Ultimate Tips of Music Production for Beginners
Sunday , 05 January 2020 , 05 : 24 PM
In recent years, the continuous development of the music market and electronic music (EDM) has led to a strict demand for sound quality. To meet that requirement, a series of talented music producers appear and bring to the public extremely well-invested music products. This is followed by passionate young people who want to become music producers.

This article will provide some basic tips you should bear in mind when you enter this industry.

What does a music producer do?

At the beginning of the music production process, a producer has to take on a multitude of tasks such as working with the singer, finding ideas and concepts, designing sound, mixing and mastering. All of them require a lot of attention to release the complete product.

Introduction to the "bedroom producer" concept

About a decade ago, becoming a music producer required a load of tricky things and the most difficult was equipment. A music producer, in order to do his job well, needs tons of music equipment such as microphones, amplifiers, outboard gear, computers, speakers, etc. almost all of which were quite expensive and not everyone could afford.

Nevertheless, recently, music production has become a lot easier. High quality music can even be created on your laptop without the need for expensive equipment. This results in the appearance of bedroom producers, or roughly translated as music producers in the bedroom. In general, they will do all the work that normal music producers have to deal with, the difference here is that they have to do it alone.

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Necessary factors to become a music producer

With its special characteristics, this profession requires quite a lot of physical and mental virtues.

  • The first is passion: You really have to nurture a great passion for music to not give up halfway. Producing music requires a great deal of patience to pursue the product till the end, accompanied by a process of honing skills that take a lot of time, money and effort.
  • Be able to work under pressure: As mentioned above, producers are under a lot of pressure; so in order to pursue this career, you must be able to handle the pressure well.
  • Good health: This applies to all industries and especially music producers. If your health condition is not enough to meet the needs of the job, you will not be able to continue that job.
  • Last but not least, you must have talent. This will be a solid launching pad for your success.

How to become a music producer

Here are some helpful tips for all of you who want to become a professional producer.

Playing an instrument

It's not compulsory to know how to play an instrument, but it will give you a great start compared to those who don't play any instruments.

  • Piano/Keyboard: The most versatile instrument to become a professional producer is Piano. The piano is an indispensable instrument in your music career.
  • Guitar: It will help you to easily play chords and be suitable for rock or pop music.
  • Bass: The bass guitar helps you master the rhythm and create a solid foundation for your work.

Practice remixing popular songs

This is one of the important steps to help you grasp your ability, strengths, style of making music as well as learning through high quality works.

Use and master the technology

As a producer, you must thoroughly understand and excel at software and music creation programs. Therefore, you have to learn how to use technology such as FL studio and Ableton.

Mentioned tips are just basics of how to become a music producer. Hopefully the knowledge will help you somewhat in shaping a career orientation for the future.

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