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Mellow Piano Loops



The Complete Piano Collection

45 Piano Loops that are categorized by level of complexity

20 Basic, 15 Advanced and 10 Complex Loops that are both available as hq wav. file (24 bit) and midi.

The Basic Loops are usually a few seconds long while the complex loops can be up to 30 seconds for a higher level of variation since I played all of the piano arrangements myself and therefore the velocity of the notes are unique.

Every loop is available as a dry loop without effects and also with reverb straight out the box (beside the midi file), so it's easy to use them right away.

There is a "Instant Inspiration" Kit inside, which consists of chord progression loops that are also available as either wav. samples (dry), wav. samples (effect) or midi.

I also created a "Left Hand Movements" Kit, which focuses on original piano left hand movements:

I created the Left Hand Movement Loops, because I still know how hard it was as a beginner to start playing some more interesting left hand movements.
There is only very little information about it on the internet but learning new patterns improves the originality of piano tracks drastically. These loops are therefore useful to either learn from the left hand patterns or it is also possible to use the midi and drag & drop them into projects to focus on the melody,etc.

In Addition, there is also a Wav. Samples folder with several random HQ piano loops that don't belong to a certain category.

There are scale runs (major,minor and even a whole tone scale run), some additional theme piano loops and one shot samples such as deep bass,etc.


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