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    • TuneVault VSTi Sale Off
    • TuneVault VSTi

      Exceptional proficiency in generating and controlling sophisticated sounds extends beyond a singular sonic realm. TuneVault VSTi harnesses meticulously shaped various categories, presenting an infinite array of characters and creative possibilities, working for most musical genres. This plugin is distinguished by its exceptional capacity to generate and manipulate sophisticated and inventive...

      $99.99 $21.99
    • Umbra VSTi: Trap & Drill Elements Sale Off
    • Umbra VSTi: Trap & Drill Elements

      Elevate your tracks, add depth to your soundscapes, and push the boundaries of creativity Introducing Umbra VSTi: The ultimate virtual instrument tailored to fit genres like Hip-Hop, Drill, Trap, and more. Umbra offers 240 Instruments grouped in 11 Categories. Every instrument has been meticulously recorded and processed to get the...

      $89.99 $15.00
    • The Lions Den - Bass Music Momentum for Phaseplant
    • The Lions Den - Bass Music Momentum for Phaseplant

      Heavy Bass Presets Heavy. Heavy. and more heavy. ‘Bass Music Momentum for Phase Plant’ gets straight to the point with its annihilating presets by the bass legend, The Lion’s Den. This pack comes with 100 presets for the Award-winning Phase Plant softsynth, plus additional presets for Snapheap, Slice EQ, and...

    • Chop Shop VST
    • Chop Shop VST

      Power, Inspiration & Creativity Introducing 'Chop Shop VST' by BigWerks. We utilized both virtual & real hardware synthesizers in this project, and the outcome is amazing!Take your production to another level with real, creative and experimental piano, organ, rhode and synth samples. Make you tracks standout with original bells and mallet...

    • WestCoast New School VST Sale Off
    • WestCoast New School VST + Contest

      The New WestCoast Sound - JOIN OUR PRODUCER CONTEST TODAY! Modern Producers, providers of the finest tools for today's music producers present to you 'WestCoast New School VST' - the fire production tool you need to create your next smash hit!Watch the Demo Video: This is a fully functional standalone VST, built for...

      $119.99 $29.99
    • Hensive VSTi Sale Off
    • Hensive VSTi

      Boost Your Work With This New Comprehensive Plugin! Hensive VST is a plugin that will help start your projects from scratch. With its comprehensive sounds, we believe that you will need no additional plugins to start or finish your projects. Now get inspired by our best and most comprehensive virtual...

      $114.99 $14.99
    • Typon VST Sale Off
    • Typhon VST

      The Most Deadly Creature From The Underworld! A Legendary Workstation is born!'Typon VST' was created for both Win & Mac (64 Bit only). It is bigger, better, and more powerful than any previous VST released by Nozytic!Included are 100 High-Quality instruments, with a deliciously dark, epic and cinematic sound.Get ready...

      $99.99 $49.99
    • Oracle 2.0 VSTI Sale Off
    • Oracle 2.0 VSTI

      Influenced By Best-Selling Producers Cubeatz and more! Infinit Audio Presents Oracle 2.0 VSTI a brand new modern trap virtual instrument. Oracle VSTI comes with 88 HQ Default Presets + Additional HQ Textures Presets Built in its Unique Texture Knob. Behind the Interface and engine of Oracle are Perfect Textures and...

      $60.99 $30.99
    • Luna VST
    • Luna VST

      Built For Today's Urban Producer Studio Trap is back with 'Luna' VST. 'Luna' is an urban producer's hidden gem featuring 50 High-Quality presets in the styles of Trap, Hyperpop, Drill, Hip Hop, Rnb, and more. 'Luna' was designed for producers by producers, every preset included is guaranteed to give you...

    • Hot Sauce VST Sale Off
    • Hot Sauce VST

      Spicy Sounds for Studio Sessions Modern Producers in collaboration with Bang Bang Productions are proud to unveil our new VST 'Hot Sauce'! This is a fully functional standalone VST with a user-friendly and simple feel, yet packing a mean punch!Check out the demo video: 'Hot Sauce VST' has the sounds you need...

      $89.99 $29.99
    • Twisted Keys Suite KONTAKT Sale Off
    • Twisted Keys Suite KONTAKT

      Three Vintage Styled Piano Instruments for Native Instrument’s Kontakt 6 The Twisted Keys Suite features three vintage pianos, including an upright piano, Mark I electric piano, and Mark II electric piano. Influenced by current Lo-Fi trends, these instruments feature multiple effects designed to help replicate nostalgic moods. When developing these...

      $99.99 $19.99
    • West Coast Grammy 2 Sale Off
    • West Coast Grammy 2

      Be Inspired To Create The Next Heart Beat! We’re back with a new version of our favorite plugin – 'West Coast Grammy 2'! This time we didn’t focus on the looks but the sounds we care about the most!We return to the hot and sunny West Coast with the sounds...

      $79.95 $9.95
    • Trick Or Treat VST
    • Trick Or Treat VST

      Create Holloween-Infused Beats! Introducing The "Trick Or Treat Sound Module". This is a fully functional Virtual Instrument that works in all DAW Software that support VST, AU, Such as FL Studio, Logic, Cubase, Studio One, Ableton & more. This Virtual Instrument is simple yet packs a punch. It has creepy...

    • Studio Heat VST - 110 Instrument Presets Sale Off
    • Studio Heat VST

      ATTENTION: Studio Heat VST is here! Modern Producers, providers of the finest tools for today's music producers present to you 'Studio Heat VST' - the fire production tool you need to create your next smash hit!Watch the Demo Video: This is a fully functional standalone VST that works in all popular DAW...

      $119.99 $59.99
    • Playerman 3000 VST
    • Playerman 3000 VST

      A very unique plugin due to its nature. It is a plugin designed for the percussive side of the acoustic guitar 'Player Man 3000' is a very unique plugin due to its nature. It is a plugin designed for the percussive side of the acoustic guitar. We recorded various useful ways we had...

    • BXO9 VST
    • BXO9 VST

      Over 100 playable HQ instruments The 'BXO9' plugin is a workhorse plugin with over 100 playable HQ instruments ranging from 808s, Bass, Ambience, Makeshifts, Plucks, Pads, and more. I bet at this point you’re probably thinking to yourself, Great Another Rompler Plugin, but I will explain and let you hear...

    • Gold Bars VST Sale Off
    • Gold Bars VST

      Find sounds that will fit Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, and many more.  Digikitz brings us a completely new plugin called 'Gold Bars VST' which contains 90 custom created sounds in many categories like 808, Basses, Bells, Flutes, Guitars, Keys, Plucks, Pads, and Plucks. During developing sounds for the 'Gold Bars...

      $69.96 $7.95
    • Flavor VST Sale Off
    • Flavor VST

      Magical Analog Sound 'Flavor' is a Virtual Hardware Emulation and Tone Box four years in the making. Utilizing the same technology as similar products but with far more flexibility and hardware emulations. Using complex dynamic convolution and harmonics algorithms, we are able to offer some of the magical analog sound...

      $49.99 $24.99
    • Trap Genetic Sale Off
    • Trap Genetic

      New sounds. New Flavor. New Sauce. Trap Genetic is our next virtual instrument compatible with both Windows and Mac. Contains 70+ freshly created presets inspired by Trippie Redd, Lil Pump, and Da baby melodic trap productions. Trap Genetic contains amazing effects like Reverb, Delay, Chorus, and Flanger.Sounds Categories: 808 Bells...

      $79.95 $5.95
    • OrgeX VST - 200 Instruments Sale Off
    • OrgeX VST

      200 Premium Sounds from 808s to Keys! The 'OrgeX VST' is a jam packed unique sounding instrument that was created from the ground up. 'OrgeX' consist of over 200 sounds ranging from 808s to kicks, keys, plucks, and more! Check out the demo video: All of the sounds within the...

      $45.00 $35.00
    • Modern Fame VST - 200 Instruments Sale Off
    • Modern Fame VST

      Modern Hit Sounds Modern Producers are proud to unveil our new VST 'Modern Fame'! This plugin has all the sound gems you need to cook up modern hits in trending styles from Hip Hop to Trap, Pop, Electronic and beyond.Check out the demo video:This is a premium VST that is simple...

      $99.99 $39.99
    • Turbo Boost VST - 808 Player Sale Off
    • Turbo Boost VST

      Epic 808 Player! Watch the demo video:'Turbo Boost VST' is the new instrumental plugin by Digiktz in which they touch on the 808 bass theme. In this plugin which is created from a scratch, they put a set of 100 Basses that are manually created and will inspire your productions and...

      $39.95 $7.95
    • Loop Box VST - Melody Loop VST Sale Off
    • Loop Box VST

      Instant Melody Loops in a VST Watch the demo video:YC Audio & Pyrit Music have teamed up to bring you 'Loop Box VST'. This VST brings you 40 ready-made Loops with each one having 4 Instances available to use through the VST itself. These include dry, halftime, reverse and slice. You...

      $40.00 $25.00
    • Ultimate Producer Package - Loops, VSTs & Mixing Presets Sale Off
    • Ultimate Producer Package

      One MASSIVE Package of VSTs & more Watch the demo video: Own this incredible collection by Empire Soundkits including over 500 Loops and 3 VSTs to fill your arsenal. Also included are some amazing Mixing Presets for FL Studio including 808s, Kicks, Snares and more...Don't miss out on this crazy bundle deal!...

      $394.50 $99.99
    • Soundship VST - 210 Preset Library Sale Off
    • Soundship VST

      Massive Collection Of Never-Heard Before Sounds 'Soundship VST' gives you an immensely powerful range of new instruments to keep your innovation flowing! Take a trip in sound to another dimension, own the future of music and impress your listeners.Watch the demo videos: 'Soundship' features 200+ newly designed instruments to fit...

      $75.00 $50.00
    • Drum Kingz VST - MPC Style Plugin Sale Off
    • Drum Kingz VST

      Game Of Drums Watch the demo video:'Drum Kingz VST' is here and took the throne! Let him take over your drums - take power with him and enjoy the glory! This is our new MPC Style Drum VST instrument plugin that has been built from scratch. You will find 10...

      $29.95 $14.95
    • Vibrations VST - Includes Mask OFF Expansion Sale Off
    • Vibrations VST

      Make Every Melody Sound Amazing! Watch the demo video: BigWerks are proud to present their first plugin 'Vibrations VST'. The idea behind this plugin was to design sounds that even with basic melodies would sound amazing! With over 100 AMAZING sounds in 'Vibrations' included Expansion 'Mask OFF' we're sure the content of this...

      $59.99 $29.99
    • Drum Machine VST - PC & Mac Drum Plugin Sale Off
    • Drum Machine VST

      Drum Plugin by Joka Beatz Joka Beatz of Diamond Loopz presents 'Drum Machine VST' - a virtual drum machine containing acoustic and electronic drum kits. In total you will find 10 Trap Kits, 10 R&B Kits, 10 Lo-Fi Kits and 10 Boom Bap Kits. Check out the demo video:Expansions for...

      $39.99 $29.99
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