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    • Murdered By Sounds - Eminem Beat Loops Sale Off
    • Murdered By Sounds

      Eminem x Alfred Hitchcock 'Murdered By Sounds' is a collection of Loops, MIDI Files and One-Shots inspired by the greatest rapper in history and the greatest, most influential and extensively studied movie director; Eminem & Alfred Hitchcock. It includes 124 Loops, 55 MIDI Files and 102 One-Shot Drums. This pack...

      $19.99 $12.49
    • Lo-Fi Ville Chill - Loops & One-Shots Sale Off
    • Lo-Fi Ville Chill

      Jazzy Instrumentation & Cozy Sonics LBandyMusic presents the first volume of the epic collection of driven Lo-Fi samples called 'Lo-Fi Ville Chill' including 100 Loops, 55 One-Shots, 35 MIDI Files and 60 Stems. Prepare to enter the world of abstract processing and all out character driven wonderfulness in this epic...

      $39.95 $9.95
    • Fanta (Hi-Hat MIDI Loop Kit) Sale Off
    • Fanta (Hi-Hat MIDI Loop Kit)

      Cardiak Approved Hi Hats! Watch the demo video:Brandon Chapa presents you with the 'Fanta Hi Hat MIDI Loop Kit'! Contained inside are 50 Hi-Hat MIDI Patterns with each matching Loop and 17 Bonus Melody Loops in WAV Format completely Royalty Free! If you're looking to get your production started off with some...

      $19.99 $13.99
    • Hats From The 6 Vol.2 - Trap Hat Loops
    • Hats From The 6 Vol.2

      More Crazy Hi-Hat Patterns 187 Audio presents 'Hats From the 6 Vol.2'. This kit is packed with modern Hip Hop, Trap and Trap Soul type hi-hat patterns. Inspired by Drake, Tory Lanez and Bryson Tiller. Just drag and drop. BPM is included in each sequence!  Product Includes:  10 Hi Hat Loops 24-Bit...

    • Elite Drums - Drill Drumkit
    • Elite Drums

      Drums For Drill Beats 'Elite Drums' by Empire Soundkits comes packed with them hard-hitting One-Shot Drum Sample kicks and 808s you hear in the current take over of the UK/NY Drill style beats. Also included are pre-made Drum Loops for any producer trying to perfect the Drill style. This kit comes with everything...

    • Earthquake (808 MIDI Loop Kit)
    • Earthquake (808 MIDI Loop Kit)

      Powerful Drum Production Tool Watch the demo video:Brandon Chapa drops the 'Earthquake (808 MIDI Loop Kit)' - hold onto something! This pack will get your beats grooving and hitting hard with custom-made 808 MIDI Loops as well as 808 WAV Loops ready to drop into any project. Inspired by artists like...

    • Chixpack 5 - WAV Loops, Drum One-Shots & MIDI Sale Off
    • Chixpack 5

      The Sexy Saga Continues... The saga continues with a new Soul Trap and R&B kit inspired mainly by 'Chixtape' from Tory Lanez, Play Picasso, Trey Songz, Bryson Tiller and others! ‘Chixpack 5’ is an awesome pack fully loaded with more than 100 WAV Loops, 54 WAV One-Shots, and 50 MIDI Loops....

      $24.95 $9.99
    • Hangman's Harbor (Omnisphere 2 Library) - 55 Presets Sale Off
    • Hangman's Harbor (Omnisphere 2 Library)

      Supercharge Omnisphere 2 Watch the demo video:Brandon Chapa is back with an astonishing new set of patches in his 'Hangman's Harbour Omnisphere 2 Bank'.Featuring 55 Omnisphere 2 Patches as well as Bonus Loops and a Bonus preset. This kit was inspired by artists such as Lil Tecca, Polo G, Shoreline Mafia,...

      $45.00 $25.00
    • Sprinkler (Hi-Hat MIDI Loop Kit)
    • Sprinkler (Hi-Hat MIDI Loop Kit)

      Powerful Drum Production Tool Watch the demo video:This pack brings you Hi Hat Loops in the styles of today's top Trap and R&B hits. All the way from hard Trap to slow Trap R&B styles, ranging from 110-170 BPM. Inspired by Young Dolph, The Weeknd, Roddy Ricch, DaBaby, Polo G, Offset,...

    • 2K20 Bundle - 750+ Samples Sale Off
    • 2K20 Bundle

      750+ Samples for 2020 '2K20 Bundle' by Rebel Nation Audio is a Hip Hop collection of some of the best selling packs released by this top label. With more than 750+ Samples and 2 GB of content including loops, one-shots and MIDI files, this bundle has all you need and more...

      $112.75 $9.99
    • Venom Drums VST - Drum Presets & Loops Sale Off
    • Venom Drums VST

      Discover this FIRE New Drum VST Watch the demo video:YC Audio presents an all-new FIRE Drum VST named 'Venom Drums VST'.Included are 5 full premium Drum Kits containing Kicks, Claps, Snares, Percussion, Hi-Hats and Closed Hats each. You'll also get a full Effects Suite including Volume, Tuning, Panning, Reverb & more....

      $59.95 $29.95
    • Trapperz Delight Drum Kit - Drums, Samples, Loops & MIDI Sale Off
    • Trapperz Delight Drum Kit

      Drum Kit with Loops, Samples & MIDI 'Trapperz Delight' is just that! A delight to have for any producer who makes or wants to make Trap beats. This kit has everything you need to produce dope Trap beats: you get a really nice sized Drum Kit along with a good...

      $30.00 $22.00
    • Komplex Hi-Hats - Hi-Hat Loops + MIDI Files
    • Komplex Hi-Hats

      The Toronto Takeover 'Komplex Hi-Hats' is a drum sample pack by Kits Kreme containing 40 Hi-Hat Loops with MIDI Files. Easily drag and drop these loops into your project to add some complexity and diversity to your next beat. If you’re lacking inspiration when it comes to the tedious hi-hats...

    • Bakin Soda Kit - Drum Kit + Drum & Melody MIDI Files
    • Bakin Soda Kit

      Exclusive Drum Kit + MIDI Files 'Bakin Soda Kit' is an exclusive kit made by Ms Yogi On Da Track.This kit includes not only a full Drum Kit with 808s, Snares, Kicks, Hats, Percs, Crashes, Open Hats, FX, Claps & Chants, but also a special Drum MIDI Folder with 5...

    • Inferno (Drum MIDI Kit)
    • Inferno (Drum MIDI Kit)

      MIDI Drum Fire Get fired up with the 'Inferno' Drum MIDI Kit by Cartel Loops!This collection features 55 Drum MIDI Patterns for use in your productions. Creating inspiring and professional drum patterns has never been this easy.Also included is a special Free Bonus Construction Kit. Product Includes:  55 Drum MIDI Patterns 10...

    • Surge V2 (HiHat MIDI Pack)
    • Surge V2 (HiHat MIDI Pack)

      Create Crazy Hat Patterns ‘Surge V2‘ is a HiHat MIDI Pack from music producer Canary Julz who has worked with Kid Ink, Rich Homie Quan, and many more. This MIDI kit contains 51  brand new MIDI HiHat patterns for your customization and use in your productions using advanced techniques.  Product Includes:  51 HiHat...

    • Drum Kings VST - 350 Drum Sounds Sale Off
    • Drum Kings VST

      The Royal Drum Treatment! Watch the demo video: Global Audio Tools presents music makers across the globe with a fine VST plug-in called 'Drum Kings'. This royal VST is jam packed with an array of over 350 hard-hitting Drum Sounds that will spark creative inspiration time and time again. With all...

      $59.95 $39.95
    • MIDI Maniak Vol.3 - MIDI Melodies, Chords & Drum Loops Sale Off
    • MIDI Maniak Vol.3

      MIDI Mayhem Returns - Trap to R&B! ‘MIDI Maniak Vol.3’ is a brand new MIDI Chords, Melodies & Drums Loop Pack from Diamond Loopz - sequel to the best-selling classics 'MIDI Maniak' & 'MIDI Maniak Vol.2'!Over 180 MIDI Files are waiting for you, all prepared in detail and perfect for making...

      $24.95 $19.95
    • 808 Massacre IV VST Sale Off
    • 808 Massacre IV VST

      The Legendary 808 VST You heard '808 Massacre' V1, V2 & V3... now years later it was time to revolutionize the 808 game once again! Introducing '808 Massacre IV VST' - only the dopest, hardest and bassiest 808s for your productions guaranteed 😁These are some of the most unique 808s and Sub Basses...

      $99.95 $69.95
    • BirdFlu Drum Kit - Trap Drums & Loops
    • BirdFlu Drum Kit

      Sickest Out Watch the demo video: MerzinaryDrumCartel & SemiAuto present 'BirdFlu Drum Kit'. This is one of the most official Trap kits out!This Drum Kit includes everything you need for your next Trap banger, from 808s to Kicks, Hats, Percs & Snares. Over 68 WAV Files! You'll also find 17 Drum Loops...

    • Dopeman Trap Toolbox - Drums, Presets & Loops Sale Off
    • Dopeman Trap Toolbox

      The Complete Trap Toolbox! ‘Dopeman Trap Toolbox’ from Diamond Loopz is a high-quality Drum Kit, Preset Bank and MIDI & Loop Pack all in one. It includes everything to create new Trap hits. If you want quality sounds in your production, this product is everything you need! The Sylenth1 bank includes...

      $39.95 $24.95
    • MIDI Crate Vol.2 - MIDI Melody & Drum Loops Sale Off
    • MIDI Crate Vol.2

      Return Of The Legendary MIDI Pack Canary Julz returns with the second installment of the 'MIDI Crate' series. This MIDI Kit is packed with Custom MIDI patterns for Melodies, Hi Hats, Open Hats, 808s, Kicks & Snares. These MIDI Patterns are versatile & can be used for multiple genres from R&B to Pop,...

      $29.99 $19.99
    • Got That Sauce (MIDI & Loop Pack)
    • Got That Sauce (MIDI & Loop Pack)

      Who Got That Sauce? Introducing the hottest MIDI & Loop pack in the infamous Diamond Loopz product family for producers: 'Got That Sauce'. Included in this awesome collection are 30 MIDI + 30 WAV Loops featuring creepy piano, choirs and synth melodies - The Sauce is everywhere! Of course everything...

    • Movements (HiHat MIDI Loop Pack) Sale Off
    • Movements (HiHat MIDI Loop Pack)

      Superior MIDI HiHats ‘Movements‘ is a HiHat MIDI Loop Pack from music producer Canary Julz who has worked with Kid Ink, Rich Homie Quan, and many more. This MIDI kit is packed with exclusive MIDI HiHat patterns for you to simply drag-and-drop into your DAW (compatible with all software and...

      $20.00 $14.00
    • MIDI Maniak Vol.2 - 242 MIDI Files & Loops Sale Off
    • MIDI Maniak Vol.2

      More MIDI Mayhem ‘MIDI Maniak Vol.2’ is a MIDI Melodies & Drums Loop Pack from Diamond Loopz - sequel to the best-selling classic 'MIDI Maniak'! This MIDI Kit is packed with more custom MIDI patterns for Melodies, Hi Hats, Open Hats, 808s, Kicks, & Snares. These MIDI Patterns are versatile...

      $24.95 $17.95
    • 808 MIDI Loops - WAV Loops, One-Shots & MIDI Files Sale Off
    • 808 MIDI Loops

      Instant 808! Diamond Loopz proudly presents: '808 MIDI Loops' – A future-facing kit with lots of heavy 808s, cone-shaking basslines and dope rhythms! This pack is an essential new collection which serves up more than 160 all-new 808 WAV Loops, One-Shots and MIDI files for your Trap/Hip Hop productions.‘808 Midi Loops’...

      $29.95 $24.95
    • Hats From The 6 - Hi Hat WAV & MIDI Loops
    • Hats From The 6

      OVO Inspired Hat Patterns 187 Audio presents 'Hats From the 6': This kit is packed with modern Hip Hop, Trap & Trap Soul style Hi-Hat patterns for your productions. Inspired by legendary artists from the 6 such as Drake, Tory Lanez and Bryson Tiller. We have provided the full functional high quality...

    • MIDI Maniak - 360 MIDI Files & Loops Sale Off
    • MIDI Maniak

      Huge MIDI Collection Diamond Loopz proudly presents: 'MIDI Maniak' – the ultimate producer pack! Contained inside is an awesome collection that features over 360 MIDI files ready for various music genres from Trap to Hip Hop, Funk, R&B, Pop and more. All these melodic and rhythmic MIDI files allow you...

      $29.95 $17.95
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