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    • Hats Off - Hi-Hat Loop Pack
    • Hats Off
      Best Seller

      Fantastic Hat Loop Pack Regal Loops comes with a new special product - 'Hats Off' is a fantastic Loop Pack focused around Hi-Hats. These have been exported both as mixed and separate loops to provide producers customization and ease of use. This pack also contains crisp and fresh Crash Drum...

    • Anarchie (Sylenth1 Bank) - FXP Bank Sale Off
    • Anarchie (Sylenth1 Bank)
      Best Seller

      Dark Trap & Urban Sounds 'Anarchie (Sylenth1 Bank)' from Cartel Loops is a collection of Presets for Sylenth1 VST, with 30 perfectly made sounds for Trap productions. This pack is inspired by the top producers in the game such as Mike Will Make It, Murda Beatz and more. This Preset Bank is an...

      $11.99 $7.99
    • Spire Dreams - Spire VST Preset Bank
    • Spire Dreams
      Best Seller

      Beautiful, Inspiring, Chilling Spire Presets Freak Music is proud to present the 'Spire Dreams' collection of beautiful, inspiring and chilling Reveal Sound's Spire VST Presets perfect for your next production. This time it’s an absolutely revolutionary pack of sounds that you never heard before! In total you will find 64...

    • WRLD (TrapSoul VST Expansion)
    • WRLD (TrapSoul VST Expansion)
      Best Seller

      Expansion for TrapSoul VST Infinit Essentials presents: 'WRLD'. The third official Expansion for the ever popular 'TrapSoul VST'. This is a Preset bank with 31 brand new Presets inspired by genres & styles from around the world. Included are unique bass, bells, guitars, keys, leads, pads and plucks.If you own TrapSoul VST then this is a must-have!...

    • Trap MIDI Pack Bundle - 250 MIDI Files Sale Off
    • Trap MIDI Pack Bundle
      Best Seller

      3 MIDI Kits in 1 'Trap Midi Pack Bundle' contains over 250 MIDI and 79 WAV Loops. Continuing to be inspired by Trap and Dirty South sounds in the style of Gucci Mane, Migos, Tory Lanez, Travis Scott and others. This bundle package includes snares, 808s, plucks, pads, hats and more... You can...

      $44.75 $24.95
    • Nuclear: Radiant Cloud Expansion Sale Off
    • Nuclear: Radiant Cloud Expansion
      Best Seller

      Radiant Cloud Expansion for Nuclear VST Nuclear customers have raved about the massive incredible sound library in our newest Nuclear VSTi/AU. So we decided to give you even more sounds... AGAIN! It started as 30...40...then 50 new patches too add to the already incredible Nuclear library, but we didn't stop there. You...

      $49.99 $29.99
    • Dark Ambient - Drums + Construction Kit + Presets Sale Off
    • Dark Ambient
      Best Seller

      Step Into Darkness We are proud to present one of the biggest products from the entire Freak Music collection - 'Dark Ambient'. It is a brand new bundle of gorgeous dark samples, sounds, pads, loops, SFX, matching drums and drum loops, perfectly selected multi-samples and a lot of more content...

      $29.95 $11.95
    • Vibrant Presets Vol.1 - Massive Preset Bank
    • Vibrant Presets Vol.1
      Best Seller

      Loop Pack & Drum Kit In One! 'Vibrant Presets Vol.1' contains 118 custom designed Presets from super-producer KELLR (Wyclef Jean, Usher, Young Thug, Skillet). This bank provides fresh, modern sounds for productions in most any electronic genre. From Hip Hop basses to Pop and Dance synths, all sounds are fully...

    • Adventures of Perseus (Sylenth Bank) - 60 Presets for Sylenth1
    • Adventures of Perseus (Sylenth Bank)
      Best Seller

      Dreamy Sylenth1 Sounds The first Sylenth1 bank in the Hades product family is here! Introducing 'The Adventurs of Perseus' by Nozytic Music. This incredible Sylenth1 preset bank includes 60 High-Quality Presets. These dreamy sounds will take you on a sonic adventure across time and space! These instruments are perfect for genres...

    • Purple Slime Kontakt Library Sale Off
    • Purple Slime Kontakt Library
      Best Seller

      The Amazing new Kontakt Instrument - Create your own Presets! Bang Bang Productions had a huge success with their product 'Juggernaut 808s' so it was only fair they bring you the same detailed sounds in this new Kontakt Library instrument! Watch the demo video: Custom made instruments such as hard hitting 808s and...

      $69.99 $39.99
    • Alliance Kontakt Library Sale Off
    • Alliance Kontakt Library
      Best Seller

      Astounding Kontakt Library Watch the demo video: Global Audio Tools is hitting you guys with a right left combo and releasing this monster into the wild! We're proud to bring producers across the globe the all new 'Alliance Kontakt Library'. This is one crazy dope library with a variety of...

      $29.95 $14.97
    • Rycker VST - 75 Custom Instruments Sale Off
    • Rycker VST
      Best Seller

      75 Instruments in 15 Sections Watch the demo video: Global Audio Tools is bringing music makers across the globe a tool for the taking called 'Rycker VST'.With 75 Instruments ranging from guitars, pads, plucks and more for modern music makers this VST has what you needs! The instruments are suitable...

      $69.95 $34.97
    • Hip Hop SuperStar for Sylenth1 - 50 Presets Sale Off
    • Hip Hop SuperStar for Sylenth1
      Best Seller

      Rise To SuperStar Status 'Hip Hop SuperStar for Sylenth1' is the hot, new and exciting sound design product from Strategic Audio. It features a Soundbank of 50 expertly crafted Presets for the ever popular VST module Sylenth1 from Lennar Digital. These sounds are tailored specifically for Hip Hop production including...

      $16.00 $12.00
    • Imminent (Kontakt Library) Sale Off
    • Imminent (Kontakt Library)
      Best Seller

      200 HQ Industry-Standard Sounds Watch the demo video: Global Audio Tools are bringing music producers across the globe a powerful tool for the taking. Today we present you guys with the all new 'Imminent Kontakt Library'. This Kontakt 5 Library has a major 200 HQ Industry Standard Sounds for a...

      $39.95 $29.97
    • Enigma (Kontakt Library) Sale Off
    • Enigma (Kontakt Library)
      Best Seller

      Deliciously Dark Sounds Watch the demo video: Modern Producers & Global Audio Tools is bringing you a dark ambient tool for the taking. We are pleased to introduce the all new 'Enigma Kontakt Library'. With loads of dark, spacey ambient sounds we are confident this tool will allow you to...

      $24.95 $12.47
    • Serum Pads - 64 Pad Presets for Xfer Serum
    • Serum Pads
      Best Seller

      Perfect Pads New Loops presents 'Serum Pads' - 64 beautifully rich Pad Presets for Xfer Serum. Each preset comes with an example MIDI File to show off the awesomeness of these massive pads. All MIDI from the audio demos are included! Huge Pads and Strings You’ll find everything from cinematic distorted pads, to...

    • Rascal Gods - Trap Loops & MIDI Files
    • Rascal Gods
      Best Seller

      Hype Trap Loops 'Rascal Gods' by Double Bang Music brings you nothing but the most hype, innovative Trap and Hip Hop Loops & MIDI Files. Inspired by artists such as Future, Drake, Fetty Wap, Young Thug and many more, this pack includes a variety of styles. Not only do you...

    • Swamped - Drum Kit & Loop Pack
    • Swamped
      Best Seller

      Endless Creative Possibilities Maybe you’ve used every loop pack on the market. Maybe you’ve been experimenting here and there. Maybe you’re hoping for just one that can take you from beginner to boss. Whichever one of those is you, 'Swamped' will take you so deep into a new world of...

    • Xonex VST - Futuristic Plugin Sale Off
    • Xonex VST
      Best Seller

      The Future Is Xonex 'Xonex VST' is a futuristic plugin that we have used time and time again to make a variety of beats. Don’t believe us? Check out the demo videos: 'Xonex' has offered us a variety of "go-to sounds" ranging from plucks to strings, guitars, leads, pads and more....

      $49.95 $19.95
    • Boomin Hip Hop & Trap 2 - Samples & Presets
    • Boomin Hip Hop & Trap 2
      Best Seller

      Hip Hop & Trap Samples + Presets 'Boomin Hip Hop & Trap 2' is the follow-up to one of the most sold packs by Black Octopus of all time!'Volume 2' is exactly what you would expect from it! Killer vibes, fire riffs, sick presets, speaker shattering beats and dank melodies. Filled with...

    • Mellow - Loops, One-Shots & Presets
    • Mellow
      Best Seller

      Multi Pack Filled To The Brim Freak Music is proud to present 'Mellow' - a brand new collection of gorgeous melody loops, pads, basses, matching drums and drum loops plus perfectly selected lead, pad and bass one shots. Mix together every section, as all of these are clearly named, tempo...

    • Sylenth1 Presets Vol.1
    • Sylenth1 Presets Vol.1
      Best Seller

      Multi-Genre Presets + Bonus Material 'Sylenth1 Presets Vol.1' puts the focus on warm, dark and groovy patches, rather than typical Dance/Trance sounds. We included keys, basses, leads, pads, arps, plucks and synths as well as the usual subcategories like strings, organs, clarinet etc. Customers can find a suitable mixture of melodies...

    • Trap Kingo 2 - MIDI Files & WAV Loops
    • Trap Kingo 2
      Best Seller

      Get Inspired with MIDI & Loops 'Trap Kingo 2' contains over 102 MIDI Files & 35 Loops. This pack has up-to-date sounds and amazing melodies you will love! The package includes Trap & Hip Hop style MIDI Loops, Kicks, 808s, Plucks, Pads, Leads and more. There are WAV Loops & MIDI...

    • Necronomicon (Kontakt Library) Sale Off
    • Necronomicon (Kontakt Library)
      Best Seller

      Kontakt Library Packing A Mean Punch Watch the demo video: Global Audio Tools is bringing music makers across the globe a tool for the taking named 'Necronomicon'. This Kontakt Library packs a mean punch! With loads of sounds from Arps, to deep Bass sounds, all the way to Plucks, Keys,...

      $29.95 $14.97
    • Spire Clouds - 64 Chilled Presets
    • Spire Clouds
      Best Seller

      Pads, Plucks, Leads & more Freak Music is proud to present 'Spire Clouds' – a collection of beautiful, inspiring and chilling Reveal Sound’s Spire presets perfect for your next production. In total of 64 Presets, this product comes to create your next chilled out track. This Soundbank is a set of...

    • Elektro Synth (Spire Presets) Sale Off
    • Elektro Synth (Spire Presets)
      Best Seller

      All About That Bass New Loops presents the 'Elektro Synth' Spire Sound Bank. A collection of Spire Presets for Electro, Synthwave, Synth Pop, Ambient and other electronic styles.Listen to the demos: 'Elektro Synth' pushes Spire to the fringes of reality, with huge ethereal pads and keys, deep soundscapes, and plucks...

      $19.99 $9.99
    • Unidentified Loop Archives (Kontakt Library) Sale Off
    • Unidentified Loop Archives (Kontakt Library)
      Best Seller

      (Extra)terrestrial Loops & Sounds Watch the demo video: Global Audio Tools are proud to bring audio heads of all types a Kontakt5 tool for the taking called 'Unidentified Loop Archives'. The team set out and hand-recorded mysterious real world rhythmic sounds and looped them to utilize within their own productions,...

      $22.95 $11.47
    • SWAG PACK - Loops, Drum Kit & Kontakt Library
      Best Seller

      Loops + Drums + Kontakt Library! Moneymvkvz are back once again with an epic kit for music producers! Included in 'SWAG PACK' you will not only get 5 banging modern construction kits across a range of genres from Hip Hop to Trap and R&B, but also a full drum kit and...