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    • Ole Dirty Drumz Sale Off
    • Ole Dirty Drumz
      Best Seller

      All the essentials to build speaker thumping urban music. This pack includes 98 real hip hop drum one-shots featuring flavored punchy kicks, hard-hitting snares, crispy bright hi-hats, crunchy sound effects & all the essentials to build speaker thumping urban music.'Ole Dirty Drums' is a cross-genre hip hop drum sample pack...

      $25.00 $19.00
    • Soul Samples
    • Soul Samples
      Best Seller

      Inspired by the dreamy sounds of vintage Soul music. 'Soul Samples' by 2DEEP is loaded with 5 fully fleshed out samples inspired by the dreamy sounds of vintage Soul music. Each sample comes in full ensembles, as well as broken down tracks to give you full control of your project. As...

    • Breaking News Vocals
    • Breaking News Vocals
      Best Seller

      Vintage vocal phrases 'Breaking News Vocals' by Seven Sounds is an old school, vintage pack from the 60s, 70s, and 80s with 120 vintage vocal phrases that can be used in genres like Synth Pop, Down-Tempo, Future Bass, Trap, Dubstep, and Dream Pop. This product contains Drums, Lead Synths, Fx...

    • Lofi Trapmatized Drums Sale Off
    • Lofi Trapmatized Drums
      Best Seller

      Inspired by Benny The Butcher, Griselda, and more. TheBeatHouseKits Presents TRAPMATIZED DRUMS We took this kit through a lot of analog processing to give you guys hard-hitting and vintage sounding drums. You get different styles and textures meticulously made with precision. These warm analog sounds were processed through analog gear for...

      $29.99 $20.99
    • Analog 808's Sale Off
    • Analog 808's
      Best Seller

      Analog 808's TheBeatHouseKits.com Presents 'ANALOG 808'S'. This 808 kit was ran through vintage analog gear processing. We ran it through old analog tape machines, and even put the sounds through the famous SP-404. With this pack you get 40 hand crafted 808's processed with precision and warmth. Product Includes: 40...

      $29.99 $20.99
    • Abstract Lo-Fi 3 - Construction Kits
    • Abstract Lo-Fi 3
      Best Seller

      Analogue Inspired Melodics, Downtempo Beats, Warm Pads, Beautiful Guitar Riffs Analogue inspired melodics, downtempo beats, warm pads, beautiful guitar riffs – ‘Abstract Lo-Fi 3’ delivers over 600 Mb of late-night chilled grooves for Ambient, Lo-Fi and Downtempo productions. Spread across between 5 fully mixed construction kits, ‘Abstract Lo-Fi 3’ is loaded...

    • Corpse - Melodic Sample Pack Sale Off
    • Corpse
      Best Seller

      Dark, Vintage & Electric Sounds The 'Corpse' Sample Pack includes melodic content created using dark, vintage, electric sounds to give you an instant idea for the drums and other melodies to back them up and build around. The number of loops in this pack is 10 Main Loops, and most of...

      $19.99 $9.99
    • Drums To Die For Reloaded - 165 Drum One-Shots Sale Off
    • Drums To Die For Reloaded
      Best Seller

      Vintage & Authentic Hip Hop Drums 'Drums To Die For Reloaded' by Epic Stock Media includes 165 grimy Underground Hip Hop Drum Shots featuring warm punchy kicks, smacking snares, and gritty and bright hats, all designed to help you create vintage and authentic sounding Hip Hop music.'Drums To Die For Reloaded'...

      $29.00 $19.00
    • Palm Drive - Vintage Sounds
    • Palm Drive
      Best Seller

      Classics From the 40s, 50s, 60s, & 70s  'Palm Drive' explores the timeless and authentic sounds of early Soul and Hip Hop. In this library there are 14 Original Compositions with melodic stems, 9 Drum Breaks, and 25 Vocal Phrases & Chants. The intent of this library is to provide soulful arrangements...

    • Analog Vintage Sound Bundle - 4 Kits in 1 Sale Off
    • Analog Vintage Sound Bundle
      Best Seller

      Vintage Vibes The Beat House presents 'Analog Vintage Sound Bundle'. We brought you that analog sound, that you hear in a lot of vintage records, and also in today's chart music. You get 160+ sounds meticulously made with precision. Check out the demo video:These warm analog sounds were processed through analog gear for...

      $95.00 $75.00
    • Spaghetti Western Psychedelia - Loops & One-Shots
    • Spaghetti Western Psychedelia
      Best Seller

      Cowboys! Aliens! Music!  Black Octopus is proud to present the latest Basement Freaks offering; 'Spaghetti Western Psychedelia'! This is pure 70s meets Film. Quentin Tarantino would kill (bill) for this pack. Riddled with guitars, some with creative distortions and some saturated in the perfect balance, and loads of beats to...

    • Eternal Sample Pack - Hip Hop & Trap Samples Sale Off
    • Eternal Sample Pack
      Best Seller

      Hip Hop & Trap Samples 'Eternal Sample Pack' contains 20 Hip Hop & Trap Samples composed at a professional level. Stock up your producer arsenal with new original sounds and loops – all 100% royalty-free! To give you the perfect straight out of the box sound we only used high...

      $29.95 $14.95
    • WW3 - 29 Sample Loops Sale Off
    • WW3
      Best Seller

      Glitchy, Dark & Vintage Sounds 'WW3' by Rebel Nation Audio is a pack with 29 Samples, delivered 100% royalty-free. Included are glitchy, dark and vintage sound styles. In this release, the producers tried to create that next-gen sound that provides you with different choices to create Hip Hop, Lo-Fi, chilled R&B, and more....

      $29.95 $11.95
    • Sample Gold - Royalty Free Instrumentals
    • Sample Gold
      Best Seller

      Inspired By Vintage Sounds 'Sample Gold' is a collection of high quality samples inspired by the vintage sound of classic vinyl records. This kit was carefully crafted by a team of professional musicians for producers that don't want to go through the hassle of getting samples cleared, or in worst...

    • Canary Julz Sample Library - 12 Original Compositions Sale Off
    • Canary Julz Sample Library
      Best Seller

      Creative Sampling 'Canary Julz Sample Library' is the first installment of the brand new royalty-free sample series by super-producer Canary Julz containing Original Compositions for use in your productions. Featuring 12 Original Samples created by Canary Julz with a classic/vintage sound in mind for creative sampling. Don't miss out on...

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