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The Pro Essentials VST Plugin Bundle includes 15 essential plugins needed to make professional sounding records, a collection for musicians made by musicians. not a room full of nerds that have never made music in there life. the mw pro essentials are plugins you can use in your profession, making music.


  • MW C-Delay (simple yet effective analog-esque cross delay with BPM sync and essential paramaters)
  • MW Chorflanger (Classic and flexible chorus and flanger effect from subtle tweking to utter mangling with all essential controls)
  • MW D-Esser (a perfectly assembled tool to remove pesky s and plosives purely configurable to your needs, also can be used any where you want to tame a particular frequency)
  • MW Destroyerer (handy quick distortion and saturation plugin, for small amount of coloring to utter destroyerering)
  • MW Freq Shift'r (a very odd yet usefull tool for affect the overall timbre but not pitch of what you feed into it, useful for layering or odd effects)
  • MW Grimifier (an awesome tool to make anything sound like its from a inferior sampler, purely variable and absolutely awesome)
  • MW L10 Limiter (a great little single band brickwall limiter with a touch of analog flavor and all essential parameters)
  • MW Master-Q (a great little 5 band parametric eq fully customizable with a touch of analog spice)
  • MW Nerd Re-Vherb (a extremely crazy and deep reverb plugin for the person that knows what they want and how to make it happen)
  • MW Simpl-Vherb (a quick simple great sounding reverb low on cpu but heavy on the silky sound, fully customizable)
  • MW T-Delay (the tap version of our popular c-delay)
  • MW Vari-Q (a very flexible paragraphic eq with a quick and visual interface)
  • MW Versa-Pressor (probably to most flexible compression plugin ever made which can be used for anything known to ears)
  • MW Widenator (a quick and effective stereo widening plugin)



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