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    • Lofi RnB & Chill
    • Lofi RnB & Chill
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      'Lofi RnB & Chill' by Concept Samples delivers a collection of Lo-fi infused sounds including lush Leads, detuned Plucks and Chords, immense Melodies, Drums, and more. This premium collection features a high-quality palette of elements developed for your Chillhop, RnB, and Chillout tracks. All sounds come labeled for easier navigation...

    • Pop Star 5 - Construction Kit
    • Pop Star 5
      New Products

      Perfect for mainstream Pop, Future Bass, and RnB 'Pop Star 5' by 2DEEP is the fifth installment in the smash-hit 'Pop Star' series, loaded with 5 radio-ready Construction Kits that will easily catapult your next single into the charts. The content included in this pack is not only perfect for...

    • Reel To Reel (Vintage Lo-Fi)
    • Reel To Reel (Vintage Lo-Fi)
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      Giving You The Vibe of the 50s, 60s & 70s Black Octopus is proud to present 'Reel To Reel (Vintage Lo-Fi)'. This pack is made by a multi-instrumentalist that has become world renown for his sample work; Al Hug. Having a tip of the hat from a legend like Timbaland...

    • Cinemate - Electronic Cinematic Samples
    • Cinemate
      New Products

      Electronic Cinematic Samples Freak Music is proud to present the 'Cinemate' collection of electronic cinematic Loops, Samples and MIDI Files perfect for your next classic production. 157 richly detailed, evolving samples into one royalty-free selection, the set ranges in total color from warm, soulful orchestral harmony to stark, eerie and abstract...

    • Lo-Fi Samples - Construction Kits
    • Lo-Fi Samples
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      High Quality Lo-Fi Melodies 'Lo-Fi Samples' is an incredible Lo-Fi sound pack by Undisputed Music. This is packed with high quality melodies and drums that will make you fall in love with the Lo-Fi genre. This is an authentic Lo-Fi sample kit that is filled with strong melodies, Boom Bap...

    • Corpse - Melodic Sample Pack Sale Off
    • Corpse
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      Dark, Vintage & Electric Sounds The 'Corpse' Sample Pack includes melodic content created using dark, vintage, electric sounds to give you an instant idea for the drums and other melodies to back them up and build around. The number of loops in this pack is 10 Main Loops, and most of...

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    • Sample Lab Vol.3 - Melodic Samples Sale Off
    • Sample Lab Vol.3
      New Products

      Melodic Samples with Separate Loops 'Sample Lab Vol.3' is packed with 10 unique Melodic Samples adding up to a total of 54 Loops, inspired by modern Hip Hop, Trap and R&B. Each sample comes with mixed down variations as well as the separate stems to give you full control of your...

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    • Street Vintage - Sample Chop Beats Sale Off
    • Street Vintage
      New Products

      Back To The Streets Strategic Audio brings something fresh with 'Street Vintage'. This is a high quality musical Hip Hop sample pack where we take our own Royalty-Free samples and chop them up to make brand new sample chops. This is that gritty, street infused, sample based, authentic Boom Bap sound....

      $19.95 $12.99
    • THE COOK UP CONTEST 3 - Over $3000 of Prizes! Sale Off
      New Products

      CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS!  Here's the Announcement you've all been waiting for... the Winners of 'THE COOK UP CONTEST 3' are: 1st Place - Taariq Abdus Salaam 'Sub One'2nd Place - Goldcat 'Snake'3rd Place - Drew Beats 'Coldheart'4th - 15th Place (Runners Up) - Kizone Audio, Anesu, Asdaroid, C.Rokk.Beatzz, RickLaFlare, DJmac...

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    • Analog Vintage Sound Bundle - 4 Kits in 1 Sale Off
    • Analog Vintage Sound Bundle
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      Vintage Vibes The Beat House presents 'Analog Vintage Sound Bundle'. We brought you that analog sound, that you hear in a lot of vintage records, and also in today's chart music. You get 160+ sounds meticulously made with precision. Check out the demo video:These warm analog sounds were processed through analog gear for...

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    • The Bundle Awards - 3.5 GB of Sample Content Sale Off
    • The Bundle Awards
      New Products

      And The Award for Best Bundle goes to... 'The Bundle Awards' is a massive 3.5+ GB of content collected from 16 Construction Kits (Uber X, Brandnew), 30 Vinyl Construction Kits (MegaVinyl Folder), 94 Unreleased Loops (Rvtchet Sample pack) and a rewarded 20 exclusive Multi-instrument Samples. All are 100% royalty-free to...

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    • Jazmin - Psychedelic Samples Sale Off
    • Jazmin
      New Products

      Psychedelic Sample Pack 'Jazmin' is a psychedelic Sample Pack that covers a large number of styles inspired by the psychedelia of the 1960s. Instead of relying on specific exotic instruments used in psychedelic music, we did it through sound processing, from glitching, reversing, to repeating a short part and give...

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    • Uber X - Sample Pack for Producers Sale Off
    • Uber X
      New Products

      Stemmed Samples for Producers 'Uber X' is a Sample Pack from Rebel Nation Audio contains 16 stemmed samples with over 72 Instrument & Drum Loops (keyboards, bass, pads, vocals etc.). All loops are tempo and key labeled and include a large variety of styles going from Trap Soul to Afro House.In this product we...

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    • RVTCHET - Sample Pack Sale Off
      New Products

      Hip Hop & Trap Samples for Beats that KNOCK 'RVACHET' Sample Pack is a library from Rebel Nation Audio that provides you with a sonic punch to inspire beats that KNOCK. 'RVTCHET' is a comprehensive collection of Music Loops. These melodic and harmonic samples are primed and ready to be thrown into...

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    • Artefact (Sample Library) Sale Off
    • Artefact (Sample Library)
      New Products

      Discover Gems for Sample Producers  Rebel Nation Audio presents the 'Artefact' Sample Library with 21 originally composed samples, ready to give you instant inspiration to fight the beat block and give an extra boost to your productions. We offer a large collection of Loops suitable for producers of Trap, Hip Hop, Chill...

      $19.95 $9.95
    • Eternal Sample Pack - Hip Hop & Trap Samples Sale Off
    • Eternal Sample Pack
      New Products

      Hip Hop & Trap Samples 'Eternal Sample Pack' contains 20 Hip Hop & Trap Samples composed at a professional level. Stock up your producer arsenal with new original sounds and loops – all 100% royalty-free! To give you the perfect straight out of the box sound we only used high...

      $29.95 $14.95
    • Sample Corner - 20 Original Samples
    • Sample Corner
      New Products

      Jump Start your Inspiration! 'Sample Corner' is a Sample Pack containing 20 Music Samples perfect for any contemporary Hip Hop, Trap, Lo-Fi or Pop production. Stock up your producer arsenal with new original Samples that can be used 100 % Royalty-Free! To give you the perfect straight out of the...

    • Producers Lockdown Bundle - 808 Files / 2.75 GB of Content Sale Off
    • Producers Lockdown Bundle
      New Products

      All Top Packs in a Special Bundle The 'Producers Lockdown Bundle' has gathered a major selection of top Sample Packs, Construction Kits, Vocal Samples, and MIDI & Drum One-Shots to serve you during this hard time. Sonics Empire put the best of what they've got alongside the newest 2020 releases....

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    • Sample Lab Vol.2 - 27 Melodic Loops Sale Off
    • Sample Lab Vol.2
      New Products

      Unique Melodic Samples for Your Beats 'Sample Lab Vol.2' is packed with 27 unique Melodic Samples inspired by the sounds of old foreign vinyl and movie soundtracks to dark melodies and epic movie scores. 2DEEP has production credits with 50 Cent, Tank, Fetty Wap, Method Man, Rick Ross, Ghostface Killah, Jadakiss,...

      $29.99 $19.99
    • Banger Bundle Vol.3 - Trap Kits Sale Off
    • Banger Bundle Vol.3
      New Products

      20 Kits in 1 Trap Bundle 'Banger Bundle Vol.3' form Double Bang Music is an opportunity to get some of the best kits at a bargain price. 4 Sample Packs include Construction Kits, FLP Files, MIDI/WAV Loops, One-Shot Drums and more. This set includes such hits as: Gotta Shine, Trap Hittaz, Jager...

      $65.00 $22.95
    • Loopstasy - Full Sample Compositions Sale Off
    • Loopstasy
      New Products

      Melodic Sample Pack 'Loopstasy' is a melodic sample pack by Sonics Empire. Packed with 10 outstanding Full Samples, 29 Stem Files, 29 Drum Shots and 10 creative Drum Loops. This pack is suitable for many music genres such as Hip Hop, Lo-Fi, Cloud Rap and modern R&B. Including rich analog sounds...

      $19.99 $14.99
    • Banger Bundle Vol.2 - Trap Kits Sale Off
    • Banger Bundle Vol.2
      New Products

      19 Trap Kits for you! 'Banger Bundle Vol.2' has arrived! It includes 19 Trap Construction Kits for immediate creation. This set includes such hits as: The League, Stir Crazy, Retribution, Luv Is Rage. All sounds and samples are licensed as 100% Royalty-Free for you to use in your commercial productions. That...

      $180.75 $22.95
    • Salvation (Sample Pack) - 44 Loops Sale Off
    • Salvation (Sample Pack)
      New Products

      Platinum Sound Sample Collection 'Salvation' is a Sample Pack with a variation of genres from Trap, Hip Hop and Trap Soul to Chill and Retro waves. inspired by artists such as Drake, Tory Lanez, Travis Scott, H.E.R, J.Cole, Big Sean, Bryson Tiller and many others.To make that happen Sonics Empire focused on creating a...

      $29.95 $14.95
    • Soul Lo-Fi - Samples, Loops & MIDI
    • Soul Lo-Fi
      New Products

      Mix Lo-Fi with a little Soul 'Soul Lo-Fi' by Undisputed Music is a sample pack based on 5 Construction Kits loaded with Lo-Fi Hip Hop Loops, Samples and MIDI Files. The music loops is a great place to start your sample search. Throw a music loop right into a project, or...

    • 2K20 Bundle - 750+ Samples Sale Off
    • 2K20 Bundle
      New Products

      750+ Samples for 2020 '2K20 Bundle' by Rebel Nation Audio is a Hip Hop collection of some of the best selling packs released by this top label. With more than 750+ Samples and 2 GB of content including loops, one-shots and MIDI files, this bundle has all you need and more...

      $112.75 $9.99
    • New Year Supplies Bundle - Over 5.5 GB of Samples Sale Off
    • New Year Supplies Bundle
      New Products

      One Crazy Bundle for 2020 Inspiration! Hands down the craziest bundle to start with an overload of inspiration in the new year of 2020! 'New Year Supplies Bundle' from Sonics Empire is what you need to empower the musical aspect of your beats. When you fully listen to demo from...

      $159.92 $14.99
    • Trapcoins - Sample Loops, One-Shots & MIDI Sale Off
    • Trapcoins
      New Products

      Trap Sample Loops 'Trapcoins' kicks off this new series of sample packs. It includes 61 Loops, 37 One-Shots and 17 MIDI Files to help you start some new projects or finish something sitting on the shelf. With this pack you can create emotional, banging or mellow tracks influenced by the likes...

      $19.99 $9.99
    • League Sample Pack - Epic Compositions Sale Off
    • League Sample Pack
      New Products

      Hip Hop Samples for Epic Tracks 'League Sample Pack' by Jungle Loops is a collection of Hip Hop Samples perfect for creating emotional, epic and inspiring tracks inspired by Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Drake and others. Included in this collection are 8 Original Compositions full of soulful pianos, choirs, hard basses,...

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