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Virtual Scratch DJ



Want cuts on your beats but don't have a dj rig?

Let alone be actually good enough to do anything worth keeping. Now you can play custom scratches with your existing midi keyboard or pads with vsdj.

Over 300 patches covering a wide range of styles and techniques, in addition to the large scratch library there are also a large amount of utility type presets to aid you in your productions as well. And while this plugin in no way replaces the traditional ways of attaining custom scratch phrases, it is the next best thing. 

  • Play custom scratches on your existing setup
  • Large library of patches covering all styles and techniques
  • Tape Emulation and Saturation Builtin to the plugin for analog sound
  • Quick low cpu 64-bit oversampling audio engine, next to no cpu usage!
  • Retro gui and designBuilt with new plugin architecture from the ground up
  • Quick and Easy install



So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab a copy and start droppin cuts on your instrumentals now!


REQUIREMENTS: 1 GB Hard Drive Space and program that runs VST or AUDIO UNITS plugins. Available for Windows 32 and 64 bit, and MAC.

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