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    • The Lo-Fi Guitar Project - Construction Kit Sale Off
    • The Lo-Fi Guitar Project
      Best Seller

      Classical Meets Urban New from Strategic Audio comes 'The Lo-Fi Guitar Project'. This is a high quality musical Lo-Fi Hip Hop Sample Pack filled to the brim with that authentic Chill, Lo-Fi, Boom Bap sound. It features 5 Construction Kits that are centered around authentic Guitar Melodies with that classic Lo-Fi Hip Hop...

      $19.95 $9.95
    • Spire Dreams - Spire VST Preset Bank
    • Spire Dreams
      Best Seller

      Beautiful, Inspiring, Chilling Spire Presets Freak Music is proud to present the 'Spire Dreams' collection of beautiful, inspiring and chilling Reveal Sound's Spire VST Presets perfect for your next production. This time it’s an absolutely revolutionary pack of sounds that you never heard before! In total you will find 64...

    • Spire Clouds - 64 Chilled Presets
    • Spire Clouds
      Best Seller

      Pads, Plucks, Leads & more Freak Music is proud to present 'Spire Clouds' – a collection of beautiful, inspiring and chilling Reveal Sound’s Spire presets perfect for your next production. In total of 64 Presets, this product comes to create your next chilled out track. This Soundbank is a set of...

    • Salvation (Sample Pack) - 44 Loops Sale Off
    • Salvation (Sample Pack)
      Best Seller

      Platinum Sound Sample Collection 'Salvation' is a Sample Pack with a variation of genres from Trap, Hip Hop and Trap Soul to Chill and Retro waves. inspired by artists such as Drake, Tory Lanez, Travis Scott, H.E.R, J.Cole, Big Sean, Bryson Tiller and many others.To make that happen Sonics Empire focused on creating a...

      $29.95 $14.95
    • Dream Pads for Spire - 64 Pads Presets
    • Dream Pads for Spire
      Best Seller

      Greatest Collection of Chilled Pads Freak Music is proud to present the greatest collection of chilled pads - 'Dream Pads For Spire'. This gorgeous Soundbank contains 64 Reveal Sound's Spire Presets, all of them being beautiful pads for your productions. From simple chromatic pads, to mesmerizing brain waving sounds, every...

    • GXDMODE 3 - Drum Kit
    • GXDMODE 3
      Best Seller

      Time to go GXDMODE with these Drums! MerzinaryDrumCartel (MDC) presents 'GXDMODE 3' - a brand new drum kit full of 90 Drum One-Shots & Loops to create hard or chill Trap beats. This Drumkit includes high-quality 808s, Snares, Hi-hat, Percs, Vox One-Shot Drum Samples as well as 20 Drum Loops.Turn it up! Product...

    • Lo-Fi Chill & Beats To Study To - Loops & One-Shots
    • Lo-Fi Chill & Beats To Study To
      Best Seller

      90s Chill Hop Nostalgia Imagine yourself in your studio, with a hot cup of tea in your hand, dim blue light illuminating your room... The mood is ideal to create, so you open your DAW of choice and load in 'Lo-Fi Chill & Beats To Study To'. This beauty of...

    • Emotions - Hip Hop Sample Pack Sale Off
    • Emotions
      Best Seller

      Emotion Driven Hip Hop Beats 'Emotions' is a new WAV based Hip Hop sample pack from Strategic Audio. This is a top quality pack featuring 5 Construction Kits that are meant to elicit strong emotions, whether chill and laid back, sad and thoughtful or happy and upbeat. WAV Loops and One-Shots are...

      $22.00 $15.00
    • Skylines 4 - Minimalist Hip Hop Kits
    • Skylines 4
      Best Seller

      Minimalist Hip Hop Kits ‘Skylines 4’ is the return of the chart topping Hip Hop series from LGND. This minimal yet mesmerising collection of 5 Construction Kits includes a hook from LGND founder Laquan Green, unifying an ambient Chillout heart with a Hip Hop soul, making this iteration the most...

    • Skylines - Euphoric Hip Hop Kits
    • Skylines
      Best Seller

      Redefining Hip Hop 'Skylines' from LGND marks a new series that will redefine the Hip Hop genre. With 4 ground-breaking Construction Kits, this pack takes the best of Ambient and Chill and brings them gracefully to Hip Hop and R&B. From the lush pads to downtempo drums and leads, this pack takes your heart...

    • Neon City - Futuristic & Chill Sounds
    • Neon City
      Best Seller

      Welcome To Neon City Creator KYNG Media of Black Octopus returns with a synth heavy collection of beats capturing a futuristic and chill sound. As with all KYNG Media packs, each kit is broken down into WAV Loops, One-Shots and MIDI Files, so as much customization as you like can...

    • Delight Guitars - Royalty Free Guitar Loops
    • Delight Guitars
      Best Seller

      Guitar MIDI & Loop Pack 'Delight Guitars' contains 20 Live Guitar Loops & Melodies ideal for a variety of genres at a professional level. These guitar Loops bring you deep, chill and ambient vibes setting up a perfect mood.This pack will give you instant inspiration. Receive 20 WAV Loops in the highest...

    • Oxytocin - Chillstep Construction Kits
    • Oxytocin
      Best Seller

      Chillstep It Up Freak Music brings expertly crafted construction kits for your next Chillstep, Chillout and every chilled out production - 'Oxytocin'. These song-starters give you a great platform for your next track and would also be a great edition to your existing projects to give you another direction or dimension...

    • Skylines 2 - Chill & Trap Kits
    • Skylines 2
      Best Seller

      Timeless Music 'Skylines 2' is the sequel to this great Hip Hop collection. LGND brings back a timeless genre neutral series in 4 Construction Kits. This classic collection is the embodiment of Chill and Trap becoming one with its minimal melodies and addictive drums. This second installment takes your soul...

    • Honey Bee (Mellow Beats) - Melody Loops
    • Honey Bee (Mellow Beats)
      Best Seller

      Late Summer Moods 'Honey Bee (Mellow Beats)' is an extensive library that focuses on late summer mood. Get carried away by relaxing keys, smooth guitar riffs, crunchy vinyl layers, dusty drum loops and many more! Not only did we ran all of our sounds through hardware processors to boost the...