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Sound Arsenal



The Ultimate Sound Weapon

The idea behind 'Sound Arsenal' was to create a VST for producers that traditionally work with samples to be able to make all original work with the same sound and feel. Freeing you from the “sample clearance” chains and enabling you to be able to place you work with major labels, film and television.

Sound Arsenal consists of a MASSIVE 43GB LIBRARY of insanely realistic instruments, the reason being they are actually real instruments
. In addition to having the best library of sounds available it also includes built in tape and vinyl emulation via convolution giving each patch the same sound as if it were sampled from vinyl. Of course with the ability to blend the noise or completely remove it as desired.


  • MASSIVE 43GB libaray
  • Builtin Tape and Vinyl Emulation Insanely Realistic instruments
  • Extensive selection of options per
  • Blend Noise with the sound as needed
  • Full ADSR and other eidting features
  • Familiar Retro Look and Sound
  • Works in ANY SOFTWARE accepting vst/au
  • Compatible with MAC and PC
  • Next to no cpu load, run tons of them!
  • 3D analog sound you have to hear to believe.
  • Top notch support
  • Constant product updates and expansions
  • Built In HQ Reverb
  • Pan, Volume, Velocity Curve + MORE
  • Start getting your music in places you could never be with sample based compositions. And noone will know the difference!


(Any OSX operating system. Any CPU speed or RAM amount and a vst or audio units compatible DAW).

Each the AU and VST versions are 25+GB to download…so i suggest you choose which one you want to use. You can always go back in your downloads and grab the other version. Uncompressed the plugin is 43GB TOTAL, so i would suggest deleting or moving the zip post install to save space.


(Windows XP and up any CPU speed or RAM amount will do)

The total size of the PC installers are 22GB downloaded. And then the plugin itself is 43GB uncompressed.

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