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Analog Legends VST Bundle



Become An Analog Legend

'Analogue Legends VST Bundle' consists of 3 VST plugins for Windows PCs - MW Nu-Preamp, MW Nu-Console and MW Reel Tape. The bundle brings the exact sound and character of legendary preamps, consoles and tape machines to your DAW. You'll find 43 mic pres, 7 legendary consoles and 7 reel-to-reel tape machines to add to your studio now.

This collection is not merely modeled after analog units but takes the actual character and magic the units impart on each signal and applies it in your studio.

The gear used would cost well over $900k and you can have the magic in your lab for less than the price of a pair of cans. Give your digital recordings that buttery, 3D sound only real high end analogue gear can create.


MW Nu-Preamp: 43 legendary mic preamps, take a subpar mic/pre combo and make it shine.

MW Nu-Console: 7 amazing mixing consoles, with each element of the boards available separately (create your dream console).

MW Reel Tape: 7 classic reel to reel tape machines. Nothing cures the digital bug more than reel tape.

NOTE: Only compatible with Windows PC (No Mac version).


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