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    • Fire Tech House Sale Off
    • Fire Tech House
      Best Seller

      Fire Tech House by Epic Stock Media This pack includes 140 hypnotic styled Drum Loops, pumping Melodies, trendy Synth Chord Progressions, melodic Keys and Rhythms, FX, crowd bumping One-Shots, and a variety of essential Samples for creating epic fire Tech House music. Fire Tech House is a cross-genre Sample Pack...

      $25.00 $22.00
    • Spooky Drumz Sale Off
    • Spooky Drumz
      Best Seller

      Spooky Drums Vol. 1 by Epic Stock Media This pack includes 198 grimy East Coast Underground Hip Hop Drum One-Shots featuring punchy and warm Kicks, smacking Snares, gritty Claps, vintage vinyl crackle FX as well a variety of essential Samples for creating dark hypnotic Hip-Hop music. Spooky Drums Vol. 1...

      $25.00 $20.00
    • Fire Hybrid Trap Sale Off
    • Fire Hybrid Trap
      Best Seller

      Fire Hybrid Trap by Epic Stock Media This pack includes 130 dance floor destroying Hybrid Trap Synth Loops, intricate and driving Electronic Drum patterns, catchy EDM melodies, Bass Lines with heavyweight, chord progressions, fuzzy Dance Horns, hypnotic Keys, FX, Leads, Rhythms, Drum and Percussion One-Shots, and a variety of essential...

      $25.00 $22.00
    • Emotional Lo-fi: Sultry Vibes Sale Off
    • Emotional Lo-fi: Sultry Vibes
      Best Seller

      Emotional Lo-fi: Sultry Vibes by Epic Stock Media This pack includes 116 laid back R&B Loops, fuzzy Lo-fi Drum One-Shots, soulful melodies, moody Keys, lush Pads progressions, nostalgic Beat patterns, layers, flavorful Percussion, textures, accents, vibe-setting Sound Effects and more. Emotional Lo-fi: Sultry Vibes is a new age lo-fi sample...

      $19.00 $17.00
    • Fire Dubstep Sale Off
    • Fire Dubstep
      Best Seller

      Fire Dubstep by Epic Stock Media This pack includes 165 pumping Dubstep Synth Loops, driving Electronic Drums, catchy EDM melodies, whomps, bass lines, chord progressions, sub drops, FX, Drum and Percussion One-Shots and a variety of essential Samples for creating intense and modern dubstep music. Fire Dubstep is a next...

      $25.00 $22.00
    • Fire Retrowave Sale Off
    • Fire Retrowave
      Best Seller

      Build your newest hit synth-wave track Fire Retrowave by Epic Stock Media This pack includes 131 vibrant retro-wave melodies, warm Bass Lines, pumping Synths, chord progressions, Dance Loops, modern Arps, electronic Dance Drums, FX and a variety of essential Samples for creating bouncy electro pop and synth-wave music. Fire RetroWave...

      $25.00 $22.00
    • Fire Modular Techno Sale Off
    • Fire Modular Techno
      Best Seller

      Fire Modular Techno by Epic Stock Media This pack includes 129 hypnotic grooves, textured rhythmic Loops, punchy Electronic Drums, abstract modular arpeggios, loop-able textures, chord progressions, modulated FX and Percussion One-Shots and a variety of Analog Samples perfect for techno music. Fire Modular Techno is a cross-genre Sample Pack that...

      $25.00 $22.00
    • Advanced UI
    • Advanced UI
      Best Seller

      The collection brings producers and sound designers a versatile and wide-ranging anthology of user interface style sounds The Epic Sounds and FX Advanced UI sound effects collection brings producers and sound designers a versatile and wide-ranging anthology of user interface style sounds. From natural, organic, and minimal pops beep and...

    • Dreams Sale Off
    • Dreams
      Best Seller

      The 2nd pack in our LoFi collection bringing you a whole production pack to fulfill all your needs to create mellow LoFi beats 'Dreams' is the 2nd pack in our LoFi collection bringing you a whole production pack to fully fill all your needs to create mellow LoFi beats. We have...

      $15.99 $9.99
    • Lofi Jamz Sale Off
    • Lofi Jamz
      Best Seller

      The Ultimate Lofi Sample and Loop Pack Keep Summertime rolling with the perfect Lofi Instrument Pack! 'Lofi Jamz Complete Sample Kit' offers a variety of instruments to loop or sample including Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, Flutes, Horns/Brass, Grand Piano, Rhodes Piano, and more! This mix of smooth Live...

      $30.00 $19.99
    • West Coast Bangers Drum Kit
    • West Coast Bangers Drum Kit
      Best Seller

      Enough neck-snapping drums to help you create your next hit 'West Coast Bangers Drum Kit' – Bang Bang Productions brings you some of his favorite sounds custom created. These are the sounds he uses in his personal production. West coast percussions, foley, Sound Fx, hydraulics sound fx, and banging drums....

    • Bane Cinematics - SFX Production Library Sale Off
    • Bane Cinematics
      Best Seller

      Blockbuster Trailer Sounds Await A sinister and sweet, towering and terrifying epic cinematic movie trailer style Sounds & Effects Collection that imparts an entire revolution of drama and suspense into your cinematic movie and video productions. Okay, that may be a little overstated and over dramatic but, with 'Bane Cinematics'...

      $49.00 $29.00
    • TRAP LIFE: Mega Bundle - Over 9 GB of Content Sale Off
    • TRAP LIFE: Mega Bundle
      Best Seller

      8 Kits. 1 Mega Bundle.  TRAP LIFE presents to you the ultimate production bundle for modern producers of all kinds - let us bring the noize! Get lost while taking a deep dive into more than 100 Folders filled with pure madness. This library contains a whopping collection of 8...

      $262.15 $29.95
    • Intervox (Kontakt Library) - 252 HQ Vocal Chops Sale Off
    • Intervox (Kontakt Library)
      Best Seller

      Vocal Chops Tool for Kontakt Watch the demo video: Global Audio Tools presents music makers across the globe with an all-new versatile tool for the taking we like to call 'Intervox'. This is a unique and versatile Kontakt Library that contains refreshing Vocal Chops ranging from female and male screams to...

      $39.95 $29.95
    • Asylum (Horror FX)
    • Asylum (Horror FX)
      Best Seller

      Horrific FX for Music, Video & Game Inspired by Hollywood Box Office Horror hits like The Conjuring, The Exorcist and The Shining, we present to you the psychopaths favorite: 'Asylum' - Epic Stock Media’s hair raising sound library of Hollywood Film scare tactics. Get unchained access to some of the most...

    • Blockbuster Trailer - Sound FX For Video Game & Movie Sale Off
    • Blockbuster Trailer
      Best Seller

      Blockbuster Trailer Sounds Await Inspired by Hollywood box office hits 'Transformers' and 'The Dark Knight', we present to you 'Blockbuster Trailer' – Epic Stock Media’s legendary new Game and Movie sonic power pack! This collection is here to lay down the law with unprecedented full range dynamic movie theater audio...

      $49.99 $34.00
    • Interstellar - Hip Hop Sample & Vocal Pack Sale Off
    • Interstellar (Samples & Vocals)
      Best Seller

      Cinematic Hip Hop Sample & Vocal Pack 'Interstellar' is a cinematic Sample Pack + Vocal Kit, loaded with a huge variety of different styles and atmospheres. Ranging from dark, enigmatic settings to mellow downtempo vibes with a futuristic edge. This is truly a powerful collection of sounds, carefully selected to fuel...

      $39.95 $19.95
    • Stellar (Sound Effects) - One-Shots, Loops & Vocals Sale Off
    • Stellar (Sound Effects)
      Best Seller

      Mega Sound Library for Producers 'Stellar (Sound Effects)' is an extensive mega library containing 1500 Sounds, adding up to 5.11 GB of content. Being a best-of selection of over 30 Sample Packs by TRAP LIFE, this all-round talent stands for unmatched quality. This kit resembles the crème de la crème...

      $99.95 $19.95
    • Epic Movie Trailer - Movie & Game FX Sale Off
    • Epic Movie Trailer
      Best Seller

      Create Amazing Movie Trailers We are proud to announce our newest cinematic pack 'Epic Movie Trailer' in collaboration with Epic Stock Media. Inside you will find 360+ Files of deep subsonic impacts, breath halting bassy and in depth designs, making for a must-have theatrical sound library. • Deep Synth Impacts...

      $99.99 $49.99
    • Textures - Sound Effects & Sound Bed Background Recordings
    • Textures
      Best Seller

      Organic Sound Beds 'Textures' is a collection of field recordings, vinyl sounds, background noises and dirt, perfectly mixed for you to add character and texture to your productions. This sound collection works perfectly for a variety of genres. If you think you've never heard any of something like this in...

    • THE ONE FX Collection - Massive Presets
    • THE ONE FX Collection
      Best Seller

      All The FX You Need As THE ONE's collection of risers and buildup effects became such a hit, they decided to create this new collection of various FX sounds. Presenting 'THE ONE: FX Collection', featuring 50 Massive presets with booming FX sounds. Feeling like your current effects never make the...

    • Advanced Game Sounds - Sound FX for Video Game & Film Sale Off
    • Advanced Game Sounds
      Best Seller

      The Ultimate Video Game Sounds Collection Attention game developers, animators and motion graphics designers: Here's a sound library that will pay for itself over and over! 'Advanced Game Sounds' is an electrifying power pack of more than 3100 compelling source and engineered sounds. Now you can have a vast domain...

      $59.00 $47.00
    • Fantasy Game - Sound Effects for Adventure Games Sale Off
    • Fantasy Game
      Best Seller

      Next Level Fantasy Gaming! More than 500 sound effects inspired by hit computer games like World of Warcraft and Diablo. Tell your story, equip your quest and outfit the adventures in your fantasy world with imaginative and immersive sounds, effects and creative crafted audio. 'Fantasy Game' by Epic Stock Media empowers...

      $47.00 $37.00
    • 8-Bit Drums and FX (Video Game Samples)
    • 8-Bit Drums and FX
      Best Seller

      Dive Into The Golden Age of 8-Bit '8-Bit Drums and FX' by A-Grade Audio contains 75 quality one-shot samples in WAV format, modeled after old video game soundchips. This pack is neatly organized into subfolders: Claps, FX, Hats/Cymbals, Hits, Kicks, Percs, Snares and Toms.This is a truly unique drum collection...

    • Trapamine 100mg (Construction Kit) Sale Off
    • Trapamine 100mg
      Best Seller

      Doctor's Orders Let the Trapamine course through your veins and take control of the element of Trap created by a mix of fire beats with unique 808 / Snare / Hihat / FX sound and psychedelic melodies using unheard synths, plucks, leads and more. This pack 'Trapamine 100mg' by contains...

      $19.99 $14.99
    • HD Savage (Drumkit, Loops & Sylenth1 Bank)
    • HD Savage
      Best Seller

      Incredible Selection of Sounds This comprehensive toolbox 'HD Savage' by producer prodigy Yung Khalifa is made up of a full drumkit along with sample loops and a Sylenth1 preset bank.Everything is custom-made and 100% royalty-free. This kit has an incredible selection of custom sounds, original WAV format loops and unique...

    • One Shot Storm (Chords, Synths, FX, Drums & More)
    • One Shot Storm
      Best Seller

      The Ultimate One-Shot Collection! 'ONE-SHOT STORM' from Dreamon Sounds features only high quality samples in 24 bit.In this outstanding pack we provide you mainly with a huge collection of Leads,Pads,Drops and Plucks inspired by the top djs and producers including Hardwell, Headhunterz, W&W, Axwell, Steve Angelo and many more.Additional for...

    • Buildup Arsenal (Massive Presets)
    • Buildup Arsenal
      Best Seller

      Make Your Beat Drop Harder Are you looking for a preset collection with a diverse collection of buildup riser effects? Then you have come to the right place!THE ONE: Buildup Arsenal features 52 buildup effects for NI Massive, all with strong characters to stand out and give your buildups a...

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