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    • Thorn Pro Expansion Sale Off
    • Thorn Pro Expansion
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      70 expressive presets for DS Audio Thorn New Loops presents 'Thorn Pro Expansion' - 70 expressive presets for DS Audio Thorn. From the hardest FM basses to the dreamiest keys, there’s a good range of usable presets for many different styles of music. You’ll find 19 modern basses, 13 beautiful...

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    • Elastic Techno
    • Elastic Techno
      New Products

      These sounds are all ready to help you build incredible techno tracks ‘Elastic Techno’ by Concept Samples delivers a selection of weird Beats, Leads, Pads, SFX, and more, developed for producers of Techno, House, Tech House, and more. Containing all you may need in one place, these sounds are all...

    • Minimalist Textures - Preset
    • Minimalist Textures
      New Products

      Minimalism DONE RIGHT! Sometimes you want something with a light character in your tracks, but you still don't want to sound like everyone else. Do not be fooled by the "Minimalist" title. Minimalism is all about the subtleties and a sublime state of mind. There is typically more going on...

    • Found Sound Beat Maker Kit Sale Off
    • Found Sound Beat Maker Kit
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      Create Deep Grooves & Vibes This pack includes 161 rhythmic Electro drum loops, flowing arpeggio chord progressions, dusty electronic synths, Lo-Fi percussion one-shots, industrial & foley FX, hits, textures, accents and a variety of musical and percussive samples for creating deep grooves, vibes and Electro music.'Found Sound Beat Maker Kit' is a cross...

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    • Industrial Techno - Production Loops Sale Off
    • Industrial Techno
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      Raw, Dirty & Energetic Techno ‘Industrial Techno’ delivers an expansive collection of sounds for Dark and Hard Techno productions. Packed with almost 1 GB of essential Hard Techno Loops this collection features rough bass loops, dark atmospheres, heavily distorted beats, dirty melodics, tech-driven top loops and more. Taking inspiration from massive...

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    • Carbon: Melodic Techno - Loops & One-Shots
    • Carbon: Melodic Techno
      New Products

      Claim Your Place On The Dancefloor Watch the demo video:Claim your place on the dancefloor with 'Carbon: Melodic Techno'! Full of mindboggling dancefloor fillers, this pack will fit right in every Techno producer’s sound library. Knocking Drums & Percussion Sounds: Bringing you the best of the underground scene, knocking club...

    • Tech House Sessions Vol.3 - Tech House & Techno Loops Sale Off
    • Caraveca: Tech House Sessions Vol.3
      New Products

      700 MB+ of Sounds & Samples Third installment of ‘Tech House Sessions‘ by Caravaca is here! This diverse collection is packed with 700 MB+ of sounds and samples. Featuring acid influenced grooves, deep and groovy bass loops, Detroit-ish tech chord and synth loops, big room beats, expertly crafted top & percussion loops,...

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    • Mainstage EDM Vol.3 - Sylenth1 Presets
    • Mainstage EDM Vol.3
      New Products

      The Final EDM Collection We're down to the final one of the 'Mainstage EDM' kits, this one being all about EDM for the Sylenth1 VST Synth! We're happy to present to you 'Mainstage EDM Vol. 3'! Sylenth1 is a solid sound source for EDM music, and so are these presets....

    • Mainstage EDM Vol.2 - Serum Presets
    • Mainstage EDM Vol.2
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      Top EDM Sounds for Serum Not only does this package contain top notch Synth Presets, but also custom Serum Wavetables & Waveforms, MIDI Loops, and WAV Samples. All presets feature full usage of the synth, which involves innovative sound design using many different techniques used by the pros, creative usage of the...

    • Elektro Synth (Spire Presets) Sale Off
    • Elektro Synth (Spire Presets)
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      All About That Bass New Loops presents the 'Elektro Synth' Spire Sound Bank. A collection of Spire Presets for Electro, Synthwave, Synth Pop, Ambient and other electronic styles.Listen to the demos: 'Elektro Synth' pushes Spire to the fringes of reality, with huge ethereal pads and keys, deep soundscapes, and plucks...

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    • Melodic & Dark Techno - Loops & Single Hits Sale Off
    • Melodic & Dark Techno
      New Products

      Dig Deep Into Industrial & Melodic Techno Rolling Tech-beats, analogue synths, dark textures and Tech-driven percussion – 'Melodic & Dark Techno' digs deep into Industrial & Melodic Techno scene. Packed with 700 MB+ of raw and phat bass loops, modular melodics, dark atmospheres, stripped beats, pumping percussion & top loops, diverse single drum...

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    • Serum Bass - Preset Bank
    • Serum Bass
      New Products

      All About That Bass New Loops presents 'Serum Bass' - 64 highly refined modern Bass Presets for Xfer Serum. These bass presets are not for the faint-hearted, they’re big, deep, loud and damn right grimy. Modern EDM Sounds You’ll find everything from distorted Dubstep wobbles and sequences, robotic bandpass sweeps,...

    • Serum Pads - 64 Pad Presets for Xfer Serum
    • Serum Pads
      New Products

      Perfect Pads New Loops presents 'Serum Pads' - 64 beautifully rich Pad Presets for Xfer Serum. Each preset comes with an example MIDI File to show off the awesomeness of these massive pads. All MIDI from the audio demos are included! Huge Pads and Strings You’ll find everything from cinematic distorted pads, to...

    • Melodic & Dark Techno 2 - Loop Collection Sale Off
    • Melodic & Dark Techno 2
      New Products

      Explosive Techno Sounds! Explosive underground beats, industrial vibes & analogue melodics – 'Melodic & Dark Techno 2' is here! Packed with 900+ MB of analogue bass loops, dark & moody textures, stripped beats, pounding kick drums, tech-twisted percussion & toploops, modular synths, pulsating melodics & FX loops!This collection also offers a...

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    • Deep House Techno Essentials: Luv Sale Off
    • Deep House Techno Essentials: Luv
      New Products

      Vintage Hip Hop Vocals & Loops 'Deep House Techno Essentials: Luv' delivers a futuristic blend between mysterious, dark atmospheres combined with psychedelic melodies. Be prepared for a wild journey filled with passionate desire, depression and lust. Includes an extensive artillery of Drum Loops, Percussion, One-Shots, Vocals, FX, Melodies and more....

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    • Leviathan 2 - Massive Loop, Sample, Drum, FX & Vocal Collection Sale Off
    • Leviathan 2
      New Products

      The Beast Is Back! 'Leviathan 2' has arrived! Following the explosive success of the first volume – Black Octopus has delivered yet another monstrous Sample Pack that is destined to shape the sound of music for years to come. In production for nearly 3 years, and calling upon 8 skilled...

      $399.00 $99.00
    • Demented Inspiration for Sylenth1 - 45 Presets for Electro House
    • Demented Inspiration for Sylenth1
      New Products

      Crazy Amounts of Inspiration! 'Demented Inspiration for Sylenth1' is the latest release from Strategic Audio. It features a custom Soundbank of 45 expertly crafted Presets for the ever popular VST module Sylenth1 from Lennar Digital. These sounds are tailored for genres such as Electro House, Dubstep and Pop. A FL Studio...

    • THE ONE FX Collection - Massive Presets
    • THE ONE FX Collection
      New Products

      All The FX You Need As THE ONE's collection of risers and buildup effects became such a hit, they decided to create this new collection of various FX sounds. Presenting 'THE ONE: FX Collection', featuring 50 Massive presets with booming FX sounds. Feeling like your current effects never make the...

    • Bloodline (Kontakt Library) - Unique 808 Drums Sale Off
    • Bloodline (Kontakt Library)
      New Products

      Step Up Your 808 Game Watch the demo video: Want to step up your 808 game? Then look no further than the 'Bloodline' Kontakt Library by AngelicVibes.Inside this library are all kinds of 808s ranging from distorted and overly saturated monsters to modern style hard hitting punchy sub kicks all of...

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    • Premium EDM Kicks
    • Premium EDM Kicks
      New Products

      Super-charge your EDM productions! New Loops presents: 'Premium EDM Kicks' - the solution to all your weak and floppy Kick problems! This collection of finely crafted Kick Drums is of the highest quality with each Kick created and processed specifically for a loud and professional sound. Make no mistake, these are...

    • Deep Kicks (Multi-Version Drum Kit)
    • Deep Kicks
      New Products

      140 Premium Kick Drums New Loops presents: 'Deep Kicks' - a detailed collection of the finest quality deep kick drums. Deep Kicks contains 140 Kicks divided into two folders: 75 Long Kicks suitable for Urban styles like Hip Hop, Pop, R’n’B and Trap, and 65 Short Kicks which are suited...

    • Buildup Arsenal (Massive Presets)
    • Buildup Arsenal
      New Products

      Make Your Beat Drop Harder Are you looking for a preset collection with a diverse collection of buildup riser effects? Then you have come to the right place!THE ONE: Buildup Arsenal features 52 buildup effects for NI Massive, all with strong characters to stand out and give your buildups a...

    • Massive Videogame Mania (Sound Bank)
    • Massive Video Game Mania
      New Products

      8-Bit Wonderland - Classic Video Game Sounds! 'Video Game Mania' is a high-end collection of 64 authentic retro chiptune style Massive presets, created by one of Native Instruments' own sound designers. This soundset contains classic SID style arps, authentic video game sound effects, gritty 8-bit basses and quirky leads which fans...

    • Slamming FX Hits
    • Slamming FX Hits
      New Products

      Massive Collection of Hard-Hitting FX 'THE ONE: Slamming FX Hits' is a massive collection of hard-hitting FX samples supplied in a variety of durations and with dry and wet variations available. Bonus content used in the creation of the demo is also included. In detail, you'll find 67 different FX...

    • Monster Basses (Dubstep Loops)
    • Monster Basses
      New Products

      Unleash The Beast! 'The One: Monster Basses' comes with 25 different growl and wobble patches rendered with 10 different movements, giving you a total of 250 dark bass loops. More than this, The One Series has also included a bunch of bonus files. This makes this package much more useful...

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