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    • The Black Series Bundle Sale Off
    • The Black Series Bundle
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      Let's Stop You From Browsing A Whole Bunch Of Plain Patches And Actually Get You Inspired! Brandon Chapa is very excited to finally drop his favorite batch of kits inside of his "Black Series Bundle".This bundle contains 8 individual Omnisphere 2 Banks with over 600 Custom Omnisphere Patches, perfect for...

      $339.92 $29.99
    • Hot Sauce VST Sale Off
    • Hot Sauce VST
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      Spicy Sounds for Studio Sessions Modern Producers in collaboration with Bang Bang Productions are proud to unveil our new VST 'Hot Sauce'! This is a fully functional standalone VST with a user-friendly and simple feel, yet packing a mean punch!Check out the demo video: 'Hot Sauce VST' has the sounds you need...

      $89.99 $29.99
    • Sin City 2 Sale Off
    • Sin City 2
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      Sin For The 2nd Time! Brandon Chapa is back with a sequel that's even more Dark, Eerie, and weird.Sin City 2 has 50 Omnisphere 2 Patches perfect for cooking up bangers!If you're about to hit the studio and you need some sounds to get the vibe going, this is a...

      $34.99 $23.99
    • Black Pawn Sale Off
    • Black Pawn
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      Dark Analog Patches Brandon Chapa came back with a dark sound for his producer friends in the 'Black Pawn Bank'.This bank brings you 50 patches that don't need light in the style of any modern production style today.If you're looking for some new patches to spark your creativity then look...

      $34.99 $23.99
    • Kontakt Kollektion - 6 Top Kontakt Libraries in 1 Sale Off
    • Kontakt Kollektion
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      6 Top Kontakt Libraries in 1 Watch the demo playlist:With 'Kontakt Kollektion' the multi-platinum production team at Modern Producers collaborated with sound design heavyweights BigWerks and Bang Bang Productions to create a comprehensive all-in-one Kontakt bundle for producers!Included are 6 distinct Kontakt Libraries containing Instrument and Drum Presets to build out...

      $319.92 $99.99
    • Ski Library Sylenth Bank Sale Off
    • Ski Library Sylenth Bank
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      Perfectly Made Sounds For your Next Hit! 'Ski Library : Sylenth1 Bank' by Cartel Loops is a collection of the best Hip-Hop sounds for the Sylenth1 VSTi. Inside, you will find 44 perfectly made sounds for your next hit. This presets bank is an absolute must-have for any Hip-Hop, Trap...

      $14.99 $12.99
    • Dark Winter Omnisphere Bank Sale Off
    • Dark Winter Omnisphere Bank
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      The Coldest Keys Around Featuring 40 brand new Keyboard custom patches for Omnisphere 2.Brandon Chapa comes back colder than ever with his new Omnisphere bank "The Dark Winter Omnisphere Bank".If you've been looking for some icy new keys to produce many of today's top genres then these patches will definitely...

      $29.99 $21.99
    • Black Swan 2 Omnisphere Bank Sale Off
    • Black Swan 2 Omnisphere Bank
      Current Deals

      120 Custom Omnisphere Patches Brandon Chapa comes back with the everlasting "Black Swan ll". This bank contains 120 Custom Omnisphere 2 Patches perfect for any of today's top genres. Anywhere from Trap to Drill to EDM and even Reggaeton and who could forget RnB.These patches were custom made to give...

      $49.99 $29.99
    • The Fog Omnisphere Bank Sale Off
    • The Fog Omnisphere Bank
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      50 Custom Pad Patches Brandon Chapa comes in with the vibes in "The Fog" Omnisphere Bank.Inside contains 50 custom Padpatches for Omnisphere 2.If your looking to give your beats some vibe or feeling, then this is the bank you need for your Omnisphere presets folder.These Omnisphere Presets will give your...

      $34.99 $23.99
    • Witches Fruit Omnisphere Bank Sale Off
    • Witches Fruit Omnisphere Bank
      Current Deals

      Brandon Chapa is back! Brandon Chapa is back with a different type of fruit for his producer friends this round.Running through the forest and dodging witches we brought you "Witches Fruit" for Omnisphere 2.This bank is all arps and there are 25 inside of this bank.If you're looking for some...

      $19.99 $14.99
    • TRAP X YEAR BUNDLE - 12 Kits in 1! Sale Off
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      A Year+ Supply Of Trap! 'TRAP X YEAR BUNDLE' by SHOBEATS presents to you a pack where you will find selected, bundled and discounted awesome sound kits. Check out the demo video:This product comes with over 775 Loops, more than 690 MIDI Files, 494 One-Shot Drums in addition to more than...

      $359.88 $39.99
    • Element Sale Off
    • Element
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      Enter an entire new Element with 40 Cthulhu Chord Progression Presets! Welcome to the "Element Cthulhu" Preset Pack. This pack is loaded with 40 Modern Cthuhlhu Chord Progressions. Each progression was inspired by some of today's hottest Artists & Producers such as Jack Harlow, Lil Baby, DaBaby, Roddy Ricch, Russ,...

      $25.00 $17.99
    • Outsiders - Serum Presets Sale Off
    • Outsiders - Serum Presets
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      50 Modern Trap & Hip Hop Serum Presets! Take your listeners on a journey like never before!The "Outsiders Serum Preset Pack" is loaded with 50 Presets perfect for Trap, Hip Hop, RnB, Experimental & more! The Modern Music Producer will have no troubles using these Serum Presets to create some...

      $35.00 $19.00
    • Thorn Pro Expansion Sale Off
    • Thorn Pro Expansion
      Current Deals

      70 expressive presets for DS Audio Thorn New Loops presents 'Thorn Pro Expansion' - 70 expressive presets for DS Audio Thorn. From the hardest FM basses to the dreamiest keys, there’s a good range of usable presets for many different styles of music. You’ll find 19 modern basses, 13 beautiful...

      $19.99 $14.99
    • Bakers Dozen Bundle Sale Off
    • Bakers Dozen Bundle
      Current Deals

      Over 9GB Trap-Fi & Hip Hop Bundle Including Kits, Presets & 2 FREE VSTs! What is a Baker's Dozen, you might ask? Here in Michigan, it is common to walk into a Bakery or Donut Shop and purchase a 'Baker's Dozen' which comes with 13 items instead of the usual...

      $265.00 $29.99
    • The Black Swan Sale Off
    • The Black Swan
      Current Deals

      The Classic Omnisphere Bank! Brandon steps in to play with a crazy set of 100 patches for Omnisphere 2.If you're in the studio looking to make a hit and need some inspiration then this is the bank for you.This kit is filled like a lake with sounds from Keys, Pads, Arps,...

      $49.99 $29.99
    • The Black Diamond Omnisphere Bank Sale Off
    • The Black Diamond Omnisphere Bank
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      100 Omnisphere Patches Brandon Chapa is back with 'The Black Diamond Omnisphere Bank'. It contains 100 Omnisphere Patches that were inspired by sounds such as: Textured Bells, Swole Choirs, Traditional Flutes, Ambient Keys, & More. Product Includes: 100 Omnisphere Patches 100% Royalty-Free 513 KB Download File Size (Zipped) 2.62 MB...

      $49.99 $29.99
    • Alice - Cthulhu and Serum Sale Off
    • Alice - Cthulhu and Serum
      Current Deals

      Trippy Trap Cthulhu and Serum Presets with Construction Kits Get lost in a world you've never experienced before! The 'Alice - Cthulhu and Serum' pack will take you places you've never been. You will experience sounds you've never heard. You will experience feelings you've never felt. This pack will push...

      $30.00 $19.99
    • SEPTEMBER X Sale Off
      Current Deals

      Inspired by the styles of Travis Scott, 21 Savage, Drake, and more. Welcome on the Ninth of the infamous ‘SEPTEMBER X’ SERIES!This will be a series of 5 Construction Kits unique with highly addictive inspiring sounds and melodies loaded with perfect LOOPS & MIDIs and unique Drums and much more.Inspired by...

      $18.99 $14.99
    • Infinit Vibes VST - 150 Presets Sale Off
    • Infinit Vibes VST
      Current Deals

      Set the Vibe with 150 Fire Presets! 'Infinit Vibes' is a new VST Plugin designed to set the vibe to make a hit in seconds. this plugin contains over 150 Factory Presets that will provide you the highest quality modern day sound. Check out the demo video:This plugin is also...

      $199.99 $19.99
    • Essential Tropical House - Construction Kit Sale Off
    • Essential Tropical House
      Current Deals

      Pop & House Construction Kits 'Essential Tropical House' by 2DEEP is a sample pack loaded with 5 House and Pop Construction Kits with all you need to create your next hit song. This pack includes the Loops, Stems, Serum presets and MIDI files of the instruments used to create the...

      $29.95 $19.95
    • Modern Fame VST - 200 Instruments Sale Off
    • Modern Fame VST
      Current Deals

      Modern Hit Sounds Modern Producers are proud to unveil our new VST 'Modern Fame'! This plugin has all the sound gems you need to cook up modern hits in trending styles from Hip Hop to Trap, Pop, Electronic and beyond.Check out the demo video:This is a premium VST that is simple...

      $99.99 $39.99
    • Mystic Waterfall (Omnisphere Library) Sale Off
    • Mystic Waterfall (Omnisphere Library)
      Current Deals

      Custom Omnisphere Patches Featuring 50 new Custom Patches for Spectrasonics Omnisphere as well as some bonus royalty-free Loops. Check out the demo video: If your looking for some dark, Lo-Fi-ish, weird and different sounding patches then this is the X on the map! This kit was inspired by artists such as Lil...

      $34.99 $23.99
    • 2020 Complete Empire Bundle Sale Off
    • 2020 Complete Empire Bundle
      Current Deals

      The Most Insane Bundle! The most INSANE bundle Empire SoundKits has created to date! you can own the ENTIRE catalog of releases so far by best-selling label Empire SoundKits in just 1 click! Check out the demo video:This huge bundle is over 23.8 GB (don't worry - you don't have to download...

      $1,213.50 $99.00
    • Black Magic for Omnisphere Sale Off
    • Black Magic for Omnisphere
      Current Deals

      Dark Omnisphere Patches Watch the demo video:Brandon Chapa is back with another Omnisphere Bank and he brought some magic on this one! Get this crazy bank packed with 50 Omnisphere 2 Patches with that dark feel. Inspire by artists like Drake, XXXTentacion, Lil Pump, 808 Mafia and more! Product Includes: 50 Omnisphere...

      $34.99 $23.99
    • XOXO Kits Vol.5 - Modern Trap Beats Sale Off
    • XOXO Kits Vol.5
      Current Deals

      Modern Trap Beats After the success of Vol.1, 2, 3 & 4 here we are back with 'XOXO Kits Vol.5'! This dope kit is fully packed with fire up-to-date sounds and comes with 5 hard and amazing Beat Construction Kits by SHOBEATS. This kit is in the style of top charting artists like...

      $24.99 $12.99
    • XOXO Kits Vol.4 - Top-Charting Sounds Sale Off
    • XOXO Kits Vol.4
      Current Deals

      Follow In The Footprints of Top-Charting Artists 'XOXO Kits Vol.4' has arrived- after the success of Vol.1, 2 & 3 here we are back with Vol.4. This dope Kit is fully packed with fire up-to-date sounds! It comes with 5 hard and amazing Beat Construction Kits by SHOBEATS in the style of top...

      $19.99 $8.99
    • Afro Trap Explosion - Club Beats Sale Off
    • Afro Trap Explosion
      Current Deals

      Afro Trap Club Experience 'Afro Trap Explosion' brings you 5 unique Afro Trap bangers combined with modern drums, catchy plucks and synth leads inspired by new generation of Trap music. These 5 Construction Kits will give you more than enough unique sounds to edit, slice and chop to create your next...

      $29.99 $14.99
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