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    • Midi Box Bundle (1-5Vols) Sale Off
    • Midi Box Bundle (1-5Vols)
      Best Seller

      Bundle Vol. 1-5 Get fired up with the ‘MIDI Box Bundle Vol.1-5‘ by Cartel Loops!MB of Content MIDI Box Bundle Vols.1-5 combines the three releases of this graceful collection of over 1399 Midi Patterns and also 55 Construction Kits This collection features over 1399 MIDI Patterns for use in your...

      $29.99 $19.99
    • Ambient Voices Sale Off
    • Ambient Voices
      Best Seller

      Modern Vocals, Ambient Loops 'Ambient Voices' is the ultimate modern vocal sample pack. This pack contains professionally recorded, 30 Ambient Sample Loops containing Pianos, Pads, Guitars, Vocal Chops, Basses, Advanced Chord progressions and build-ups to use in all popular genres (Trap, Hip-Hop, Pop, Drill etc.). Product Details: 30 Original WAV...

      $13.99 $9.99
    • Industry Kit Sale Off
    • Industry Kit
      Best Seller

      Dark, Dynamic Compositions 'Industry Kit' by Cartel Loops comes with 108 loops and 56 MIDI Files inspired by the styles of Pop Smoke, NBA Young Boy, Metro Boomin, and many more. Those are going to help you produce dark and dynamic compositions which are perfect for this time of the...

      $16.99 $9.99
    • Drillus Ominous Vol.1 Sale Off
    • Drillus Ominous Vol.1
      Best Seller

      Fascinating Melodies, Orchestral Sounds 'Drillus Ominous' by Cartel Loops is a collection of 76 Drill WAV Loops with 63 MIDI Files and 65 One-Shots ready to go to use in your productions. This pack was inspired by Pop Smoke, Drake, Stormzy, and more UK Drill artists with fascinating melodies, orchestral...

      $19.95 $11.99
    • Drill Essence Sale Off
    • Drill Essence
      Best Seller

      5 Aggressive and Innovative Drill Kits 'Drill Essence' from Flame Audio delivers 5 angry and agressive, innovative Drill Construction Kits following the aesthetic trail of our previous packs, that you can fit into many genres. These kits supplies crazy, trippy melodies combined with hard drums, FXs, vocals, heavy 808s and...

      $27.99 $17.99
    • Tears Vol.3 Sale Off
    • Tears Vol.3
      Best Seller

      The Most Innovative Sounds Inspired By Drake and More 'Tears 3' by Cartel Loops is bringing you nothing but the most innovative Drill, Trap and Hip-Hop sound with 109 Loops and 52 MIDI Files inspired by artists such as Drake, NBA YoungBoy ,Jack Harlow, French Montana, This product comes with...

      $16.99 $10.99
    • Breezy Sale Off
    • Breezy
      Best Seller

      Abstract Samples for Superb Flexibility 'Breezy' is a collection of abstract and experimental ideas with unique samples and textures that any music producer, beatmaker, or creator can use for his/her personal projects. There are 10 compositions with midi and trackouts and all compositions include key and BPM information as well...

      $12.95 $9.99
    • Nothing 2 Lose
    • Nothing 2 Lose
      Best Seller

      Original vintage loops with 80's touch 'Nothing 2 Lose' by Cartel Loops contains 35 custom WAV/MIDI Trap/HipHop melody loops designed on legendary synthesizers such as the Prophet5, Prophet Rev2, Mellotron md4000, MoogSub37, and more. This pack is great for producers looking to add an 80s touch to their productions. Each loop...

    • Afrodrill Beats Sale Off
    • Afrodrill Beats
      Best Seller

      Inspired by Pop Smoke, CJ, Dutchavelli, JackBoys,Pop Smoke, CJ, Dutchavelli, JackBoys, and more. ’Afrodrill Beats’ by Godlike Loops comes with 80 Loops, 72 MIDI Files and 50 One shots inspired by the styles of Pop Smoke, CJ, Dutchavelli, JackBoys, Travis Scott, Headie One, Stormzy, Drake, Smoove’L, Fivio Foreign, Quavo, NAV, Calboy,...

      $22.99 $14.99
    • Over The Top Sale Off
    • Over The Top
      Best Seller

      A collection of abstract and experimental ideas with unique samples and textures 'Over The Top' is a collection of abstract and experimental ideas with unique samples and textures that any music producer, beatmaker or creator can use for his/her personal projects. There are 10 compositions with MIDI and trackouts and...

      $14.99 $9.99
    • Cartel Zone Sale Off
    • Cartel Zone
      Best Seller

      Inspired by DaBaby, Lil Baby, Lil Durk, YNW Melly, and more. 'Cartel Zone' is a collection of 20 Hip Hop/Trap Guitar samples perfect for creating emotional, mellow tracks inspired by DaBaby, Lil Baby, Lil Durk, YNW Melly, Polo G, Post Malone, Juice WRLD, Roddy Ricch, Drake and others. Product Includes:...

      $12.99 $7.99
    • Drill Overdoze Sale Off
    • Drill Overdoze
      Best Seller

      Inspired by UK and Chicago Drill scene. 'Drill Overdoze' by Vordabeatzz & Ess En is UK Drill & Chicago Drill rap-inspired kit. UK Drill has evolved over the years and it has formed its own identity with its unique signature sound. The genre has continued to grow with billboard artists...

      $29.99 $14.99
    • Drill Monk Sale Off
    • Drill Monk
      Best Seller

      Live instruments from pianos to organs, guitars to vocals, and more. 'Drill Monk' consists of Drum Loops, Melodic Samples, and five construction kits available both in wav and midi formats. This time Sonics Empire concentrated on creating a masterpiece with a lot of melodic elements, including live instruments from pianos...

      $17.99 $6.00
    • Drillinois Sale Off
    • Drillinois
      Best Seller

      Travel with Sounds We went offline for a short time to concentrate on this new drill product of Sonics Empire's major drill series. This is what we developed and brought back: 'Drillinois' It's a street drill vibe that reaches straight to the heart. To make it live longer than expected...

      $17.99 $6.00
    • 808LAB VST Sale Off
    • 808LAB VST
      Best Seller

      A Monster 808 Plugin Ready To Make Your Beats BANG! This VST Brings you 60 High Quality 808 Presets ready for any genre that needs a bang!From Hard Hitting to Mellow and even some Weird sounding 808s, this VST will have you covered to crank out your next big hit!Brandon had an idea for an 808 vst plugin for his producer friends and hired The Infinit-Audio...

      $30.00 $14.99
    • Drillancholic Sale Off
    • Drillancholic
      Best Seller

      Melancholic Drill Sample Pack 2022! 'Drilllancholic' sound pack contains melodic, sad, and dark loops, separated and layered, that are in the drill music genre. It's more of a jump into the hidden side of street life where you'll get to experience hidden breaks and memories. No matter how gangster you...

      $17.99 $6.00
    • Drillusion Sale Off
    • Drillusion
      Best Seller

      Exotic International Drill Sounds !! Drillusion from Sonics Empire features 5 construction kits, melodic samples, and layers of drum & percussion loops. The sound seems to be more dramatic, dark, and epic this time around. The Drillusion pack is such an expressive edition it is worth adding to the previous...

      $17.99 $6.00
    • GBP DRill Sale Off
    • GBP DRill
      Best Seller

      Melancholic Drill Loops For 2022. GBP DRILL release is a grim and dark collection of construction kits broken down in their entirety so you get everything heard in the demo. Includes full kits with melancholic chord progressions and haunting vocals. GBP DRILL provides an incredible foundation for building hard and...

      $17.99 $6.00
    • Drill & Chill Sale Off
    • Drill & Chill
      Best Seller

      Innovative Drill Construction Kits With New Chill/R&B Flavor. "Drill & Chill" Sample Pack by Sonics Empire is a new innovation in drill packs. Our intention is to diversify drill music melodies so as to find new directions for it. The melodic, vintage, vibish tunes make your favorite drill genre better....

      $17.99 $6.00
    • Sinaloa Drill Sale Off
    • Sinaloa Drill
      Best Seller

      Dark, Narcotic Bank of Drill! Rebel Nation Audio proudly presents a dark, narcotic bank of audio samples, in the form of 'Sinaloa Drill' Construction Kits. A perfect selection and unique vibe for crafting placement-ready beats. This Series is a collection of handcrafted guitar samples, designed to have the hardest-hitting, darkest...

      $25.00 $6.00
    • Certified Drill Boy Sale Off
    • Certified Drill Boy
      Best Seller

      Drill Sample Pack with More To Offer!!! 'Certified Drill Boy' from Sonics Empire is a drill sample library characterized by its emotional, aggressive, and dramatic appeal. 50 Wav stems and 39 midi files are included as well as 5 construction kits, 10 full compositions, 10 drum loops, and the one-shots...

      $17.99 $6.00
    • Drill Soul Sale Off
    • Drill Soul
      Best Seller

      Drill Soul: Construction Kits, Drum Kit, MIDI Loops, and Full Samples. 'Drill Soul' by Sonics Empire is a vocal-based construction kit that is filled with bittersweet and melodic elements. 'Drill Soul' was created to combine the true essence of Drill culture with the vast potential of modern Soul/RnB music. 'Drill...

      $24.99 $6.00
    • Drillster Sale Off
    • Drillster
      Best Seller

      Drill Got Melodic! Drillster Sample Pack is one of the best drill construction kits available for your new projects start up. The Drillster Sample pack will help you get in the mindset of creativity and unleash your genius. Drillster is the sample pack you never knew you needed. Featuring a...

      $15.00 $6.00
    • Drill Blues Sale Off
    • Drill Blues
      Best Seller

      UK/NY Drill Tastes Different with These Blues Guitar Solos. Drill Blues sample pack from Sonics Empire is the first of its kind to bring you an elevating experience to the UK/NY drill music genre. More melodic and more expressive with the guitar solos played on the best drill drum patterns....

      $19.99 $6.00
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