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    • Black Magic Drums Sale Off
    • Black Magic Drums
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      Your essential Boom Bap Drum One Shot Pack. Delve into the depths of hip-hop with "Black Magic Drums," your essential Boom Bap Drum One Shot Pack. This collection boasts 310 expertly crafted drum samples, encompassing resonating bass one-shots, punchy drums, evocative FX one-shots, and intricate percussion. Designed to amplify the...

      $35.00 $29.00
    • Classic Pop House Sale Off
    • Classic Pop House
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      Meticulously-Crafted Pop House Beats A distinctive medley of original pop house music samples, loops & one shot featuring intricate beats, warm baselines, bright colorful melodies, catchy leads, synths, drum samples & much more. From the classic sound signatures to progressive electronic synth styles - we bring you Classic Pop House....

      $25.00 $20.00
    • ON THE RUN: 60 Days In South Africa Sale Off
    • ON THE RUN: 60 Days In South Africa
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      Modern African Pop Music We proudly present you the all new ON THE RUN: 60 Days In South Africa. Inspired by modern african pop music we put together a rousing flagship Sample Pack loaded with sparkling melodies, pulsing drums and percussions and aspiring Vox/FX! The Pack features full melodic loops...

      $50.00 $30.00
    • Fire Future Synth & Midi Sale Off
    • Fire Future Synth & Midi
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      Future Wave Pop Samples A distinctive medley of future wave pop music samples, loops & one shots featuring intricate beats, warm baselines, bright colorful melodies, immersive leads, synths, drum samples & much more. From classic retro wave sound, to progressive electronic synth styles - we bring you Fire Future Synth....

      $35.00 $25.00
    • Gilflo Stash Pack Vol 1 Sale Off
    • Gilflo Stash Pack Vol 1
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      Professional Grade Sound Kits A grab of sounds and loops crafted with the Producer in mind who wants quality samples, ear candy, and strong foundations to get their production ideas started. I've crafted these sounds throughout my career and grabbed a portion from my "vault," isolated and tweaked them; hence...

      $24.00 $19.00
    • Shobeats - Baby on Beats 2 Sale Off
    • Shobeats - Baby on Beats 2
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      Pianos, Keys, Pads, and Vocal Trap Beats Baby on Beats 2 by Shobeats brings you the finest Piano, Key, Pad, and Vocal fused with Trap Beats. Bringing you 70+ Loops, 20+ MIDI Files, and 30+ One Shots to Make the iconic Hard Trap Hits!SHOBEATS carefully crafted the sounds you need...

      $19.99 $14.99
    • When Trappers Bleed – RnTrap Sale Off
    • When Trappers Bleed – RnTrap
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      All-In-One Trap & R&B Sample Pack 'When Trappers Bleed - RnTrap' by Shobeats is a Trap & R&B All-In-One Sample Pack loaded with 190+ Files in Total, including 94 WAV Loops and 45 MIDI Files, and 53 One-Shots to give your beats the advantage they deserve. This pack will provide...

      $19.99 $10.99
    • Iconic Hip Hop Sale Off
    • Iconic Hip Hop
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      Savage Drum Sounds Turn into a mad scientist once you get your hands on Iconic Hip Hop. This savage set of 200+ Iconic Hip Hop drum sounds will change your entire sound. Turn into a mad scientist once you get your hands on Iconic Hip Hop. This savage set of...

      $29.00 $19.00
    • Koto The Drum Kit Sale Off
    • Koto The Drum Kit
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      310 Afrobeat & Amapiano Drum One Shots ATLAS AUDIO presents KOTO The DrumKit a collection of over 311 WAV OneShots . This pack is a must-have for anyone wanting to produce professional Afrobeats and any aspiring musicians or producers. As it features a variety of styles and a clean tuned...

      $24.99 $19.99
    • Villain City - Drum Kit Sale Off
    • Villain City - Drum Kit
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      390 Trap & Hip-Hop Drum One Shots Villain City from Atlas Audio includes Luxurious 808, hard claps & snares, Trap hats, awesome percs, Melodic Oneshots and more. In addition to various of Hihat MIDI that are ready to use for your next banger If you want quality sounds in your...

      $19.99 $14.99
    • Modern Up North Hip Hop Drums Sale Off
    • Modern Up North Hip Hop Drums
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      Modern Up North Hip Hop Drums Vol. 1 by Epic Stock Media This pack is loaded with 150 classic Hip Hop Drum Samples featuring hard-hitting, authentic Hip Hop essentials inspired by legendary Hip Hop producers like DJ Muggs, The Alchemist and Griselda Records, Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, and Kanye West....

      $19.00 $17.00
    • Drum Weapons 3 (WAV Collection) Sale Off
    • Drum Weapons 3 (WAV Collection)
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      The Powerful Drum Weapons 3 Sound now in WAV! Use the amazing sounds from the 'Drum Weapons 3' VST Plugin in ANY hardware or software! Over 6,500 Drum Samples in 16-Bit 44.1khz WAV Format that make up the whole VST's content. Complete with Main Sound, MP60 and SP1200 Variations and...

      $199.99 $99.99
    • Quality Drums 3 Sale Off
    • Quality Drums 3
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      Drum Sounds for your Next Compositions "Quality Drums 3" is the third installment of the best Drum-kit in the game , inside this pack, you will find 194 perfectly crafted drum sounds that will spice up your productions. This Drum Kit avoids filler material, giving you nothing but the highest...

      $14.99 $9.99
    • Fire Retrowave Sale Off
    • Fire Retrowave
      Current Deals

      Build your newest hit synth-wave track Fire Retrowave by Epic Stock Media This pack includes 131 vibrant retro-wave melodies, warm Bass Lines, pumping Synths, chord progressions, Dance Loops, modern Arps, electronic Dance Drums, FX and a variety of essential Samples for creating bouncy electro pop and synth-wave music. Fire RetroWave...

      $25.00 $20.00
    • Fuego 2 Sale Off
    • Fuego 2
      Current Deals

      These Hi Hat Loops Are On Fire! Brandon Chapa came back on fire with his "Fuego 2" Hi Hat MIDI Loop Kit.Inside of this kit is 50 Hi Hat Loops with the MIDI for each Loop. Giving you complete control and creativity.There's also 10 Bonus Royalty Free Loops that are...

      $19.99 $11.99
    • Hip Hop Soul Piano Melodies Vol. 5 Sale Off
    • Hip Hop Soul Piano Melodies Vol. 5
      Current Deals

      Inspired by Eminem & More  Strategic Audio returns with the 5th installment in this authentic Hip Hop series! 'Hip Hop Soul Piano Melodies Volume 5' is a top-quality new loop product featuring five Street/Billboard-ready piano-based Hip Hop Construction Kits that perfectly blend that dusty, soulful, and sometimes dark old school...

      $32.86 $12.99
    • MANTRA Sale Off
    • MANTRA
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      Explore The Dark and Soulful Sounds 'MANTRA' – Venture deep into a world of unuttered, unfathomable meanings and omens of an epoch yet to come. Explore the soundscape of 30 ethereal, completely unique sonic compositions, that range from wicked, demonic, evil to hopeful, radiant and awe-inspiring. This library is suitable...

      $25.00 $12.00
    • Perkys Calling Percussion Kit Sale Off
    • Perkys Calling Percussion Kit
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      70 One-Shot Percussion Samples (WAV) The "Perkys Calling Perc Kit" is filled with 70 Custom Recorded Percussions, Processed by Myself(Brandon Chapa). This kit is an essential, must-have addition to your percussion arsenal. We as producers always need new sounds right? Well, Brandon Chapa went back into the lab to create...

      $19.99 $9.99
    • Modern RnB Hits Vol 1 Sale Off
    • Modern RnB Hits Vol 1
      Current Deals

      Modern Producers are proud to present 'Modern R&B Hits Vol. 1'. This collection of five carefully crafted Construction Kits contain Loops, One-Shot Samples, and MIDI Files that capture the unique sounds and styles of artists such as Jhene Aiko, Kehlani, H.E.R, Doja Cat, and others. This product contains original content...

      $29.99 $19.99
    • Cosmin Horatiu Presents Funky Tech House Sale Off
    • Cosmin Horatiu Presents Funky Tech House
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      Groovy, tech-funk infused sounds for Tech and Groovy House productions ‘Funky Tech House’ by Cosmin Horatiu delivers 450 Mb of groovy, tech-funk infused sounds for Tech and Groovy House productions. Packed with deep low-end grooves, jacking beats, punchy kicks and snares, classic stabs, tech synths and atmospheres – ‘Funky Tech House’ offers wide assortment of funky,...

      $17.95 $9.95
    • Drums To Die For Street Hip Hop Sale Off
    • Drums To Die For Street Hip Hop
      Current Deals

      Drums To Die For Street Hip Hop by Epic Stock Media 'Drums To Die For Street Hip Hop' is the 7th release in the “DTDF” drum series featuring over 130+ saturated high-quality One-Shot Samples that encompass genres like Underground, Trap, Lo-fi, Hip Hop, Boom Bap, Urban, Electronic and more. Sound...

      $24.00 $16.00
    • Liquid Claps Bundle Sale Off
    • Liquid Claps Bundle
      Current Deals

      A gorgeous sample pack filled with perfectly sounding percussion paired with water drops, ice cracks, glass breaks, crushes, key drops, coin throws and more Freak Music proudly presents the 'Liquid Claps Bundle' – a bundle of Liquid Claps series - a gorgeous sample pack filled with perfectly sounding percussion paired...

      $39.80 $12.95
    • Juice Bundle Sale Off
    • Juice Bundle
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      Juice Bundle has arrived! 'Juice Bundle' has arrived! Includes 12 Construction Kits, 144 MIDI, and 130 WAV loops. This Bundle giving you the highest quality 808s, Plucks, HiHats, Kicks, Percussion, Guitar loops, and etc... This set includes such hits as Juice, Juice Vol.2, Juice Vol.3. Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Pro...

      $44.85 $24.95
    • Iconic Vintage Sale Off
    • Iconic Vintage
      Current Deals

      Make the crowd jump, sway and groove to your beats 'Iconic Vintage' by Epic Stock Media provides you with fat-sounding kicks, crunchy and gritty hats, and snares that sound like you're smacking a tree trunk. Make the crowd jump, sway and groove to your beats. This pack is strictly for those who...

      $29.00 $24.00
    • Afrobeats Tropical - Loop Kit Sale Off
    • Afrobeats Tropical
      Current Deals

      Tropical Reggaeton & Afro Pop This pack is fully loaded with today’s trending Tropical Reggaeton and Afro Pop vibes! 'Afrobeats Tropical' by Godlike Loops includes 5 Beat Construction Kits crafted with rhythmic drums, catchy melodies and dreamy sounds inspired by artists like Daddy Yankee, Maluma, Swae Lee, Nicky Jam, Justin...

      $23.99 $12.99
    • Finesse - Construction Kit Sale Off
    • Finesse
      Current Deals

      150 Sounds for Hip Hop & Trap 'Finesse' from Cartel Loops is a collection of 150 sounds that are intended to build Hip Hop and Trap music. The sample pack consists of carefully prepared samples of instruments such as Hi-Hat, Open Hat, Snare, Percussion, and 808. This library was inspired...

      $19.95 $9.99
    • Murdered By Sounds - Eminem Beat Loops Sale Off
    • Murdered By Sounds
      Current Deals

      Eminem x Alfred Hitchcock 'Murdered By Sounds' is a collection of Loops, MIDI Files and One-Shots inspired by the greatest rapper in history and the greatest, most influential and extensively studied movie director; Eminem & Alfred Hitchcock. It includes 124 Loops, 55 MIDI Files and 102 One-Shot Drums. This pack...

      $19.99 $12.49
    • Fire Lo-Fi Trap - Loops & One-Shots Sale Off
    • Fire Lo-Fi Trap
      Current Deals

      Mix Lo-Fi with Trap and you get... This pack includes 140 bumping 808 sub bass lines, Trap drum loops & layers, Lo-Fi plucky keys, catchy melodic pads, chord progressions, drum & percussion one-shots and a variety of essential samples for creating modern Trap music.'Fire Lo-Fi Trap' is a cross genre sample...

      $25.00 $20.00
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