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    • Sounds Of Nicki 3 - Construction Kit with Nicki Minaj Type Beats
    • Sounds Of Nicki 3
      Elite Sounds

      Nicki Returns! 'Sounds Of Nicki 3' from Elite Sounds brings a new perspective to this top-charting kit series with a darker and more aggressive tone than the previous two Volumes. You'll find over 850 MB of heavy-hitting material covering flying arps, deep basses and pads. With simple structures but complex...

    • 2 Be Alive Vol.3 (Drake Vs. Future)
    • 2 Be Alive Vol.3
      Elite Sounds

      Drake Vs. Future... The 3rd! '2 Be Alive Vol 3' is a must-have Kit for your library. You'll find club-ready sounds with undeniable drums and melodic rhythms, progressive FX and animated percussion. This pack will give you just what you need to produce new and fresh, futuristic music. This banging...

    • 2 Be Alive Vol.2 (Drake & Future Loop Kit)
    • 2 Be Alive Vol.2
      Elite Sounds

      Drake Vs. Future Round 2! '2 Be Alive Vol.2' is a must-have Kit for your library. You'll find club-ready sounds with undeniable drums and melodic rhythms, progressive FX and animated percussion. This pack will give you just what you need to produce new and fresh, futuristic music. This banging Construction...

    • Mister Smith Vol.1 (Sam Smith Instrumental Kit)
    • Mister Smith Vol.1
      Elite Sounds

      Get The Grammy-Winning Sound of Sam Smith! 'Mister Smith Vol 1' from Elite Sounds marks the beginning of an amazing three part series. Sure there are probably other kits out there based on Sam Smith's style, however this pack has been perfectly constructed around his entire image, career and music....

    • 2 Be Alive Vol.1 (Drake & Future Loop Kit)
    • 2 Be Alive Vol.1
      Elite Sounds

      Drake Vs. Future '2 Be Alive: Vol 1' is the hottest release from Elite Sounds. This remarkable pack is entirely modelled after Drake & Future's newest mixtape 'What A Time To Be Alive'. This is a one-of-a-kind pack packed full of heavy 808s, warm pads, deep basses and intuitive mixing...

    • Sounds Of RiRi Vol.3 (Rihanna Construction Kit)
    • Sounds Of RiRi Vol.3
      Elite Sounds

      The Final Rihanna Construction Kit 'Sounds Of RiRi Vol 3' completes this chart-smashing series from Elite Sounds. With styles, rhythms, and melody lines based on music from Rihanna, you will carry yourself above and beyond when adding these sounds to your productions. Over 700 MB of rare and exclusive sounds...

    • Sounds Of RiRi Vol.2
    • Sounds Of RiRi Vol.2
      Elite Sounds

      Get Rihanna's chart-topping sound 'Sounds Of RiRi Vol 2' from Elite Sounds delivers a wide range of sounds and samples in the style of the Queen herself, Rihanna. Tempos ranging from 80 to 120 BPM, this pack is loaded with all original material from Elite Sounds studios in Los Angeles,...

    • Sounds Of Cashmere Sale Off
    • Sounds Of Cashmere
      Elite Sounds

      Original Music by Cashmere Cat 'Sounds Of Cashmere' from Elite Sounds is packed with analog pads, synths, leads, rare drum fills, and rhythms and effects. This brand new pack showcase sounds similar to one of the industry's hottest up-and-coming producers, Cashmere Cat. Packed with tons of loops and MIDI, this...

      $35.00 $20.00
    • Sounds Of ASAP
    • Sounds Of ASAP
      Elite Sounds

      Get the A$AP Mob sound today 'Sounds Of ASAP' from Elite Sounds is a new pack with 850 MB of dark, grim and super-heavy rhythms. The heaviest 808's Elite Sounds has ever put out and the simple yet distinctive soundscapes all are derived from the style of the A$AP Mob's...

    • Radio Waves HipHop Edition
    • Radio Waves: Hip Hop Edition
      Elite Sounds

      Top Quality Epic Hip Hop 'Radio Waves: Hip Hop Edition' from Elite Sounds brings you original, top-quality Hip Hop samples. It's pretty simple, there are so many Hip Hop kits out there, but you haven't heard a pack like this. Unique chord progressions, rare sounds, heavy drums, and sweeping transitions....

    • Pop Kingz (Pop/EDM Crossover Loops)
    • Pop Kingz
      Elite Sounds

      A Pop/EDM Crossover Pack of epic designs 'Pop Kingz' is completely loaded with brand new innovative and original samples. These cutting-edge loops and samples will take your production to an entirely new platform. Listen to the demos. This is unlike any other Pop/EDM kit on the market. Download this kit...

    • King Of The South (T.I. Construction Kit) Sale Off
    • King Of The South
      Elite Sounds

      Inspired by the South's very own T.I. 'King Of The South' from Elite Sounds is a very special pack. These custom and highly addictive sounds come inspired by the South's very own T.I. This pack is loaded with real music, real rhythms, and a real sound from the rising producer...

      $43.78 $29.99
    • Gemini Music Vol.2
    • Gemini Music Vol.2
      Elite Sounds

      A Brand New Outlook on Modern Production Elite Sounds prides itself on crafting the highest quality products available and 'Gemini Music Vol.2' is the manifestation of that vision. This pack is far from the typical remakes that you've come to expect. These are authentic, inspirational, high-quality productions designed to cater...

    • Coming Home Construction Kit
    • Coming Home
      Elite Sounds

      The sound of multi-platinum recording artist Drake 'Coming Home' from Elite Sounds is a one-time, limited edition pack inspired by the music industry's sensation, Drake. Each hand-crafted song in this pack resembles a style reminiscent of the hit singles that he has released. Smooth melody lines with steady rhythms will...

    • Black Mozart Vol.1 Construction Kit Sale Off
    • Black Mozart Vol.1
      Elite Sounds

      Classic sounds with an Urban edge 'Black Mozart Vol.1' is a fantastic new construction kit package by Elite Sounds. Including 5 genre-bending Construction Kits inspired by classical music and modern hip hop alike. All parts are separated, including perfectly mixed, mastered, and arranged signature melodies, kicks, snares, claps, hats, and...

      $30.00 $24.00
    • Angelic Voices Vol.1 (Vocal Kit) Sale Off
    • Angelic Voices Vol.1
      Elite Sounds

      The Voice from Above 'Angelic Voices Vol 1' from Elite Sounds is a top-of-the-line quality collection of five Construction Kits providing you not only with amazing choir loops but full instrumentation as well making this perfect for producers of deep and epic Hip Hop. Don't be mistaken, this is not...

      $29.90 $21.35
    • Gemini Music by Elite Sounds Sale Off
    • Gemini Music
      Elite Sounds

      The Sounds of Sage The Gemini 'Gemini Music' is a brand new release from Elite Sounds representing the best interpretation of the sounds of Sage The Gemini. With tempos ranging from 95-105 BPM each of the five Construction Kits will give your productions that club bounce.You'll find over 650 MB...

      $30.00 $14.99
    • Sounds Of Nicki 2 Construction Kit
    • Sounds Of Nicki 2
      Elite Sounds

      More Minaj! 'Sounds Of Nicki 2' from Elite Sounds marks the second installment of this charting series. With the release of Nicki Minaj's latest album, the demand for her innovative Urban crossover sound has gone up. This pack includes nothing but unique, one-of-a-kind melodies and rhythms. Drum patterns never heard...

    • Sounds Of Aiko 3
    • Sounds Of Aiko 3
      Elite Sounds

      Over 750 MB Of Lush Material! 'Sounds Of Aiko 3' is the final release in this chart-topping series, and this pack is better than its predecessors. A great deal of time was put into forming these original sounds, all you have to do is listen to the next-level sounds in...

    • Rare One-Shotz: Household Edition Sale Off
    • Rare One-Shotz: Household Edition
      Elite Sounds

      Anything from a vacuum cleaner to a doorbell, all the way down to a DVD tray opening and closing 'Rare One-Shotz: Household Edition' is a brand new series from Elite Sounds featuring over 100 original samples taken from typical household appliances and utensils. Anything from a vacuum cleaner to a...

      $30.00 $21.88
    • Rollin Paperz by Elite Sounds Sale Off
    • Rollin Paperz
      Elite Sounds

      5 Construction Kits inspired by Wiz Khalifa 'Rollin Paperz' brings you 5 multi-track Construction Kits inspired by the early work of Wiz Khalifa, packed full of banging tunes with a mellow undertone perfectly capturing the vibe of his pre-stardom mix-tapes.You'll find all-original Hip Hop and R&B content including heavy 808s,...

      $32.00 $22.00
    • Club Ballads Bundle by Elite Sounds Sale Off
    • Club Ballads Bundle
      Elite Sounds

      Get The Club Pumpin'! 'Club Ballads Bundle' brings all three of the top-selling packs of this series from Elite Sounds together in one! Everything you loved about the fusion of a ballad and a club record is now at your fingertips. With over 3.3 GB of content, this mega pack...

      $75.00 $25.00
    • Sounds of Nicki Sale Off
    • Sounds Of Nicki
      Elite Sounds

      The Nicki Minaj Experience 'Sounds Of Nicki' features exclusive new samples from Elite Sounds. Don't let the pink fool you, this release is undoubtedly the most sonically intuitive pack to hit the market. Nicki Minaj has made such an impact on the music industry and these sounds deliver just that,...

      $32.51 $25.00
    • Sounds of Drizzy 2 by Elite sounds Sale Off
    • Sounds Of Drizzy 2
      Elite Sounds

      Construction Kits inspired by Drake 'Sounds Of Drizzy 2' is a premium pack from Elite Sounds delivering sounds in the style of Hip Hop artist, Drake. This kit literally is the hottest kit to be released right now. Included are over 100 MB of Bonus material! Add this kit to...

      $32.35 $27.00
    • Sounds of riri by Elite sounds Sale Off
    • Sounds Of RiRi
      Elite Sounds

      Welcome To The Sound of Rihanna 'Sounds Of RiRi' the second release in the "Sounds Of" series from Elite Sounds. Rihanna is undoubtedly one of the world's greatest hitmakers. Everything from Pop Smashes to R&B Ballads, all the way up to Hip Hop Sultry-esque vibes like 'Pour It Up'. This...

      $32.37 $24.00
    • Sounds of Rozay by Elite Sounds
    • Sounds of Rozay
      Elite Sounds

      The Boss Ross Sound 'Sounds Of Rozay' is the newest edition to the 'Sounds Of...' series, bringing you hard-hitting drums and lush musical elements all inspired by legendary producer Rick Ross. This pack comes with over 1.75 GB (uncompressed) of unique and original samples for your production. Product Details All...

    • Exclusive sylenth sounds vol 1 by elite sounds Sale Off
    • Exclusive Sylenth Sounds Vol 1
      Elite Sounds

      100 Custom Sylenth1 Presets! 'Exclusive Sylenth Sounds Vol 1' is the first product in this series from Elite Sounds. Plain and simple, this pack comes with 100 custom original Sylenth presets and 5 multi-track Construction Kits of the hottest Hip Hop/Dirty South sounds you can find. Most of the sounds heard...

      $33.50 $24.00
    • Sounds of Aiko 2 Sale Off
    • Sounds Of Aiko 2
      Elite Sounds

      Fresh Ideas For your Productions 'Sounds Of Aiko 2' is the premiere selection for samples. This illustrious top-selling pack will give you fresh ideas and never-before-heard combinations. There are so many packs out there filled with nonsense, this is not one of them. Add this collection to your library and...

      $33.97 $24.00
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