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    • Drum Weapons 3 (WAV Collection) Sale Off
    • Drum Weapons 3 (WAV Collection)

      The Powerful Drum Weapons 3 Sound now in WAV! Use the amazing sounds from the 'Drum Weapons 3' VST Plugin in ANY hardware or software! Over 6,500 Drum Samples in 16-Bit 44.1khz WAV Format that make up the whole VST's content. Complete with Main Sound, MP60 and SP1200 Variations and...

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    • 90s Hip Hop
    • 90s Hip Hop

      For the crate digging hip hop 90s babies This old-school sample pack is for the crate-digging hip hop 90s babies. Influenced by sounds of legendary hip hop artists such as J Dilla, Dj Premier, and Dr. Dre. This pack adopts the style and characteristics of 90s Hip Hop. However, we also infused these samples with modern-day flavor and melodics. Inside this pack, you'll discover full drum loops, melodic instrument loops, one-shot drum samples, one-shot instrument samples, atmospheres, vocals, and sound effects. This carefully crafted sample pack provides you with all of the audio tools needed to create the 90s styled Hip Hop beats. Product Details: 138 Total Samples  6 Atmospheres  12 Bass Loops  22 Drum Loops 32 Melodic Loops  8 Vocal Samples  44 Drum One-Shots  14 Instrument One-Shots 290 MB of Content (Zipped)

    • 90s Boom Bap - Loop Kit
    • 90s Boom Bap

      The Golden Era's Back '90s Boom Bap' by Undisputed Music brings you gritty sounds that are inspired by 90s Hip Hop. With hard-hitting drums and melodies, you will be sure to lose yourself in this Old School Hip Hop world and create something unique. If you love legendary producers such as...

    • Classic Boom Bap Anthems - 90s Hip Hop Sale Off
    • Classic Boom Bap Anthems

      Reminisce Over These Beats Top sample label Strategic Audio returns with another hot Hip Hop sample pack. 'Classic Boom Bap Anthems' brings that big, street-worthy, hardcore 90s Hip Hop sound. This is a top quality new loop product featuring 5 epic Hip Hop Construction Kits that feature that aggressive, anthemic and sometimes dark Old...

      $19.95 $12.99
    • 90s Rap King - Beat Kits
    • 90s Rap King

      Who's The Greatest Ever? '90s Rap King' by Undisputed Music is a sample pack loaded with hard-hitting 90s Hip Hop samples. If you enjoy producers such as RZA, Swizz Beatz, and DJ Jazzy Jeff, you will fall in love with this Hip Hop sample pack. This includes high quality melodies...

    • Retro Disco - 80s Synthwave
    • Retro Disco

      Straight to the 80s! Basement Freaks brings us straight back to the 80s with his new pack 'Retro Disco'! Filled with 80s fueled sounds made with the famous synths of the era such as DX7, Juno 106, Jupiter 8, ARP2600, Casio CZ, Synclavier and CS-80 to name a few, plus...

    • Slow Burn: Soulful Hip Hop - Sample Pack Sale Off
    • Slow Burn: Soulful Hip Hop

      Warm, Organic & Soulful Music Warm, organic, soulful music. If that's what your projects need, listen here. Strategic Audio returns with a brand new sample pack filled with that authentic musical Hip Hop. 'Slow Burn: Soulful Hip Hop' is a top quality new loop product featuring 5 Street/Billboard-ready Hip Hop...

      $19.95 $5.00
    • Rugged And Raw (Classic 90s Hip Hop) Sale Off
    • Rugged And Raw (Classic 90s Hip Hop)

      Those Classic Vibes Strategic Audio presents another hot new sample pack inspired classic Hip Hop and Trip Hop. 'Rugged And Raw (Classic 90s Hip Hop)' is an authentic musical sample pack packed with that hard Boom Bap/Trip Hop sound. It features 5 high quality Construction Kits that are perfect for creating...

      $22.00 $5.00
    • Golden - Boom Bap Beats Sale Off
    • Golden

      Bringing Back the Golden Era Sample pack super label Strategic Audio returns with 'Golden', a high quality musical Hip Hop sample pack that brings an authentic Golden Era (90s) Boom Bap sound. It features 5 Construction Kits with melodic chords that are perfect for Urban radio tracks and at the...

      $22.00 $11.00
    • Lo-Fi Sunsets - Chill Construction Kits Sale Off
    • Lo-Fi Sunsets

      Feel Good Sunsets Strategic Audio is proud to launch 'Lo-Fi Sunsets'. This is a high quality musical Lo-Fi Hip Hop sample pack filled to the brim with that authentic Chill, Lo-Fi, Boom Bap sound. It features 5 Construction Kits with melodic vibes that you might have heard in the 90s...

      $19.95 $12.95
    • Spring Splendor Drum Kit - 100 Drum Sounds Sale Off
    • Spring Splendor Drum Kit

      Spring Time Drum Sounds DEVIZE has grown this kit perfect for the Spring seasonal producer. 'Spring Splendor Drum Kit' has that warm, crisp, vinyl, Old School, Lo-Fi sound inspired by producers of the 90s, Soul, Boom Bap and Underground scene. Pick up this drum kit and let your next banger blossom!...

      $24.95 $14.95
    • The Lo-Fi Guitar Project - Construction Kit Sale Off
    • The Lo-Fi Guitar Project

      Classical Meets Urban New from Strategic Audio comes 'The Lo-Fi Guitar Project'. This is a high quality musical Lo-Fi Hip Hop Sample Pack filled to the brim with that authentic Chill, Lo-Fi, Boom Bap sound. It features 5 Construction Kits that are centered around authentic Guitar Melodies with that classic Lo-Fi Hip Hop...

      $19.95 $9.95
    • Drum Weapons 4 VST - Hip Hop Drum Plugin Sale Off
    • Drum Weapons 4 VST

      The Ultimate Drum Weapon! 'Drum Weapons 4 VST' has finally arrived! Built from the ground up with hard hitting-drums that will shake the entire hood. Watch the Trailer & Demo:'Drum Weapons 4' (DW4) builds on everything we did right in Drum Weapons 2 & Drum Weapons 3 that made Music Weapons one of the fastest...

      $199.99 $129.99
    • Solitude & Amplitude - Lo-Fi Hip Hop
    • Solitude & Amplitude

      90s Nostalgia 'Solitude & Amplitude' captures the essence of Chillout Hip Hop, instantly transcending your beats into a lucid state. Inspirational melodies, vinyl textures, live-recorded artifacts… These elements are the beating heart of this emotional sound bank. This pack brings the nostalgic character of vintage instrumentation and sampling techniques, to reflect...

    • The Boom Bap Legacy - Hip Hop Construction Kits
    • The Boom Bap Legacy

      Straight Up Boom Bap Strategic Audio presents: 'The Boom Bap Legacy'. A brand new Hip Hop Construction Kit! This is a top quality loop product featuring 5 x 90s style, Boom Bap, Hip Hop kits that fit perfectly in the those classic underground East Coast streets, yet have a true music...

    • Lo-Fi Chill & Beats To Study To - Loops & One-Shots
    • Lo-Fi Chill & Beats To Study To

      90s Chill Hop Nostalgia Imagine yourself in your studio, with a hot cup of tea in your hand, dim blue light illuminating your room... The mood is ideal to create, so you open your DAW of choice and load in 'Lo-Fi Chill & Beats To Study To'. This beauty of...

    • 90s Smooth Hip Hop - Construction Kits
    • 90s Smooth Hip Hop

      90s Revival '90s Smooth Hip Hop' by Undisputed Music is inspired from the smooth sounds of 90's Hip Hop. This pack provides you with live drums, bass, piano, 808s, and so much more. Combining different elements such as G-Funk, East Coast and Live Hip Hop, these sounds will increase your chances to...

    • Illuminated Minds - Raw & Gritty Hip Hop Sale Off
    • Illuminated Minds

      Gritty Hip Hop Sounds 'Illuminated Minds' is all about that raw but heartfelt sound that Hip Hop has been missing for a while. These beats were inspired by some of the greats like 2Pac, 50 Cent, Dmx, Nas & Jay-Z. For this Kit, 2DEEP handpicked 5 of his favorite samples...

      $29.99 $19.99
    • Hip-Hop Gold - Loops, One-Shots & MIDI
    • Hip-Hop Gold

      Golden Era Hip-Hop Loops Black Octopus brings you 'Hip-Hop Gold' - an array of unique, classic Hip Hop Elements and Samples to assist you in all your creative production needs. In the last 44 years, Hip Hop has been developed into far more than just a world-wide music genre. It...

    • West Coast Hip Hop - Sample Loop Pack
    • West Coast Hip Hop

      How The West Was Won Black Octopus presents 'West Coast Hip Hop', a Sample Pack dedicated to the the iconic sound of West Coast Hip Hop. A sure to be favorite in every Hip Hop producers arsenal, this pack captures the full essence of West Coast Hip Hop. Inside you...

    • The Golden Hip Hop Principle - Royalty-Free Samples
    • The Golden Hip Hop Principle

      Take It Back To The Golden Age Back in the day when 90′s Hip-Hop splashed all over the world, the most typical way to produce was to dig for soulful samples in record collections. Crate diggin’, setting beats and layin’ down the raps was the name of the game. The...

    • Iconic Hip Hop Drums Vol.2 - Boom Bap Drum Samples
    • Iconic Hip Hop Drums Vol. 2

      More Iconic Hip Hop Drums Epic Stock Media is back with 153 iconic Hip Hop drum samples featuring hard-hitting, authentic Hip Hop drums inspired by pioneering producers such as KRS-One, Pete Rock, Diamond D, RZA and DJ Muggs.Included in this massive kit are Kicks, Hats, Snares and Bonus FX in 44.16 16-Bit WAV format. All...

    • 90s Kid Hip Hop - Beat Construction Kit in WAV & MIDI
    • 90s Kid Hip Hop

      The Golden Age Is Back '90s Kid Hip Hop' by Big Citi Loops is for you if you miss that 90s Golden Age of Hip Hop feel! This kit is in the style of Mase, Notorious B.I.G., Busta Rhymes, Craig Mack and many more classic Hip Hop legends.All construction kits...

    • Iconic Hip Hop Drums Vol.1 - Kicks, Snares, Hats & FX
    • Iconic Hip Hop Drums Vol. 1

      All-Time Iconic Hip Hop Drums! Presenting to you 166 classic Hip Hop drum samples featuring hard-hitting, authentic Hip Hop essentials inspired by legendary hip hop artists such as Ill Bill, Jedi Mind Tricks, Necro, Eminem, Wu-Tang, Mobb Deep and Kanye West.Included in this massive kit are Kicks, Hats, Snares and Bonus FX, all...

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