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Slamming FX Hits



Massive Collection of Hard-Hitting FX

'THE ONE: Slamming FX Hits' is a massive collection of hard-hitting FX samples supplied in a variety of durations and with dry and wet variations available. Bonus content used in the creation of the demo is also included.

In detail you'll find 67 different FX sounds, in three different durations. Dry and a wet versions are also included giving you a total of 402 FX samples.

On top of that bonus content from the demo is included. WAV and AIFF formats make this pack compatible with both PC and Mac DAWs.
FX processing has been kept to a minimum; no squashing or brick-walling. Only some basic high-passing has been applied to remove un-necessary or inaudible low end as well as some very simple tone balancing and some very passive compression to create a powerful transient effect.
In other words, all samples are provided to you as clean, ready for you to apply your own effects mix.
The creator of these samples is a signed designer for many famous brands in the sample industry and has infused this pack with energy for a fat, dense, and wide sound.

Product Includes: 

67 FX samples
3 Different lengths
• Dry and wet versions
• 5 Presets for NI Massive
• 18 Bonus WAV files
• 8 MIDI files


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