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    • Vox Sample Kit Vol.2
    • Vox Sample Kit Vol.2
      Vocal Kits

      The perfect Vox for every occasion TCustomz are back by popular demand with 'Vox Sample Kit Vol. 2'. The highly anticipated vox kit release is finally here and this time it's on steroids!This kit is jam-packed with more Funk, R&B and Soul vocal stabs, plus many more rare and unique...

    • Intermission: Laquan Green (Construction Kit)
    • Intermission: Laquan Green
      Vocal Kits

      Unbound Creativity 'Intermission: Laquan Green' takes the torch from the classic 'Empires: Laquan Green' series and gives it the 'Intermission' feel with heavy a Heavy Hip Hop intro while keeping its 'Empires' creativity. Bringing the most innovative sounds from the lightest of Pop to the hardest of Hip Hop, this...

    • Vintage Dialogue: Cinematic (Vocal Samples)
    • Vintage Dialogue: Cinematic
      Vocal Kits

      The Golden Era of Cinema Dialogue 'Vintage Dialogue: Cinematic' transports your DAW back to the Cinematic golden age. Perfect for adding a vinyl vibe to a Hip Hop production or flipping a world-class EDM or Trap drop on its head, these retro spoken word samples cover themes like espionage, aviation, and...

    • Too Sexy Vocals By Tonka (Vocal Kit)
    • Too Sexy Vocals By Tonka
      Vocal Kits

      Sexy Acapellas & Vocal Phrases You asked for more Tonka, so Function Loops brought her back! This time in a gorgeously dubby installment of her sexy acapellas, Tonka has delivered her finest performance yet. Inside this beautifully produced vocal pack, you'll find everything you need for your deep-styled productions, from...

    • Vox Sample Kit Vol.1 (Funk & Soul Vox)
    • Vox Sample Kit Vol.1
      Vocal Kits

      Funk & Soul Vox for Any Genre The TCustomz made 'Vox Sample Kit Vol.1' is like no other kit we've released! This extraordinary sound pack includes rare vocal stabs that were meticulously chopped from countless records and further processed for direct usability.A MUST HAVE for any producer looking to spice...

    • Trap Vocals Vol.2 (Vocal Kits)
    • Trap Vocals Vol.2
      Vocal Kits

      Top Quality Trap Vocals "Trap Vocals Vol.2" is part of the extensive Phil Gallardo vocal collection of phrases & cuts with an extremely wide variation of styles: - Agressive & dope one-shots & phrases- Deep & storytelling phrases with all kinds of emotions- Motivational, spiritual and just real speeches- Funny quotes...

    • Hot Sauce: The Vocal Pack (Vocals Kit)
    • Hot Sauce: The Vocal Pack
      Vocal Kits

      Vocals For Every Occasion... Julez  Jadon presents 'Hot Sauce: The Vocal Pack' - The first installment from the Hot Sauce Sample Pack series created by SVRN & Julez. 80 vocal samples that have been edited, chopped, processed and bounced directly out of studio sessions and put together in a MUST HAVE sound pack for...

    • Empires: Doxology (Album Construction Kit)
    • Empires: Doxology
      Vocal Kits

      A Musical Milestone! 'Empires: Doxology' is a series milestone from the classic collective LGND. This new series brings yet again four hook-centered Construction Kits from LGND founder and now Billboard 200 & Christian Billboard charting singer/songwriter Laquan Green. This collection extends the 'Empires: Laquan Green' brand to a special edition...

    • Adlib Vocals (Vocal Loops & One Shots)
    • Adlib Vocals
      Vocal Kits

      One Hugely Versatile Vocal Collection 'Adlib Vocals Vol.1' by Martin Sampleware is a hugely-versatile collection of tuned and chopped vocal loops & one-shots. If you're looking for those quintessential tuned down vox favoured by Galantis, Michael Calfan & Dusky or the pitched-up vox used by so many top-flight House producers,...

    • Vintage Drug Education Vol.2 (Movie Quotes & Samples)
    • Vintage Drug Education Vol.2
      Vocal Kits

      Movie Quotes & Samples for your Beats  "Vintage Drug Education Vol.2" is a collection of vocal quotes for anyone who feels their tracks lacks that little something something... it might be this collection of vintage drug propaganda & education samples. Magical & educational at once – 175  Cuts & Phrases!This product is...

    • Empires Laquan Green 2 (Vocal Kit)
    • Empires: Laquan Green 2
      Vocal Kits

      More Beautiful Hook-Centered Beats 'Empires: Laquan Green 2' is the long awaited sequel of the chart-topping 'Hook' series from LGND founder and singer/songwriter Laquan Green.With four beautifully written hook-centered Construction Kits ranging from Pop to Trap, Laquan Green makes a classic return that is sure to bring timeless songs to...

    • Ultimate Vocal Chops (Vocal Loops & Samples)
    • Ultimate Vocal Chops
      Vocal Kits

      The Ultimate Collection of Vocal Chops 'Ultimate Vocal Chops' is a new concept and delivers a fresh sounding playable vocal production kit built for producers, composers and artists, containing 70 vocal loops ready to insert into your tracks. 'Ultimate Vocal Chops' has that modern sound everybody is looking for. It...

    • Stoner Quotes (Vocal Samples)
    • Stoner Quotes
      Vocal Kits

      Stoner Movie Quotes & Samples "Stoner Quotes" is a collection of vocal quotes for those who only feel comfortable between the smoke clouds... Spreading positive vibes with perfect stoner humor!This product is part of the extensive Phil Gallardo vocal collection of phrases & cuts with an extremely wide variation of styles: -...

    • Motivational & Spiritual Quotes (Phil Gallardo Vocal Collection)
    • Motivational & Spiritual Quotes
      Vocal Kits

      Inspiration out of the Box... "Motivational & Spiritual Quotes" is part of the extensive Phil Gallardo vocal collection of phrases & cuts with an extremely wide variation of styles: - Agressive & dope one-shots & phrases- Deep & storytelling phrases with all kinds of emotions- Motivational, spiritual and just real speeches-...

    • Trap Vocals Vol.1 (Phil Gallardo Vocal Collection)
    • Trap Vocals Vol.1
      Vocal Kits

      Introducing the Phil Gallardo Vocal Collection "Trap Vocals Vol.1" is part of the extensive Phil Gallardo vocal collection of phrases & cuts with an extremely wide variation of styles: - Agressive & dope one-shots & phrases- Deep & storytelling phrases with all kinds of emotions- Motivational, spiritual and just real speeches-...

    • Female Vocal Loops (Vocal Chops & Samples)
    • Female Vocal Loops
      Vocal Kits

      Chopped Vocal Loops For Any Genre! 'Female Vocal Cuts' brings key-labelled, chopped vocal loops for your next productions. Fill the missing elements with these top female voices.You'll get 49 loops coming as dry and wet versions, plus 49 vocal shots for maximum flexibility.This sample pack comes with 147 files in...

    • Total Techno & Tech-House Bundle Sale Off
    • Total Techno & Tech-House Bundle
      Vocal Kits

      Techo & Tech-House Mega Pack 'Total Techno & Tech-House Bundle' is a complete solution for any Techno & Tech-House producer. This is a discounted mega pack, compiled from various Function Loops products including: 'Deep Inside', 'Designer Tech & House', 'Tech-House Drum Box' and a nice extra folder of 120 fat...

      $60.00 $27.00
    • Voices Within (House Vocal Kit)
    • Voices Within
      Vocal Kits

      Inspiring Vocals for House Music 'Voice Within by David Onka' is the latest vocal sample pack coming from Function Loops. Packed with 780 MB of inspiring content, following latest trends of huge productions today. Well, there is not much to say, except that David has over a decade of performing and...

    • Empires Laquan Green (Vocal Kit)
    • Empires: Laquan Green
      Vocal Kits

      Custom 808 Sounds 'Empires: Laquan Green' is the long awaited extension of LGND's most classic and successful series, "Empires". This vocal collection brings the highly-anticipated hook series from the founder and singer-songwriter, Laquan Green. With four timeless hooks with verse intros, including the hook from the first "Empires", this pack...

    • Dance Acapellas With Maryam (Royalty Free Vocals)
    • Dance Acapellas With Maryam
      Vocal Kits

      High-Quality Vocals Inspired by Chart-Topping Artists 'Dance Acapellas With Maryam' from Function Loops brings a 1GB+ collection of Dance acapellas featuring five key-labelled Construction Kits. Recorded by top selling vocalist Maryam, known for her previous releases, these sexy and emotional vocals are a great addition to your productions. Inspired by...

    • Underground Vinyl: Vox Edition 2
    • Underground Vinyl: Vox Edition 2
      Vocal Kits

      Samples Packed With Vinyl Infusion 'Underground Vinyl: Vox Edition 2' from Big Citi Loops is here with the second installment in this underground series. You'll find six Construction Kits packed full of vinyl-infused samples, all 100% Royalty-Free.   Several sound sources were combined to make new and unique vinyl samples,...

    • Breaks N 808s Sale Off
    • Breaks N 808s
      Vocal Kits

      Ultimate Break Beats & 808s! 'Breaks & 808's' is a compilation of break beats and 808's. These combinations are heard in many works by some of the greatest producers, such as Timbaland, Just Blaze, Justice League, Kanye West, and No ID. Fakulty are offering over 400 sub kicks, kicks, snares,...

      $29.90 $15.00
    • EDM Pre-Drop Vocals
    • EDM Pre-Drop Vocals
      Vocal Kits

      Let that bass drop 'EDM Pre-Drop Vocals' brings you 130 pre-drop EDM vocal samples that are gonna rock the dancefloors worldwide. These vocal samples are already pitched and ready to be dropped into any EDM track. Make your tracks stand out from the crowd! Get ready for some of the...

    • Free vocal phrases Sale Off
    • Free At Last Vocal Phrases
      Vocal Kits

      One-of-a-kind Vocal Phrases for your Production 'Free At Last: Vocal Phrases' from Fakulty Studios features one-of-a-kind phrases from ESGN's (Freddie Gibbs') newest member, "Free". Thats right Freddie Gibbs himself actually gave Fakulty permission to give these vocals to the masses. These one-shot vocals are not your ordinary vocals, saying the...

      $30.00 $12.00
    • Platinum Electronic Female Vocals Sale Off
    • Platinum Electronic Female Vocals
      Vocal Kits

      This producers pack holds Original, Catchy Melodies and Vocals by singer/songwriter Chelsea Davis. This vocal pack contains over 55 WAV Vocal Files and 4 Construction Kits. These catchy phrases and hooks will inspire your Next Electro, EDM, Dubstep Track, giving you that "Feel Good" Vybe! Each Hook comes with the Mixed Accapela, as well...

      $29.99 $15.00