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    • 2023 Supplies Bundle Sale Off
    • 2023 Supplies Bundle
      Sonics Empire Sale

      Stack Your Beats With All Of The Elements For Each Genre In One Place At A Discounted Price This 2023 Supplies Bundle is a perfect collection for producers who want to create a top quality Rnb/Soul, Trap, Drill and Lofi music. With this bundle you will find all the elements...

      $163.92 $20.00
    • Yardi
    • Yardi
      Sonics Empire Sale

      Grime and UK Hip-Hop Flavor The long-awaited sequel to DRILL is finally here. Introducing Yardi (Custom Grime/UK Hip-Hop). Yardi is packed full of audio and MIDI providing you with more flexibility to arrange, flip, and re-construct for your liking. Yardi Construction kits are created specifically to meet all your Grime...

    • Drill NFTs Sale Off
    • Drill NFTs
      Sonics Empire Sale

      Dramatic Drill Sounds For 2022 !! 'Drill NFTs' Sample pack is created for you with brand new recipes, different sounds, and the ability to grow more value when it's in your hands. This collection includes 5 construction kits, ten layered melody loops and drill drums, 70 stems and 49 MIDIs...

      $17.99 $9.99
    • Afromotional Sale Off
    • Afromotional
      Sonics Empire Sale

      Emotional Afro Sample Pack For Melodic 2022. Sounding like no other, 'Afromotional' is an afro based sample pack filled with vibrant melodies, life and inspiration. Introducing another new sound experience by Sonics Empire. Every element of the samples from Chords, Solos, Drums and Vocals was carefully considered to create an...

      $17.99 $9.99
    • Lo-Fi Drill Sale Off
    • Lo-Fi Drill
      Sonics Empire Sale

      Lo-Fi Drill Construction Kits, Drum Kit/Loops, Sample Pack, Melodic One-Shots, and MIDI 'Lo-fi Drill' Sample pack is a Premium blend of Lo-fi and Drill music genre that is super loaded with (202) Files in total, (28) uniquely designed Drum Kit, (15) Melodic Samples, (26) Instruments One-Shots, (10) Drum Loops, and...

      $17.39 $9.99
    • Drill Blues Sale Off
    • Drill Blues
      Sonics Empire Sale

      UK/NY Drill Tastes Different with These Blues Guitar Solos. Drill Blues sample pack from Sonics Empire is the first of its kind to bring you an elevating experience to the UK/NY drill music genre. More melodic and more expressive with the guitar solos played on the best drill drum patterns....

      $19.99 $9.99
    • Drill Print Sale Off
    • Drill Print
      Sonics Empire Sale

      Drill Print = Unmatched Performance! Hard Knocking Drums gives you the power to Perfect sounding without surgical EQing or over-compression. Sonics Empire presents 'Drill Print' Drum kit. Drill Print comes with 42 One-Shots, 38 Dry/Wet Vocals, and 10 Drum loops with WAV and MIDI Stems. We crafted Drill Print for...

      $15.00 $9.99
    • Feeling Blues Sale Off
    • Feeling Blues
      Sonics Empire Sale

      Construct Amazing trap soul, Cloud Rap, R&B beats 'Feeling Blues' is a vocal sample pack created by Sonics Empire. We also wanted to pack it with melodies, Samples, And Drum loops to provide you with more value for your music production library.We included MIDI and WAV files of each sound...

      $15.00 $9.99
    • KEYNOTE Sale Off
      Sonics Empire Sale

      KEYNOTE THE 1.12 GB SAMPLE PACK FOR GLOBAL TOP CHARTS. 'KEYNOTE' from Sonics Empire is a Giant Melody Sample Pack with 1.12GB of Melodies campaigned with Knocking Drum Loops, Stem Files, MIDIs, and Drum One-Shots. 'KEYNOTE' is absolutely the pack you need to start a Melodic new year full of...

      $29.99 $9.99
    • DRUMNOTE Sale Off
      Sonics Empire Sale

      2021 MULTI-GENRES DRUM KIT WITH HI-HAT AND PERCUSSION LOOPS. We used the human mouth and material we found around the studio to record this drum kit for you. And since we are familiar with the different music genres, we had to make it sound natural, organic and works for Hip-hop,...

      $19.99 $9.99
    • Late Halloween Surprise Bundle Sale Off
    • Late Halloween Surprise Bundle
      Sonics Empire Sale

      Fill your stock with Melodies, and knocking drums 'Late Halloween Surprise Bundle' - Get what you need for a longer duration without spending more, and make your workflow easier to the point where you have time to think about other aspects of your production - 5GB Of useful Content. Yessir!...

      $214.90 $8.00
    • Trap Flavor - Construction Kits Sale Off
    • Trap Flavor
      Sonics Empire Sale

      Trap Sounds for Beatmakers Sonics Empire proudly presents the first volume of the 'Flavor' series starting with 'Trap Flavor'. In this product, we included 5 Construction Kits with tempo and key labels. You will also find in each kit folder five subfolders of MIDI, One-Shots, WAV Stem Files, Drum Loops,...

      $29.99 $14.99
    • Panamera - Modulated Trap Kits
    • Panamera
      Sonics Empire Sale

      Modulated Trap Kits 'Panamera' from Sonics Empire is a 5 Trap Construction Kit and comes with a variety of drum loops, drum one-shots, and WAV Stems. The melody loops are modulated with a tape effect and resampled to create a vintage texture and an analog feel. Drums are professionally processed to...

    • Producers Lockdown Bundle - 808 Files / 2.75 GB of Content Sale Off
    • Producers Lockdown Bundle
      Sonics Empire Sale

      All Top Packs in a Special Bundle The 'Producers Lockdown Bundle' has gathered a major selection of top Sample Packs, Construction Kits, Vocal Samples, and MIDI & Drum One-Shots to serve you during this hard time. Sonics Empire put the best of what they've got alongside the newest 2020 releases....

      $149.50 $14.99
    • Loopstasy - Full Sample Compositions Sale Off
    • Loopstasy
      Sonics Empire Sale

      Melodic Sample Pack 'Loopstasy' is a melodic sample pack by Sonics Empire. Packed with 10 outstanding Full Samples, 29 Stem Files, 29 Drum Shots and 10 creative Drum Loops. This pack is suitable for many music genres such as Hip Hop, Lo-Fi, Cloud Rap and modern R&B. Including rich analog sounds...

      $19.99 $14.99
    • Last Supper - Melodies, Drums & Vocals Sale Off
    • Last Supper
      Sonics Empire Sale

      Combining Melodies, Drums & Vocals The 'Last Supper' sample pack from Sonics Empire includes 3 essential elements: melodies, drums, and vocals. In the melodies folder, you will find 16 Full Samples and 31 Stem Files organized with tempo and key included. In the Drums folder we provided you with two...

      $19.99 $14.95
    • Loopstars Bundle Vol.1 - 5 Kits for the Price of 1 Sale Off
    • Loopstars Bundle Vol.1
      Sonics Empire Sale

      5 Loop Kits in 1 This awsesome Loop Kit package deal collects 5 Kits by the best-selling Sonics Empire label.In total you'll find over 1.5 GB of the finest Melody Loops, Drum Loops & Samples ready to spark instant creativity! With these kits you'll be competing for the top spots...

      $73.00 $14.60
    • Trap Avengers Vol.2 (Sample & Drum Pack) Sale Off
    • Trap Avengers Vol.2 (Sample & Drum Pack)
      Sonics Empire Sale

      More High Quality Trap Samples + Drums Special Offer: Buy 'Trap Avengers Vol.2' and get 'Trap Avengers Vol.1' for FREE!'Trap Avengers Vol.2' is the second installment of a brand new series of innovative samples that will catapult your production to the top of the Trap & R&B charts. This pack...

      $34.99 $14.99
    • Avalon (Sample Pack) - WAV Samples, MIDI Files & Drum Loops Sale Off
    • Avalon (Sample Pack)
      Sonics Empire Sale

      Platinum Sound Sample Collection 'Avalon (Sample Pack)' is a platinum collection of original samples with WAV Stems and their accompanying MIDI Files, perfectly paired with an array of Drum Loops to keep your speakers knockin’. The sounds contained are extra fat and of outstanding quality, nothing short of your favorite...

      $19.99 $11.99
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