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    • Mixed Berry Sale Off
    • Mixed Berry
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      A Fresh New Line of Kits! Brandon Chapa just dropped his first Flavor Series Constriction Kit "Mixed Berry".This Flavor pack is stinking with samples ready to make your next big hit track!Inside are a nice batch of 59 Wav File Loops, and 54 MIDI Files with Flutes, Guitars, Synths, Bells,...

      $19.99 $10.99
    • 88 Overload Bundle Sale Off
    • 88 Overload Bundle
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      An amazing bundle will give you everything you need for your work. 88 Overload Bundle by Double Bang Music. Inside is waiting for you 15 Construction Kits to craft the beats comes with 163 Midi, 177 Wav loops, 15 Flp files, 57 One-Shot Drums. An amazing bundle will give you...

      $56.85 $24.95
    • 808LAB VST Sale Off
    • 808LAB VST
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      A Monster 808 Plugin Ready To Make Your Beats BANG! This VST Brings you 60 High Quality 808 Presets ready for any genre that needs a bang!From Hard Hitting to Mellow and even some Weird sounding 808s, this VST will have you covered to crank out your next big hit!Brandon had an idea for an 808 vst plugin for his producer friends and hired The Infinit-Audio...

      $30.00 $20.99
    • Fire Dubstep Sale Off
    • Fire Dubstep
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      Fire Dubstep by Epic Stock Media This pack includes 165 pumping Dubstep Synth Loops, driving Electronic Drums, catchy EDM melodies, whomps, bass lines, chord progressions, sub drops, FX, Drum and Percussion One-Shots and a variety of essential Samples for creating intense and modern dubstep music. Fire Dubstep is a next...

      $25.00 $22.00
    • End Of Year Loot Sale Off
    • End Of Year Loot
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      Inspired by Ariana Grande & More 'End Of Year Loot' from Jungle Loops contains 731 High-Quality WAV Loops, 344 MIDI Files, and 90 One-Shots. The Jungle Loops crew wants to make your Christmas time even more enjoyable by providing you with this incredible bundle product at an unbelievable price. Included are 10 Jungle Loops with bonus...

      $195.00 $10.00
    • Trap Bundle Sale Off
    • Trap Bundle
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      The Trap Production Bundle Make Trap beats? Go Trap crazy with 5 of our Trap inspired sample packs. This bundle will enable you and inspire you with your productions, beat beat block, complete beats quicker and easier, push yourself and grow your skills and online presence. You'll find everything you...

      $70.95 $19.99
    • Flex Sale Off
    • Flex
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      Trap Sample Pack 'Flex' gets your Trap juices flowing with a mix of trap vibes and sounds, giving you diversity, recognizable vibes, and uniqueness to stand out. This pack contains 160 ready-to-go inspirational sounds/loops, including a Drum Kit, 808’s, Strings, Keys, Bells, Synths, and more.Diversify your Trap sound and stand...

      $14.99 $6.99
    • 8080s - Akai MPC Expansion Kit Sale Off
    • 8080s - Akai MPC Expansion Kit
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      Back again with another kit for the month of the 808! The '8080s' By Tone Mason is packed with classic 808 drums, percussion, sfx + chill 80's melodies loops! All sounds & loops can be used in ANY genre! Compatible on All DAWs, WAVFormat. Also available for purchase in Akai MPC...

      $16.16 $8.08
    • MANTRA Sale Off
    • MANTRA
      Current Deals

      Explore The Dark and Soulful Sounds 'MANTRA' – Venture deep into a world of unuttered, unfathomable meanings and omens of an epoch yet to come. Explore the soundscape of 30 ethereal, completely unique sonic compositions, that range from wicked, demonic, evil to hopeful, radiant and awe-inspiring. This library is suitable...

      $25.00 $12.00
    • 8080s Sale Off
    • 8080s
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      Back again with another kit for the month of the 808! The '8080s' By Tone Mason is packed with classic 808 drums, percussion, SFX + chill 80's melodies loops! All sounds & loops can be used in ANY genre! Compatible on All DAWs, .Wav Format. Also available for purchase in Akai MPC Expansion...

      $16.16 $8.08
    • Skywalker Sale Off
    • Skywalker
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      From Pop Smoke's "DIOR" to Duchavelli's "Bando Diaries" The Trap genre continues to grow and evolve and will never die. However, the sound is infamous for its dark and brooding side that lays the ground for a darker tone of vocals or lyrics. Strangely enough, many of these darker-toned productions...

      $15.00 $5.00
    • Modern RnB Hits Vol 1 Sale Off
    • Modern RnB Hits Vol 1
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      Modern Producers are proud to present 'Modern R&B Hits Vol. 1'. This collection of five carefully crafted Construction Kits contain Loops, One-Shot Samples, and MIDI Files that capture the unique sounds and styles of artists such as Jhene Aiko, Kehlani, H.E.R, Doja Cat, and others. This product contains original content...

      $29.99 $19.99
    • The MIDI Bundle Sale Off
    • The MIDI Bundle
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      Lets Kill Your Beat Block And Give Your Beats Some Bounce! Brandon Chapa is back and EVEN MORE excited than ever to present 'The MIDI Bundle'. This bundle includes 11 MIDI Kits and B even threw in the bonus MIDI that were included inside some of his Omnisphere banks. If...

      $239.89 $19.99
    • Trap Tales Sale Off
    • Trap Tales
      Current Deals

      Carefully crafted sounds and samples designed for the forward-thinking producer Dusty melodic keys, floating guitar loops, tape-saturated beats, oozing 808 sub-grooves, lush atmospheric pads and crackling piano sounds – ‘Trap Tales’ delivers over 650 Mb of melancholic late-night sounds for Trap and Hip Hop productions. ‘Trap Tales’ features 808 low-end...

      $18.95 $14.95
      Current Deals

      A sinister meltdown of dark and sensual energies 'ETHEREAL BUNDLE' embodies a mystical blend between gifted prodigies across the planet earth. This collection creates a sinister meltdown of dark and sensual energies, crafted with organic instrument recordings and the highest quality, synthetic altering. Containing powerful vocals and acapella, melodies, drums,...

      $140.00 $33.00
    • Gold Bars VST Sale Off
    • Gold Bars VST
      Current Deals

      Find sounds that will fit Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, and many more.  Digikitz brings us a completely new plugin called 'Gold Bars VST' which contains 90 custom created sounds in many categories like 808, Basses, Bells, Flutes, Guitars, Keys, Plucks, Pads, and Plucks. During developing sounds for the 'Gold Bars...

      $69.96 $7.95
    • Trap Genetic Sale Off
    • Trap Genetic
      Current Deals

      New sounds. New Flavor. New Sauce. Trap Genetic is our next virtual instrument compatible with both Windows and Mac. Contains 70+ freshly created presets inspired by Trippie Redd, Lil Pump, and Da baby melodic trap productions. Trap Genetic contains amazing effects like Reverb, Delay, Chorus, and Flanger.Sounds Categories: 808 Bells...

      $79.95 $5.95
    • Villain - Loops Sale Off
    • Villain
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      Inspired by Juice Wrld, Gunna, 21 Savage, and More 'Villain' (ExclusiveKit) Created by Studiotrap and DrumPlugz contains 411 Files and 20 Folders of content. This kit has everything - Drums Loops Presets, even Vocal Presets For Fl Studio Midi 1 FLP, and 1 FL 20 Template. The kit is influenced by...

      $99.99 $39.99
    • Sleep Walk Sale Off
    • Sleep Walk
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      Inspired by DaBaby, Lil Uzi Vert, Migos, and more. 'Sleep Walk' by Trap Veterans is a collection of 5 Construction Kits inspired by top artists like DaBaby, Lil Uzi Vert, Migos, and more. As always with Trap Veterans releases, you can be sure you're getting fresh and high-quality sounds to...

      $14.95 $9.95
    • 808 KING 2 (Omnisphere 2 Library) - 45 808 Patches Sale Off
    • 808 KING 2 (Omnisphere 2 Library)
      Current Deals

      The Return Of The King of 808s Magnetic Music are glad to introduce their new library '808 KING 2'. This is a custom Omnisphere 2 Bank, the followup to the bestselling '808 King'. '808 KING 2' is an incredibly powerful instrument, with deep sounds and flexible settings for your production...

      $39.95 $19.95
    • Trapperz Delight Drum Kit - Drums, Samples, Loops & MIDI Sale Off
    • Trapperz Delight Drum Kit
      Current Deals

      Drum Kit with Loops, Samples & MIDI 'Trapperz Delight' is just that! A delight to have for any producer who makes or wants to make Trap beats. This kit has everything you need to produce dope Trap beats: you get a really nice sized Drum Kit along with a good...

      $30.00 $22.00
    • Modern Sauce VST - Urban Smash-Hit Sounds Sale Off
    • Modern Sauce VST
      Current Deals

      The Sauce for Modern Urban Productions Infinit Essentials, masters of the modern Urban sound, present to you 'Modern Sauce VST' - the secret sauce you need to create your next Urban smash hit!Watch the Demo Videos: This is a great sounding VST for any Genre from Hip Hop to Trap,...

      $99.99 $49.99
    • Shrapnel - Sonny Digital Type Beats Sale Off
    • Shrapnel
      Current Deals

      Sonny Digital Type Beats 'Shrapnel' By YC Audio is the kit you need if your looking for trippy Trap arps, pads & leads. Along with the beefed up 808s your bound to make a hit in the styles of 808 Mafia & Sonny Digital!'Shrapnel' comes loaded 5 full Beat Construction Kits...

      $12.95 $9.95
    • Dopeman Trap Toolbox - Drums, Presets & Loops Sale Off
    • Dopeman Trap Toolbox
      Current Deals

      The Complete Trap Toolbox! ‘Dopeman Trap Toolbox’ from Diamond Loopz is a high-quality Drum Kit, Preset Bank and MIDI & Loop Pack all in one. It includes everything to create new Trap hits. If you want quality sounds in your production, this product is everything you need! The Sylenth1 bank includes...

      $39.95 $24.95
    • Xcluzive Kollection (Drum Kit, Loops & Presets) Sale Off
    • Xcluzive Kollection (Drum Kit, Loops & Presets)
      Current Deals

      One Gigantic Collection! MDC are back with an incredible collection for producers! This kit has it all and is definitely one of the biggest products of the year. Get ready to impress your fans and make some of the hardest beats they have ever heard.Included in this gigantic collection are...

      $49.99 $29.99
    • Fingerprint VST - Complete Music Production Suite Sale Off
    • Fingerprint VST
      Current Deals

      The 360° Music Production Suite 'Fingerprint' is the brand new Sampler VST delivering a complete music production and beat making experience, covering instruments, bass, drums and chopped samples.Watch the demo videos: 'Fingerprint VST' contains a broad range of presets under 5 Main categories (Bass/808, Instruments, Drumkits, Chopped Samples and Loops)....

      $129.00 $99.00
    • Maiden (Drum Kit & Melody Pack) Sale Off
    • Maiden (Drum Kit & Melody Pack)
      Current Deals

      Drums & Melodies in One Watch the demo video: 'Maiden' is a serious go-to weapon packed with analog processed One-Shots and a comprehensive folder of 40 Pre-Made Melodies all Tempo and Key Labelled. Inspired by sounds of the Trap & Hip Hop Scene in USA, Germany and France. This Kit comes...

      $29.95 $19.95
    • Earth Walker (808 MIDI & Loop Kit) Sale Off
    • Earth Walker (808 MIDI & Loop Kit)
      Current Deals

      Step Up Your 808 Game Watch the demo video: It's time to make your 808s competitive in today's music industry. If you are looking for those hard-hitting and crazy bending 808 lines then this kit is for you! The 808 is a key element in any record nowadays and it...

      $29.95 $19.95
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