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    • Quality Drums Vol.1 Sale Off
    • Quality Drums Vol.1
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      Create some of the hottest beats in today's Trap music. 'Quality Drums Vol.1' by Cartel Loops contains all the necessary ingredients needed to create some of the hottest beats in today's Trap music. Inside this pack, you will find 174 perfectly crafted drum sound that will spice up your productions....

      $14.99 $9.99
    • Flex Sale Off
    • Flex
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      Trap Sample Pack 'Flex' gets your Trap juices flowing with a mix of trap vibes and sounds, giving you diversity, recognizable vibes, and uniqueness to stand out. This pack contains 160 ready-to-go inspirational sounds/loops, including a Drum Kit, 808’s, Strings, Keys, Bells, Synths, and more.Diversify your Trap sound and stand...

      $14.99 $6.99
    • The Speed Of Sound Vol. 1 Sale Off
    • The Speed Of Sound Vol. 1
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      Over 190+ Drums + Loops that slaps with the power of a ruling iron fist! 'The Speed Of Sound Vol. 1' By Tone Mason includes +190 hard-hitting drums, SFX, melodies loops that can be used in ANY genre!! This kit also includes selected sounds from upcoming kits. Compatible on all...

      $25.00 $15.00
    • Ivory Bundle Sale Off
    • Ivory Bundle
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      Piano Melody Loops The Ivory bundle spans five of the most popular distinct piano styles from the last seven decades. This bundle contains over 3GB of content, in both WAV and MIDI format, which is over 900 files, giving you massive potential for creating, limitless amounts of beats. It offers...

      $169.95 $24.99
    • Perkys Calling Percussion Kit Sale Off
    • Perkys Calling Percussion Kit
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      70 One-Shot Percussion Samples (WAV) The "Perkys Calling Perc Kit" is filled with 70 Custom Recorded Percussions, Processed by Myself(Brandon Chapa). This kit is an essential, must-have addition to your percussion arsenal. We as producers always need new sounds right? Well, Brandon Chapa went back into the lab to create...

      $19.99 $10.99
    • The Lo-Fi Bundle Sale Off
    • The Lo-Fi Bundle
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      Lo-Fi Sample Pack This bundle is your ultimate Lo-Fi companion. It brings together our two huge Lo-Fi packs Clouds and Dreams at an incredible discount.Dreams brings you a whole production pack to fulfill all your needs to create mellow Lo-Fi beats.We have composed and created over 250 files to cover...

      $31.98 $14.99
    • Tortured - Construction Kits Sale Off
    • Tortured
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      Music for The Tortured Soul 'Tortured' from Strategic Audio is a new Trap sample pack filled with sounds that evoke dark and solemn emotions. Truly music for the tortured soul, it conjures up the melancholy, the fear, anger, regret and darkness that one feels when going through trying times. It...

      $24.99 $9.99
    • Rida Strings (Electric Guitar Loops) Sale Off
    • Rida Strings (Electric Guitar Loops)
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      Electric Guitars For Every Production 'Rida Strings' by Platinum Circle Loops gives you the unique sound of Soul, Funk, Jazz & Rock through beautiful Guitar Melody Loops crafted and recorded by Platinum Producer Lazy Rida. These premium Melodies, FX, Sounds and Riffs will give you the exact emotions for your next hit....

      $29.99 $19.99
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