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    • 31 Ghosts Vol.3 Omnisphere Bank Sale Off
    • 31 Ghosts Vol.3 Omnisphere Bank
      Best Seller

      50 Of The Creepiest Presets Right On Time For All Hallows Eve! Brandon returns with the spookiest sounds yet inside of his brand new "31 Ghosts Vol.3 " Omnisphere Bank. This bank continues the series with 50 Brand New Custom Presets , perfect for not only productions that need creepy/dark...

      $34.99 $23.99
    • Witch Hunt Omnisphere Bank Sale Off
    • Witch Hunt Omnisphere Bank
      Best Seller

      Join The Hunt! Brandon asks you to pick up an axe and join him on a new journey inside of the new "Witch Hunt" Omnisphere Bank. Inside are 50 Custom Patches ready for you to cook up any genre that needs something different. With Dark Arps, Different Bells, Goulding Choirs,...

      $34.99 $23.99
    • 31 Ghosts Vol.2 Omnisphere Bank Sale Off
    • 31 Ghosts Vol.2 Omnisphere Bank
      Best Seller

      50 Spooky Patches That Will Give You Chills! Brandon Chapa once again comes out of the lab to bring a brand new Omnisphere Bank creation to life called "31 Ghosts Vol.2".This bank is a sequel to the first, and contains another 50 Brand New Spooky Patches perfect for not only...

      $34.99 $18.99
    • The Black Series Bundle Sale Off
    • The Black Series Bundle
      Best Seller

      Let's Stop You From Browsing A Whole Bunch Of Plain Patches And Actually Get You Inspired! Brandon Chapa is very excited to finally drop his favorite batch of kits inside of his "Black Series Bundle".This bundle contains 8 individual Omnisphere 2 Banks with over 600 Custom Omnisphere Patches, perfect for...

      $339.92 $80.99
    • Sin City 2 Sale Off
    • Sin City 2
      Best Seller

      Sin For The 2nd Time! Brandon Chapa is back with a sequel that's even more Dark, Eerie, and weird.Sin City 2 has 50 Omnisphere 2 Patches perfect for cooking up bangers!If you're about to hit the studio and you need some sounds to get the vibe going, this is a...

      $34.99 $23.99
    • Glacier Sale Off
    • Glacier
      Best Seller

      The Coldest Bells Around Brandon Chapa just dropped something ICY for Omnisphere 2.This bank is called 'Glacier' Inside are 20 very chilly bells with an exclusive bonus patch perfect for any modern style production. Cooking up Trap, Hip Hop, Pop, Reggaeton, EDM, Drill, or even a rock song? This bank...

      $19.99 $12.99
    • Black Pawn Sale Off
    • Black Pawn
      Best Seller

      Dark Analog Patches Brandon Chapa came back with a dark sound for his producer friends in the 'Black Pawn Bank'.This bank brings you 50 patches that don't need light in the style of any modern production style today.If you're looking for some new patches to spark your creativity then look...

      $34.99 $23.99
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