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Ultimate ToolBox



What Every Producer Needs...

'Ultimate ToolBox' by Elite Sounds contains the most up-to-date high quality drum sounds you will hear on the market. Elite Sounds know how frustrating it is to constantly hear the same boring Kits over and over.

They take one-shots to the next level with this pack, bringing you a multitude of fresh sounds to be immediately incorporated into any style of production you choose.

Don't believe these are the best sounds out? Listen to the audio demo which features tracks that were created using the drums and FX samples included in this collection.

Also a hidden bonus pack is included!


Product Features

  • Elite Breaks Collection - 35 Tempo-Labelled Breaks
  • Elite Tomz Collection - 35 Of the best Toms ever known to a producer
  • Elite Snarez Collection - 35 Of the best Snares ever made available 
  • Elite Snapz Collection - 26 Discreetly mixed and hand-selected snaps 
  • Elite Reverse Collection - 21 Unique Reverse Samples
  • Elite Kickz Collection - 35 Out of control heavy and thumping Kicks
  • Elite Hatz Collection - 35 Hi-Hats
  • Elite Fillz Collection - 35 Fills
  • Elite Cymbalz Collection - 35 Custom Cymbals and Crashes
  • Elite Clapz Collection - 35 Cutting-Edge Claps 


All of the high quality "essentials" you need to make industry quality productions are included in these 100% Royalty-Free sounds, with respect to the Licence Agreement.


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