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    • Dusk To Dawn Guitars - Melodies Sale Off
    • Dusk To Dawn Guitars
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      Dark Keys for Trap & Boom Bap Live recorded, emotional guitar melodies are the perfect ingredient for late night, emotional tracks. With 8 full Composition Ideas, 'Dusk To Dawn Guitars' provides the foundation for creating your next hit.57 total Melody Loops are included in 'Dusk to Dawn Guitars' providing you...

      $29.99 $24.99
    • The Lounge Room - Hip Hop Loops Sale Off
    • The Lounge Room
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      Classic Hip Hop Feels Strategic Audio presents another brand new sample pack dripping with classic Hip Hop feels: 'The Lounge Room'. This is an authentic musical Hip Hop sample pack filled to the brim with that authentic chill, laid back, Boom Bap sound. It features 5 Construction Kits that are...

      $17.00 $11.00
    • No Troubles - Chill Hop Kit Sale Off
    • No Troubles
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      Taking Over YouTube! Strategic Audio is in your ear once again with a brand new sample pack 'No Troubles'! This is a top quality loop product featuring 5 authentic Chill Hop/Lo-Fi Hip Hop inspired Construction Kits. These WAV Loops fit perfectly on your chilled out, relaxing Spotify playlists. Lo-Fi Hip...

      $22.00 $11.00
    • Flexx - Melody & Drum Loops Sale Off
    • Flexx
      Current Deals

      Flexx On 'Em Grab immediate inspiration for your next Hip Hop or Trap project with 'Flexx'. Explore the extensive selection of melodic loops to help you jump start your next track. Set the tone with one of the already mixed drum loops. You can expect to find over 300 MB...

      $20.00 $12.00
    • Astro Guitarz Bundle - Guitar Loops Collection Sale Off
    • Astro Guitarz Bundle
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      Heaps of Guitar Melodies 'Astro Guitarz Bundle' from Cartel Loops is a collection of Guitar Loops inspired by Travis Scott and Post Malone. Inside this pack you will find all 3 volumes of the 'Astro Guitars' series featuring perfectly recorded guitar melodies and phrases in style of Travis Scott's album 'Astroworld'. If...

      $59.97 $16.99
    • Primal Vol.2 - Trap Kits & Loops Sale Off
    • Primal Vol.2
      Current Deals

      Animal Instincts 'Primal Vol.2' by 2DEEP is the second instalment in this Trap series containing Construction Kits and Loops. Inside there is a mix of 5 innovative Trap and Hip Hop style loop packs giving you all the material you need to land your next placement. MIDI Files are included which give...

      $29.99 $19.99
    • RipBoi Guitar - Acoustic & Electric Guitar Loops Sale Off
    • RipBoi Guitar
      Current Deals

      Let 'Em Rip! ‘RipBoi Guitar’ by Godlike Loops is an electric and acoustic guitar sample pack containing 20 Guitar Loops inspired by Travis Scott, Juice WRLD, Mac Miller, Gunna Post Malone, Schoolboy Q, Lil Peep and more. These guitar and piano loops are ideal for Pop, Hip Hop, Trap, Soul...

      $19.95 $9.95
    • The Darker Keys - Hip Hop Sample Pack Sale Off
    • The Darker Keys
      Current Deals

      Billboard-ready Trap Sounds 'The Darker Keys' is Strategic Audio's newest amazing Hip Hop sample pack! This is a top quality loop product featuring 5 authentic Hip Hop Construction Kits that based on dark Trap piano melodies. These WAV Loops fit perfectly on the top of the Billboard charts and in the...

      $19.95 $11.95
    • Hip Hop Box - Drum & Melody Loops Sale Off
    • Hip Hop Box
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      Box of Hip Hop Delights Freak Music is proud to present the "Hip Hop Box" – a huge collection of drum loops, melody construction kits and MIDI files. Sounds vary from piano, synths, pads, orchestral hits to soft percussion, Lo-Fi sounds and strong drums. Everything categorized in folders for an easy...

      $19.95 $9.95
    • #1 Bundle - 146 Sample Loops Sale Off
    • #1 Bundle
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      146 Sample Loops at 1 Low Price '#1 Bundle' is one of the most resourceful bundles brought by Sonics Empire and Rebel Nation Audio. Including 4 Sample Packs with a total of 117 drag-and-drop ready samples + 29 Free Loops at once incredibly low price! It is an unbeatable offer. We try to bring...

      $59.00 $12.00
    • 6ix Digitz - Construction Kits Sale Off
    • 6ix Digitz
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      Modern Sounding Beats '6ix Digitz' by Digikitz is a Hip Hop Construction Kit loaded with 5 modern sounding beats inspired by the hottest beats created for Gunna, DaBaby, Roddy Ricch and many others famous stars. This pack is foucused on hot and super trendy beats where guitars are main instrument. '6ix Digitz'...

      $19.95 $9.95
    • Eternity Guitars 2 - 20 Guitar Loops Sale Off
    • Eternity Guitars 2
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      20 Guitar Loops! ‘Eternity Guitars 2’ by Godlike Loops is an electric and acoustic guitar sample pack containing 20 Guitar Loops inspired by Travis Scott, Post Malone, Schoolboy Q, Lil Peep and more.These guitar and piano loops are ideal for Pop, Hip Hop, Trap, Emo Trap, and various EDM genres....

      $19.95 $7.95
    • Rugged And Raw (Classic 90s Hip Hop) Sale Off
    • Rugged And Raw (Classic 90s Hip Hop)
      Current Deals

      Those Classic Vibes Strategic Audio presents another hot new sample pack inspired classic Hip Hop and Trip Hop. 'Rugged And Raw (Classic 90s Hip Hop)' is an authentic musical sample pack packed with that hard Boom Bap/Trip Hop sound. It features 5 high quality Construction Kits that are perfect for creating...

      $22.00 $11.00
    • One Call - Trap & Hip Hop Loops Sale Off
    • One Call
      Current Deals

      Trap & Hip Hop Loops + MIDI 'One Call' by Jungle Loops contains 5 hard-hitting Construction Kits inspired by today's chart-topping fresh Trap and Hip Hop artists like Post Malone, Gunna, Juice WRLD, and others. This collection brings you a range of modern Trap and Hip Hop-style loop kits, perfect for landing...

      $17.95 $8.50
    • Flavor: Lime Edition - Pop Loops with Vocals Sale Off
    • Flavor: Lime Edition
      Current Deals

      Trap & Pop Fused Samples 'Flavor: Lime Edition' by 2DEEP is a sample pack made up of commercial Pop and R&B beats accompanied by mesmerizing vocals. This pack includes instrument stems, wet and dry vocal tracks, MIDI Files, and One-Shots, so you can have full control over your project. The...

      $29.99 $19.99
    • Majestic Guitars 2 - Guitar Loops Sale Off
    • Majestic Guitars 2
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      Make Hit Songs With Electric Guitar  ‘Majestic Guitars 2’ by Godlike Loops is an electric and acoustic Guitar Sample Pack containing 20 Guitar Loops and one bonus Rhodes Loop with vocal chops. This high-quality guitar sample pack was inspired by artists like Post Malone, Schoolboy Q, Lil Peep, Gunna, Justin Bieber,...

      $19.95 $12.95
    • 10 Steps To Become An FL Studio Pro Sale Off
    • 10 Steps To Become An FL Studio Pro
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      Master FL Studio With Our New Video Course Are you tired of searching for videos that try to teach you how to learn FL Studio, but always fall short, or are missing something critical to help you grow as a producer? Welcome to '10 Steps to Become an FL Studio...

      $49.00 $29.00
    • Tribes Trappin - Moroccan Trap Ethnic Loops Sale Off
    • Tribes Trappin
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      50 Moroccan Trap Loops & 40 One-Shot Drums 'Tribes Trappin' by Al Amin comes with the magic of ethnic sounds. This kit provides more than 50 Loops and more than 40 One-Shot Drums, ready to take you on a journey into a trapped Moroccan traditional music! Al AMin had a blast creating this kit from...

      $18.99 $9.99
    • Astro Guitarz 3 (Sample Pack) Sale Off
    • Astro Guitarz 3 (Sample Pack)
      Current Deals

      The Guitar Threepeat 'Astro Guitarz 3' by Cartel Loops is a fresh collection of Guitar Loops inspired by Gunna, Post Malone, Juice WRLD and more. If you're looking for fresh top-quality guitar elements for your Hip Hop tracks you should check out this straight-forward guitar pack. With both wet and...

      $19.99 $9.99
    • The Bundle Awards - 3.5 GB of Sample Content Sale Off
    • The Bundle Awards
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      And The Award for Best Bundle goes to... 'The Bundle Awards' is a massive 3.5+ GB of content collected from 16 Construction Kits (Uber X, Brandnew), 30 Vinyl Construction Kits (MegaVinyl Folder), 94 Unreleased Loops (Rvtchet Sample pack) and a rewarded 20 exclusive Multi-instrument Samples. All are 100% royalty-free to...

      $155.89 $15.00
    • Unworldly Keys (Kontakt Library) Sale Off
    • Unworldly Keys (Kontakt Library)
      Current Deals

      Keys From Another World Watch the demo video:'Unworldly Keys' features a variety of grand, upright, toy, synth, creative, organ and rhode based samples!The main goal with this library was to create Piano Samples unique from any other piano based library. We worked with live recordings/musicians/various mic placements and top synths to create this fascinating...

      $54.99 $39.99
    • King Music - Trap Beat Kits Sale Off
    • King Music
      Current Deals

      Radio-Ready Hip Hop Samples Strategic Audio is back again with 'King Music'. This is a high quality musical sample pack with that big melodic Trap sound. It features 5 Billboard-ready Trap Construction Kits with melodic chords that sound at home on Pop or Urban radio. The sound created here is...

      $22.00 $11.00
    • Golden - Boom Bap Beats Sale Off
    • Golden
      Current Deals

      Bringing Back the Golden Era Sample pack super label Strategic Audio returns with 'Golden', a high quality musical Hip Hop sample pack that brings an authentic Golden Era (90s) Boom Bap sound. It features 5 Construction Kits with melodic chords that are perfect for Urban radio tracks and at the...

      $22.00 $11.00
    • Platinum Vinyl - Synthwave Loops Sale Off
    • Platinum Vinyl
      Current Deals

      Platinum Sound Sample Collection 'Platinum Vinyl' from Sonics Empire is a collection of 17 sounds that are intended to build Hip Hop, Synthwave/Retro, and Trap music. The sample pack consists of carefully prepared samples of instruments such as Piano, Flute, Synth, Female, or Pad. This library was inspired by top...

      $19.99 $11.99
    • Soundship VST - 210 Preset Library Sale Off
    • Soundship VST
      Current Deals

      Massive Collection Of Never-Heard Before Sounds 'Soundship VST' gives you an immensely powerful range of new instruments to keep your innovation flowing! Take a trip in sound to another dimension, own the future of music and impress your listeners.Watch the demo videos: 'Soundship' features 200+ newly designed instruments to fit...

      $75.00 $50.00
    • Jazmin - Psychedelic Samples Sale Off
    • Jazmin
      Current Deals

      Psychedelic Sample Pack 'Jazmin' is a psychedelic Sample Pack that covers a large number of styles inspired by the psychedelia of the 1960s. Instead of relying on specific exotic instruments used in psychedelic music, we did it through sound processing, from glitching, reversing, to repeating a short part and give...

      $19.99 $11.99
    • Global Trap - Loops, Vocals & MIDI Sale Off
    • Global Trap
      Current Deals

      888Trap World Tour 'Global Trap' by 2DEEP contains 5 Construction Kits, giving you the tools to instantly create chart-topping radio tracks. This pack includes everything from the instrument Stems, the wet & dry Vocal Tracks and the single One-Shots of the sounds used, so you have full control over your...

      $29.99 $19.99
    • Ultimate Producer Package - Loops, VSTs & Mixing Presets Sale Off
    • Ultimate Producer Package
      Current Deals

      One MASSIVE Package of VSTs & more Watch the demo video: Own this incredible collection by Empire Soundkits including over 500 Loops and 3 VSTs to fill your arsenal. Also included are some amazing Mixing Presets for FL Studio including 808s, Kicks, Snares and more...Don't miss out on this crazy bundle deal!...

      $394.50 $99.99
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