from the same creative direction as the first two volumes of the best-selling 'Vibes' series, 'Vibes 3' is the perfect addition to any producer's arsenal, and a Future R&B producer's dream. With...

      $29.99 $24.99
    • Beats From The Bass Ship (Serum Presets)
    • Beats From The Bass Ship (Serum Presets & Drum Hits)
      Drum Kits

      The Mother Serum Ship Has Landed! 'Beats from the Bass Ship' has arrived by Black Octopus in collaboration with the mega talented Ahee (of KJ Sawka’s label Impossible Records). This is a legendary collection of next level Xfer Serum Presets and Drum Hits.Unspeakable amounts of innovation and intelligence went into...

    • Drum Goonies (Trap Edition) - Trap Drums Kit Sale Off
    • Drum Goonies (Trap Edition)
      Drum Kits

      The Hottest Drums In Trap 'Drum Goonies (Trap Edition)' contains all the necessary ingredients to create some of the hottest drums in today's Trap scene. This Drum Kit cuts straight through the BS, giving you nothing but the highest quality 808s, Claps, Cymbals, HiHats, Kicks, Open Hats, Percussion, Snares and...

      $29.99 $19.99
    • ProFATT VSTi/AU - Legendary 80's & 90's Hip Hop Sounds Sale Off
    • ProFATT VST
      Drum Kits

      The 80's & 90's Sound of Hip Hop This is not a Mo'Phatt - it was merely inspired by everything in that era of Hip Hop music. However this incredible VST probably inspire you more than anything you have heard in a while. The 'ProFATT VSTi/AU' plugin and accompanying WAV...

      $199.99 $59.99
    • Kings Of Atlanta Drumkit - Dirty South & Trap Drums
    • Kings Of Atlanta Drumkit
      Drum Kits

      ATL Hitmakers MerzinaryDrumCartel (MDC) presents 'Kings Of Atlanta Drumkit' - a brand new kit full of Drums and Loops to make your next track a bona fide ATL Hit! This Drumkit includes high-quality 808s, Claps, Snares, Hi-hats and Perc One-Shot Drum Samples as well as 20 Drum Loops.If you're looking...

    • Beast Bassix - Bass One-Shots & Loops
    • Beast Bassix
      Drum Kits

      Beastly Bass One-Shots & Loops With the help of a local friend & his beastly 282 Bass, super-producer DEVIZE cooked up a filthy kit containing 280 raw, filthy, live recorded Bass One shots & Loops separated into 10 distinct flavor folders. 'Beast Bassix' is perfect for Hip Hop, Funk &...

    • TROPICAL Drum Kit - Multi-Genre Drum One-Shots & Loops
    • TROPICAL Drum Kit
      Drum Kits

      Tropical Flavor Award-winning producers Moneymvkvz with their third smooth and vibey Drum Kit!Sounds included in 'TROPICAL Drum Kit' are Trap/Hip Hop/R&B one-shots, with sexy 808s, kicks, snares, claps, percussion, hats, vox, instrumental shots and much more. There is also a collection of Bonus Drum Loops, ready to be used for your next banger! Get ready to...

    • Scarebeatz Drums Vol.6 - Drum Loops & One-Shots + Maschine
    • Scarebeatz Drums Vol.6
      Drum Kits

      One-Shots & Drum Loops + Maschine 'Scarebeatz Drums Vol.6' makes its grand entrance in this legendary drum series of only the fattest and punchiest drum one-shots and loops taken right out of the instrumentals of Anno Domini Beats’ award-winning producer, Scarebeatz. This awesome pack contains high definition, industry-standard tempo labeled Drum Loops and One-Shot drums in a staggering...

    • Dark Planet Drum Kit - Dark Drums
    • Dark Planet Drum Kit
      Drum Kits

      Dark & Dangerous Drums The Third official Drum Kit in the best-selling Hades product family by Nozytic Music is here! Nozytic Music gives all of you producers 'Dark Planet Drum Kit' with 70 High Quality Drums, perfect for Hip Hop and Trap productions.Included are 808s, Claps, Cymbals, Hi Hats, Kicks, Snares and some Misc One-Shots...

    • Boom Bap Drum Kits Vol.3 - Authentic Hip Hop Drums Sale Off
    • Boom Bap Drum Kits Vol.3
      Drum Kits

      Dat Boom Boom Bap  The final chapter of the Boom Bap Collection by Music Weapons is here, 'Boom Bap Drum Kits Vol.2' Created by Anno Domini Nation producer Vherbal (Vinnie Paz,Ill Bill, Wu-Tang Clan etc.).From the leaders in Hip Hop authenticity comes Volume 3 of the drum kit series dripping with boom bap...

      $49.99 $24.99