Partnership with Sage Audio
Tuesday , 17 July 2018 , 01 : 28 PM

Over time the greatest partnerships have shown that two brains are better than one.

After years of being the masters of mastering, Sage Audio has proven to understand the importance of using the right gear, intuitive creativity, and unmatchable pricing when serving their clients. This is why Modern Producers is proud to become comrades with them.


Owner and Chief engineer, Steve Corrao, has been perfecting the mastering world for 20 years. His technical education meets two decades of, not only experience, but passion in physics, audio fidelity, and acoustic design. He began to see a need for high quality mastering that artists could actually afford and his company, Sage Audio, was built on that foundation. He wasn’t going to settle for a mediocre answer to this problem but sought to create a top solution. This became the bones of Sage Audio. Nashville became home, but Sage Audio wanted to provide accessible unique mastering services to the globe.


Confident in their craft and understanding how crucial the mastering step is, Sage Audio provides a FREE master sample for new artists to give them a taste as to what their song should truly sound like. They offer a unique web-based file transfer system to bring convenience to their local artists and open the door wide to a growing international clientele. This online portal provides constant contact for the client to exchange preferences, notes, and communication during the entire mastering process.


  • You upload your song.
  • You communicate.
  • You download your finished masters in the same place.


They’ve thought of it all, providing options of add-on services, revisions, and express mastering. And to ensure their clients are more than satisfied, you have direct access to your online project management portal 24/7, and direct access to your engineer. Sage Audio created this process with the knowledge of how vital it is to remove stress and hassle, so the artist can focus on what’s really important, the music.


Sage Audio carries the same attention to detail into their equipment and ideal mastering environment. They’ve put extensive concentration into only choosing gear that compliments their studio. Utilizing professional class compressors, equalizers, converters, signal processors, cables, and monitors.


But as every creative knows, the gear can only take you so far and experience is gold dust. Sage Audio rises above their competitors in creativity, experience, and longevity, working hand-and-hand with each artist to ensure they leave with the best version of their art.

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